"Rolling Stone": How to make the old song red, new songs

"Rolling Stone": How to make the old song red, new songs
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  • Asdaley gave him a lot of help.

    The background music of this song is only clapped, step on hi and 808 drums, low tone, strong rhythm, and impact.

    The initial @lukasdaley released a video of "Fast" as a background music, and some Tiktok nets were discovered, and then the number of related videos was thrown over overnight.

    "After" FAST ", Sueco released a new song" Fishscale ".

    Although" Fishscale "did not burst like ahead, this may have nothing to do, because he recently announced the contracted Atlantic ( 600558) Record company.

    This company will promote his music through other channels other than skateboard and Tiktok, said: "This is just start.

    I am fortunate to have such a strong start.

    "Another original singer MXMTOON opened the road of tour through Tiktok.

    MXMToon childhood dream is to become a YouTube blogger, although her parents think she is joking.

    Mxmtoon's main weapon of the social media is Yuri I have opened a YouTube channel during secondary school.

    At the same time, she also operated a Vine account.

    When the broker told her Tiktok, she "smiled".

    At the beginning, she is very caught with Tiktok and Musical.


    She said: "For those who carefully shoot songs to the mouth video, she is of course very interesting, but she is worried that her song is sad, maybe with this application, the funny, humorous and suitable dance music seems to be more Suitable for this platform.

    However, MXMToon's inner heart has not lasts the resistance of Tiktok.

    She saw Tiktok video collection on YouTube, in order to see more videos, download this application.

    Soon she started to take a video.

    Although MXMToon made "Ukulei music is fascinating", she has nearly 600,000 fans in Tiktok.

    With the increase in the number of fans, her music playback is constantly climbing: she is with Peachy! In 2017, the song "falring for you" released, now in Spotify, the playback volume is close to 40 million, this for an independent singer In terms, it is already a great achievement.

    On Tiktok, with her new single "PROM DRESS" as a video music photographed more than 50,000, she also participated in the music video capture of this song.

    Perhaps because MXMToon has entered the network from secondary school, she seems to be farthest in establishing traditional music careers.

    The goods on her website are expensive, and she has accumulated enough songs, and they can be tours for the first time this year - ten days five performances.

    In order to match the first album, she is more densely scheduled this fall.

    MXMToon said: "Interestingly, in the tour process, many jokes and interactions with the audience are around these Tiktok videos.

    People will shout on the stage: 'Come on a Tiktok dance!'

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