50 million americans are using TikTok, trump: why do you want to ban it?

50 million americans are using TikTok, trump: why do you want to ban it?
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  • According to bloomberg news, Microsoft will beat and bytes in the final purchase agreement on September 15.

    On August 3, issued a statement, Microsoft said it will continue to discuss with byte to beat in the takeover of the business, byte beating founder yi-ming zhang after that Microsoft's statement, said such a meaningful words: "we try to cooperate with a technology company will plan to do the preliminary discussion, forming scheme to ensure TikTok can continue to service users in the United States."

    TikTok failed to pressure from all sides, blocking the sale of business in the United States may have become a foregone conclusion.

    Why become the focus of the United States "attention" 01 TikTok TikTok why are banned in the United States and even forced to sell?

    The President of the United States give trump reason is for the sake of national security, the rhetoric had been used countless times trump, disable huawei 5 g technology also adopted a similar set of rhetoric.

    As the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said: "the generalized concept of national security, in the case of take out any evidence, to the related enterprises do guilty presumption and threatened to violate the principle of market economy".

    Trump persecuted TikTok sale business in the United States in the final analysis or to enterprise development in the United States, just this reason to violate the principle of fair competition in the market, not on the tooling.

    From the TikTok with Facebook competition can be seen in the United States, Facebook as the world's largest social networking platform, has incomparable advantages in the field of social.

    But at least in the field of short video Facebook or TikTok has very big disparity.

    TikTok TikTok in 2018 to join the United States market, and quickly occupied the market, young people in the United States for Facebook launched against TikTok Lasso, eventually

    Ended in a fiasco.

    Later, zuckerberg didn't lose heart, and in July 2018 launch using its sets the Reels, is almost TikTok clones.

    Reels didn't like its predecessors Lasso stillborn, but with the TikTok compared daily average of 50 million active users in the United States still isn't worth mentioning.

    Besides on software copy TikTok, zuckerberg also spare no effort to "black" in public TikTok.

    Over the past two years, especially in the October 19, 2019, zuckerberg was invited to a speech in George town, had a good motivational speech, just be zuckerberg changed the tone.

    In his speech, Mr Zuckerberg point to more than once TikTok, to attack and slander.

    In a few days of the American antitrust hearing, zuckerberg outspoken Chinese social media software threat to Facebook, and steal Facebook technology, TikTok he finally added the company is the United States.

    , TikTok, general manager of the American Vanessa pappas responded that "in terms of safety, we are developing the security application, because we know that this is the right thing to do".

    The implication is the irony Facebook not to study their own security program attentively, instead, the data reveal it as a kind of capital to show off everywhere and that the other company.

    TikTok are everywhere in the United States is restricted, is nothing more than to move some science and technology in silicon valley giant cheese.

    02 TikTok why not choose exit directly?

    In addition to the block and the takeover, TikTok and third way to go?

    There are online, points out that TikTok can complete withdrawal from the market, but it really so simple?

    As is known to all

    , a mature operating company doing a major decisions need to consider many factors, rushed out of the U.S. market may be in the middle of some people in the United States.

    First is TikTok to enter the U.S. market spent huge spending won't get anything in return.

    According to relevant data show that as early as in 2017, which is formally entering the United States a year ago, TikTok TikTok, parent of bytes to beat then spent more than $1 billion for the preparation, and then made a series of advertising spending, only 30 seconds in fox convection media advertising time for 300000-400000 dollars.

    Compared with spending, TikTok there is a great lack of revenue in the United States.

    In January 2020, according to relevant data, trill and TikTok $28.6 million, including the United States market accounted for 10% of revenue, compared with the dynamic is the investment of $1 billion, the revenue is enough.

    Undeniable TikTok users is growing rapidly, can have great development prospect in the future, this even zuckerberg also don't deny, but that is the future.

    Second, byte to beat nature of shareholders also determines its will not easily give up the American market.

    Bytes to beat of shareholders such as sequoia capital and trans-atlantic capital group are companies from the United States, no one knows better than their American market potential.

    According to market research firm eMarketer, according to a report of TikTok user growth of more than 97% in 2019, and in 2020 is expected to U.S. users will reach 45.4 million people.

    Such a huge user groups, and represents the future huge profits, capital from the United States how can easily give up?

    The most important thing is that once directly out of the United States, not directly by the real American government after TikTok endangering national security.

    For the U.S.

    Countries create numerous jobs TikTok don't need to bear this injustice.

    During the period of the outbreak, TikTok provides americans with a wide variety of entertainment, and commitment over the next three years in the United States for more than 10000 employees.

    In addition, TikTok also has cooperation with many enterprises in the United States, such as silicon valley technology giant Google, both in 2019 May have reached a more than $800 million of orders.

    Now, TikTok the acquisition of the business in the United States seems to be inevitable, but this is not the best results, always much better than blindly exit without a penny.

    03 save TikTok American young people as early as in the previous news from TikTok should be banned, young americans is to sit still.

    On Twitter, using TikTok young americans launched "SaveTikTok" topics, a short time the topic has caused more than 2.5 million people watched, message reached nearly 500000.

    For young americans, TikTok was the only person feels pleasure network, there is no advertising, news, bullying, even the comments spray does not exist.

    Version "zhihu" in the United States will ever discussed TikTok the cause of the success in the United States, many people will be summarized as can show their true side.

    Young americans are on full display in the TikTok wacky side, no one will feel embarrassed because of that, because everyone is doing it.

    Compared with ordinary users in the United States, the United States web celebrity who may be more difficult to accept the result of a loss of TikTok, during the period of the outbreak, the web celebrity in America TikTok harvest a lot of fans and considerable income.

    As contrast before the U.S. labor department released a set of data, the United States to receive unemployment benefits

    Number is close to 20 million people, according to the development trend of the epidemic in the United States, this part of the crowd and the widening.

    India after disable TikTok results, the reference of this batch of web celebrity could become the next batch of the unemployed.

    If TikTok is in a state of complete clampdown in the United States, is the biggest may benefit from VPN, using TikTok us forever China expressed more than once have the urge to "over the wall", to set the VPN address in other countries, followed by various over the wall online tutorial.

    Young people in the United States are not fight back, have been carried out to trump software such as trump's campaign was this group of young people brush directly to a week in the United States.

    For TikTok, this is just a beginning, not the end!

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