The TikTok ban foreign media revealed details, these things may be done

The TikTok ban foreign media revealed details, these things may be done
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  • [article/observer network Liu Chenghui 】 this month 6, trump had announced September 20 () after 45 days, will ban any individuals and entities with TikTok parent bytes to beat any deal, but did not explain the ban.

    On August 12, Reuters revealed the ban may cover the scope of the included banning TikTok app store shelves in the United States, are not allowed to advertise on TikTok.

    Reuters reported on August 12 titles, Reuters reported the White House last week to extend of supporters documents show that the U.S. government is considering to TikTok key aspects such as operating and financing set obstacles.

    According to the document, are prohibited from trading with TikTok may include: "allows the TikTok app store shelves of agreement;

    TikTok on advertising;

    Accept the TikTok downloaded to the user equipment terms of service."

    According to the report, the authenticity of the document has been confirmed by a document sources familiar with the White House.

    Reuters quoted part of science and technology industry experts as saying the ban TikTok appeared in apple and Google "Alphabet" (Alphabet) parent company's app store, which hinder the "apple" and "Android" download TikTok smart phones (Android), is likely to be hit on the development of the application.

    "This move will kill TikTok in the United States."

    Washington's center for strategic and international studies, a network security expert James Lewis (James Lewis) said, "if they want to develop, these restrictions will be enormous obstacles."

    However, lewis also said the U.S. government may not be able to download TikTok prevent americans from the foreign websites.

    After trump issued an executive order on August 6, will be within 45 days after forbid any U.S. person or entity and TikTok, WeChat any trading and its parent company,

    But the executive order did not specify the scope of the ban, saying only that at the end of the 45 days period, the Ministry of Commerce will determine which deals in the United States be prohibited by law.

    10, the New York times said, many enterprises are confused, because the government has not specified the deals trump, the specific content of the enterprise and therefore is not clear whether their businesses will be forced to adjust.

    In administrative order after the release of trump, TikTok has said it will seek legal way to rebel against the government's unreasonable.

    In addition, according to Reuters, TikTok tell advertisers, it will continue to push forward the planned advertising deal, and can't do on any advertising for a refund.

    In one thousand, TikTok are with the flow "V" on the platform, so that they migrated to other platform.

    Some advertisers told Reuters they are drafting contingency plans, and marketing to consider using other applications.

    According to the report, it is unable to determine whether the trump executive order will be executed.

    At present, Microsoft is to negotiate with TikTok, acquisition TikTok business in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

    Reuters commented that if the transaction is successful, traded with trump TikTok executive order will become meaningless.

    On August 7, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin denounce the American government is the hegemony of "naked".

    Wang Wenbin stressed that the us side would damage the rights and interests of the masses of users and companies in the United States, will be selfish interests above market principles and international rules, wanton to political manipulation and political crackdown, will eventually take the consequences.

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