Tiktok and Snap Alums launch social music app Mayk.it

Tiktok and Snap Alums launch social music app Mayk.it
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  • After experiencing Covid-19 popular global turmoil, many workers are re-assessing their occupational path.

    Tiktok Former Global Marketing Supervisor and Cameo Chief Marketing Officer Stefan Heinrich Henriquez is one of them.

    "Since I work in Tiktok, I have been thinking about music.

    I really want to do something yourself, but I spent a year, I finally have courage to do," Henriquez said.

    "Then when the big popular start, I think many people are thinking, 'My life is doing?'" Last summer, Henriquez and his joint founder Akiva Bamberger (he is a Snap Spectacles software engineer) started Mayk.

    In works.

    Today, this social music is launched on iOS and announced $ 4 million seed round financing, investors include Greycroft, Chicago Ventures, Slow Ventures, Firstminute, Steven Galanis, Randi Zuckerberg, YouTuber Mr.

    Beasts' Night Media, Spotify's first Chief Marketing Officer Sophia Bendz, Cyan Banister, Artist T-Pain and Senior People in Zach Katz, etc.


    it hopes to help people easily make, and share them with music that they can use.

    Users can upload their own beats or choose existing beats of other users, then add vocals (if you are shy, you can use voice effects and somewhat "lyrics generators), then add visual effects from GIPHY.

    Once you make (or "Mayk") something, you can publish it to your app, other users can see it through a discovery page, which is classified by the feeling or theme instead of the genre.


    it will also propose "ideas" or suggest that "your pet is thinking about?" Or "Created a song about you.

    " There is also a TINDER tab, let You slide to the left or right on the song - if you really like it, you can post a comment (called "encourage" to try to keep support) or reconnect.

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