Worry about limited TikTok, Japanese high school girl lament "can't live"

Worry about limited TikTok, Japanese high school girl lament "can't live"
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  • [article/observer network zhao Noah 】 at present, the United States is to "national security" as an excuse to TikTok for short video applications under siege.

    As America's Allies, Japan has suggested the government restrictions on TikTok LDP lawmakers alliance.

    However, like to use similar messages have TikTok Japanese high school girl (JK) group, sighing "can't live."

    The nikkei Chinese title in addition, Japan's domestic survey data also showed that the shibuya in Tokyo, according to the study of female high school students, 89% of people object to ban the use of TikTok.

    According to Japan's economic news has reported on August 17, a famous live kanagawa prefecture of Japan Japanese high school girl little S (not his real name) for the Japanese may limit the news of TikTok feel "uneasy".

    Although usually don't care about political news, she recently has been focused on limiting TikTok movements in the United States.

    She even said: "if you can't use (TikTok), will not live."

    Small S TikTok use 1 hours a day.

    She said: "friends are also saying that don't want to disable.

    Especially the lovely girl, send a video every week."

    Another private school in Tokyo small also said A 17-year-old high school girl, she see TikTok almost every day.

    , she says, compared with other video platforms such as "YouTube", TikTok video short, average only 15 seconds, so "love the charm of artists and idols get enrichment".

    In addition, small also said that A Japanese each school rules, leading to the school use of TikTok is different also.

    "Those who use smart phones will not be taken in the school the school of criticism, feel TikTok is very popular."

    According to The Japan Times (The Japan Times) reported that The year to August, TikTok has more than 1000

    Thousands of users in Japan, popular in the young group.

    In addition, many Japanese local governments have also to open accounts in the TikTok, important policy propaganda, even "take" the local agricultural products.

    Suppress TikTok in the United States, however, some Japanese lawmakers proposed limits after beating with byte cooperation agreement and kobe in saitama, stopped account updates in the near future.

    Hokkaido governor on the TikTok call to buy drink milk (video capture) TikTok also has won the Japan in 2018, in view of the high school girls buzzwords contest app award.

    Expand under the background of the new champions league outbreak, around celebrities have also released video to attract attention.

    Due to continued to avoid accumulated grievances such as middle school students, TikTok as an agent "sobering".

    For TikTok popular reason in Japan, the nikkei business daily Chinese website said, citing technology journalist friends child suzuki TikTok was the cause of young people support "send video is very simple.

    Users only need to open the smartphone camera, music with prepared to mouth while dancing, can produce imitation artists such as actual play the music video.

    And, the user can also use the skin care function, realize the unique performance effect.

    Even if the user doesn't edit video, also can release a very cute video, this is TikTok "selling point".

    TikTok another big glamour, is the ability to "overnight success".

    Most social networking sites, video according to other users' "thumb up" judging evaluation can be recommended, but TikTok algorithm, can make almost no evaluation of the video, are also recommended, which also makes ordinary users received attention.

    Japan TikTok user upload video on August 11, Japan yahoo news website published a survey also shows that in Tokyo shibuya according to the study of 100 women

    High school students, 89 people object to ban the use of TikTok, and "no fun every day" became a female high school against one of the main reasons.

    In view of the problem will see TikTok, said 87 people would see, yahoo news said the representative TikTok is very popular in the female high school students.

    However, there are 75 people said never publish content on the TikTok.

    Japan's economic news has said, in addition to students worry about the TikTok was limited, under the background of enterprises have started to use TikTok, government restrictions move between enterprise seems to also can produce "great turmoil".

    According to the yomiuri shimbun, Japan had earlier reported that belongs to the ruling liberal Democratic Party of Japan's "rules to form strategic alliance" meeting on July 28th, decided to the Japanese government put forward a proposal to require legislation for China's mobile phone APP restrictions, including the short video is very popular with young people in Japan social platform TikTok, etc.

    Wang Wenbin for Japanese lawmakers said, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said at a regular press conference on July 28, the Chinese government has always asked the Chinese enterprise in comply with the international rules and local laws and regulations on the basis of foreign cooperation.

    Foreign governments also have a responsibility according to market principles, maintain the lawful rights and interests of international investors, including Chinese companies.

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