Strong rob TikTok, America will lose what?

Strong rob TikTok, America will lose what?
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  • The parent company - byte of | smile drink trill beating, had to agree to a stripping TikTok (trill international edition) in the business of the United States.

    By far the most successful Chinese enterprises a international software, because the President of the United States announced on July 31, disable trump, and face a dilemma.

    Originally, of Microsoft's about to take over the TikTok business affairs in the United States, however, under the threat of trump, Microsoft has suspended the takeover talks.

    Trill international edition TikTok01 byte beating was forced out of business in North America, is not a simple business competition results, but also is not purely political relations.

    Media evaluation says that it is "the U.S. government to TikTok super hunt with high-tech companies jointly and whomever.

    United States is a full of free competition, however, said the harms of a set, do a set of!

    TikTok, trump on July 31, in the "air force one" so answer a reporter's question: "we were about to ban them in the United States (operations).

    I have this power.

    I shall have the right to use the command...

    In other words, we want to cut off, to cut off."

    On 31 July afternoon, trump aboard air force one in Tampa, Florida, airport have to say that trump's words have some hysterical.

    Since then, the hill newspaper said analysis, trump's speech, company purchase TikTok hinted that he will not support the United States.

    Intentions obvious - to kill TikTok.

    Sure enough, on August 1, the Wall Street journal, exclusive revealed that Microsoft has suspended talks with byte beating acquisition TikTok.

    The President of the United States in the name of national security, in order to block a Chinese company in the business, this show?

    When American companies occupy technological advantage, they are willing to other countries so deal with them?

    Apparently one hundred and twenty percent don't want to.

    At that time, they are

    In the guise of free competition the world to promote their "values".

    However, once in the technology competition even if one places a tiny bit disadvantage, they ignore the rules of the game and start roguing!

    02 now blocked by executive order TikTok, and 1840 with gunboats boom open the Chinese market of the western colonists is a virtue.

    From just travelled to rob, into the robbery at home - that which has the appearance of some big powers.

    This is of course not imperialist active retreat, but in the 21st century is no longer in the 19th century colonial era.

    Times are different, some western politicians are still with the colonists' point of view, to use their predecessors familiar routines.

    Bytes to beat then there is the company is so funny, again eat ugly scene.

    Its thought that to do so can fulvio dobrich bytes to beat, even shuts down the entire Internet companies in China.

    And then to reduce the development of China's sinister purpose.

    During this period, the United States of individual Internet companies have played an important role in collaborate.

    Such as face book.

    Its chief executive, mark zuckerberg once tried to pose to please China, want facebook to enter the Chinese market.

    But zuckerberg was put on a smile at the same time, refused to follow China's laws.

    The waiting for his nature is unable to enter the Chinese market.

    Zuckerberg at present, there is really no U.S. Internet giant has substantial operations in mainland China.

    More than a decade ago, it wasn't like this.

    Google has occupied a place in the Chinese market, but its your choice out of the 10 years ago.

    Some U.S. Internet companies want to separate design version is suitable for the Chinese market, but in the United States (operating) the opposition, was detained on charges of "kowtowing to the Chinese".

    In contrast, TikTok, follow the law in the United States, who didn't recruit who didn't get, even loved by American consumers.

    Zuckerberg, however, with conspiring to trump, to kill TikT unsavory practices


    3, a U.S. government doing this in the future?

    Specific look at three aspects - the first on the one hand, if the United States to go really could snatch the TikTok, but its could gradually lose innovation ability is great!

    In the United States can in a short span of more than two hundred years time from weak to strong, its innovation ability indeed considerable.

    But once the taste after the robbery with short-term benefits, who would go to make innovation?

    Second, China should hold!

    China has a large enough in the domestic market, under the outbreak of the "economic circulation within the" how to make the future what out their part in globalization, the ingenious combination?

    Is worth research, and practice, the more worth to strive for innovation!

    The third aspect, for the Chinese Internet companies, as well as many outstanding enterprises, must have ambition.

    Its as the birth and development of China's reform and opening up, plowed the along the way.

    "Day will drop responsibility on people, also will first frustrates, harasses, hungry always, empty of its body, him by its nature, so to stimulate, Zeng Yi cannot."

    Survive, continue, continue to innovate, to eventually in the blue ocean prevail...


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