What else is I want to win Sony music?

What else is I want to win Sony music?
- tiktok
  • Source: Beijing Business Daily as a short video giant, Tiktok knows the importance of music in its business development.

    At the same time of overseas, while harvesting traffic, Tiktok has already been stared by the record company.

    After all, the copyright problem is a sign, and the media music big spotify has repeatedly reported the court by the copyright issue.

    Therefore, for Tiktok, which is still expanding, from Sony music to around the world, a few record giants are better.

    (Source: Visual China) 01 mutually beneficial win-win in the music copyright, Tiktok then next City.

    On November 2, local time, Tiktok confirmed that there was a new license agreement with Sony Music Entertainment.

    Based on this license agreement, all Tiktok users will continue to use Sony Records, including Columbia Records and American Radio Record (RCA), for creators to use on their platform.

    As the second largest music record giant in the world, Sony music "Strength" is undoubtedly huge for Tiktok's meaning.

    In the statement, Tiktok said that the expanded authorization agreement will enable Tiktok's creator community to get Sony currently, new issued songs, classic sound fragments, including Beyonce, Martin Gayes and Harry Stort Works with thousands of musicians.

    Of course, if you want to get some nodes of Sony music, Tiktok has also paid a lot.

    According to a person familiar with the agreement, Tiktok pays a "significant increase" to Sony pays more than the previous agreement, but the two companies refuse to comment on any details of the contract.

    For more specific contents of the agreement, the Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Tiktok, but as of the press release, the specific reply was not received.

    In addition to Tiktok benefits from this agreement, Sony music also has its own plan.

    It is understood that this agreement also requires the application to cooperate with Sony's brand to carry out marketing artists and projects that identify emerging talents.

    In short, Sony music will also use the Tiktok platform to promote their own musicians.

    In fact, during the popularity of Tiktok, many musicians and record companies have tasted sweets, such as Lil Nas X's song "Old Town Road" is popular in the app and with Sony Music's Colombia.

    The record is signed; the old song "Break My Stride" issued by Sony Music is also turned over because of tiktok.

    When receiving CNN interview, "Break My Stride" creator Matthew Wilder frankly, with the appearance of Tiktok, the red pole songs have ushered in the new generation of fans, and will trigger dominoes, "an old Songs as long as they get on Tiktok, their influence will spread to other streaming media platforms.

    " The 02 did not raise a temptation in front of the temptation, and Tiktok did picked up a lot of music companies.

    According to the latest report released by Sensor Tower, Tiktok has obtained more than 6.

    1 million downloads in September, and the global mobile app (non-game) download list, where the United States is the second largest download market, accounting for 9 %.

    In January of this year, Tiktok signed a cooperation agreement with the Global Independent Music Digital Copyright Agency Merlin.

    As one of the world's top independent record company digital copyright agency, Merlin has awarded music copyright licenses to Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, including Mad Decrent, Better Noise, and Awal.

    In July, Tiktok and Believe have established many years of partnerships, which are headquartered in the independent artist music platform in Paris, and have partnerships with many independent artists and record companies around the world.

    The next day, Tiktok has received "green light" in the National Music Publisher Association (NMPA), and the two sides have signed a long-term license agreement.

    According to NMPA, this transaction "solved Tiktok's incoming costs" for "forward-looking partnerships", which has been authorized, protocol The retroactive retraining is effective since May 1, 2020.

    It is understood that NMPA members include three major music copyright agencies, as well as the world's largest independent record company.

    For Tiktok's cooperation, Believe admires, with Tiktok's trading will provide it with in-depth analysis of market trends, and benefits Believe's artists and recorders benefit from larger marketing coverage and more income opportunities.

    "Tiktok's starting home is from the music video, with Sony's copyright, many popular singers and songs can be used normally, can do the big Tiktok's day, this is the most important starting point of the Tiktok career.

    " Wenyuan Zhiku founder Over.

    The world of Internet analysts also said that especially in foreign countries, Tiktok requires authorization as a short video app, background music, etc.

    , so Sony Music is very helpful for the long-term development of Tiktok's future.

    Indeed, music copyright issues have made many Internet giants headache.

    Taking the streaming media music platform SPOTIFY as an example, the three major records of the world have mastered the copyright of the world's most music, Spotify needs to pay for 52% of the company's revenue.

    In order to resist, Spotify has played with Warner's music to the book, until the beginning of this year, the copyright dispute is ended.

    Tiktok has also been trapped by copyright.

    Prior to being in hand with Tiktok, NMPA called for Tiktok to conduct "review", called this video social platform "inertial violation of the US copyright law, infringed the rights of songs and music issuers", evenTo sue Tiktok.

    03 Expansion "" Lost Sony music copyright is also useful to expand the global market for Tiktok.

    "Yang World bluntly.

    After going through the previous wind and rain, Tiktok appears to be adjusting the strategy and starting its own expansion plan.

    On October 27, Tiktok said that the company plans to hire about 3,000 engineers in the United States, Europe, Canada and Singapore.

    The world pointed out that Tiktok is now about 100 million months in the European and American market, so Tiktok is still more important to this European and American market, including the establishment of European headquarters in London, Ireland, etc.

    , Can see the ambition of Tiktok in the expansion.

    Behind the expansion, there are both competitive pressure, and there is also a continuous hurt dark stream.

    For example, social SnapChat has released signals, saying that users will allow users to add music in their recorded videos, thus fighting Tiktok.

    Similarly, Facebook's Instagram also launched short video application INSTAGRAMREELS for the target Tiktok, and reels also started testing shopping in short ago.

    This is undoubtedly a plate for Tiktok into the live e-commerce.

    On the same day of the expansion, Headquartered in Canada's e-commerce shopping platform Shopify announced that it was first established business cooperation with the short video platform Tiktok first, enabling merchants to attract customers with Tiktok's "shopping" short video ads.

    In this regard, Wang Chao analyzed that users owned by Tiktok second only to Facebook, and their users were very young and the live e-commerce reception was higher.

    Of course, the globally, live e-commerce should also see the development of local industrial chains, such as e-commerce, logistics, and payment.

    However, these problems competitors also face, Tiktok's problem will not be more opponents, but in contrast, because there is China's successful experience, solve these problems is relatively easier.

    In Yang's world, Tiktok and Shopify cooperation to do live e-commerce may be just a pre-test.

    Tiktok is definitely wanting to do live e-commerce.

    Its advantage is that the traffic is relatively large, but the global market is wide, but there is still uncertainty in supply chain, after-sales service, therefore, Tiktok and Shopify cooperation is also A pre-exploration, including whether these chains are running.

    Of course, Tiktok expanded in the new field will still face the pressure of giants.

    In addition to Facebook's giddons, Amazon also launched Amazon Live, in Amazon Live, live broadcasts, and under video, there will be special windows to guide consumers to purchase goods.

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