Presbyterical International Edition Tiktok is too robbed to SnapChat

Presbyterical International Edition Tiktok is too robbed to SnapChat
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  • On May 26th, according to foreign media reports, with the hanging short video International Edition Tiktok is widely welcomed by the world, the US "Read" photo sharing application Snapchat is seeking to expand its support for music.

    "Wall Street Journal" reports that SnapChat parent company Snap is negotiating with a record company to increase the way users have published music on snapchat.

    SNAP has obtained the authorization of some music.

    But now, the company is seeking to expand its application's music coverage, including authorization from the Global Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, but cannot obtain a streaming stream service such as Apple Music.

    Snap and Record Company's cooperation agreement will allow SnapChat users to integrate music into their generated content.

    Currently, both Tiktok and Instagram provide such a function that has covered the user base of Snapcaht.

    This report of "Wall Street Journal" said Tiktok is using low-cost licensing agreements to achieve their music features.

    "Wall Street Journal" report, "With its short video service musical.

    ly, byte beating has been operating under low cost license.


    ly is a short video service company, in 2017, beat acquisition, it allows users Create a pair of mouth-type singing video.

    In August last year, byte beating will incorporate musical.

    ly into Tiktok.

    After that, the number of users of Tiktok applications has surged between 700 million to 800 billion.

    "The latest research report said, in Apple App Store, Tiktok Keep the download quantity in five consecutive quarters.

    In the first quarter of this year, the app is more than 33 million downloads in Apple App Store, followed by Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messer.

    Comprehensive IOS and two platforms, Tiktok Downloads are ranked third, second only to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

    Tiktok Downloads in Apple App Store Waiting for the first place for five consecutive quarters, apparent that it has begun to attack the well-known applications such as SnapChat and Instagram.

    Earlier this month, Instagram was transformed with a new algorithm similar to Tiktok.

    When will SnapChat launched a new music feature to users, it is still unclear.

    However, the "Wall Street Daily" reported that SNAP is still negotiating with the record company, and has not finally finalized the license agreement.

    (Tianmen Mountain) [Source: Netease Technology Report] Report / Feedback

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