Trill overseas edition Tiktok privacy big accident overseas markets to cool again?

Trill overseas edition Tiktok privacy big accident overseas markets to cool again?
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  • Just just trill overseas edition Tiktok Revelations bombshell - Tiktok was found to have serious security vulnerabilities, hackers have the opportunity to send malicious link to the user, and then "do everything", such as hackers can freely open the user's draft box video, steal account payment information, can even take over the user account.

    In simple terms, is that hackers can completely grab all relevant data of the user.

    According to media reports, the trill overseas edition of the holes is one of the world's famous Israeli company network security Check Point.

    The company is recognized as the world's leading Internet safety solutions provider, authority, no doubt.

    Check Point has said, once the successful attack, a hacker can delete, upload, and even public users of existing private video, TikTok users can be forced to hackers control Web server, without the consent of the user's operation on request;

    Perhaps even for part of the user account control, access to the user's private information, including name, email address, payment information, birthday, etc.

    The Check Point product research director also said TikTok around the world have nearly 1.5 billion the number of users, because of the huge amount of data, the product as a hacker's focus on goal.

    This means that the trill global 1.5 billion user privacy is under threat.

    But so far, byte beating, there is no official explanation and illustration.

    Trill the overseas edition of the exposed problems related to safety and privacy for trill too is definitely a bad bad news.

    Want to know, trill overseas edition because of privacy issues in overseas has high attention by relevant government departments.

    Foreign media Military was reported earlier, the United States department of defense the latest instructions, army soldiers ordered to uninstall and delete TikTok, avoid personal

    Information exposure;

    In early December, the United States navy and the department of defense to TikTok issued a warning.

    Navy had earlier told his forces don't add the application, if you have installed the application, please deleted from the device government issued by the application, to avoid the leakage of any personal information.

    Not only that, in October last year, U.S. lawmakers for investigating TikTok to see if can be used to collect user data or control share content.

    Since then, TikTok has been affected by the committee on foreign investment in the United States (CFIUS) review.

    And in addition to being banned and U.S. military review in progress, trill tiktok part before stealing events also have real hammer, trafficking in privacy.

    Last February, trill overseas edition steal children user privacy in the United States the United States by the FTC quality control, finally can only pay the $5.7 million settlement.

    Similarly, in December last year, according to foreign media on The Verge, trill parent byte beating due to collect user information juvenile prosecution.

    At least since 2014, the complaint said, byte began beating in without the permission of parents, from the user of trill overseas edition TikTok collect user information to children under the age of 13, advertisers and selling them to a third party.

    All this, to name but a few.

    Rap sheet before and this time exposure of greater security holes, whether the United States will open more strict control of tiktok even banned?

    Not impossible.

    And the difference between the domestic market and overseas market such as America, Europe and other places, the protection of privacy system more perfect, once the trill tiktok version was hacked triggered massive privacy leak, tiktok was pulled from the shelves and overnight -- the road of trill overseas or face is cool crisis at any time.

    And in combination with various reports, trill after Tik to expand overseas market promotion

    Tok costly, in both the United States, Europe and Indonesia are often hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, if really because of privacy issues are banned, its brings the sequela will not only spread to trill, but directed at byte beating, after all, in 2020, the company is preparing for listing.

    Even if successful listing, trill and tiktok platform from time to time bursts of large security privacy, will also be the investor confidence and stock market performance on the endless shadows.


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