TikTok overseas to stumble, yi-ming zhang global broken dreams?

TikTok overseas to stumble, yi-ming zhang global broken dreams?
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  • At this time of the road of globalization TikTok, seems to be some fate.

    On July 6, the American secretary of state, peng palin told fox news spokesman, is considering closing the TikTok.

    Also serious enough, he complement 1: we are very serious.

    On July 8, the President of the United States say the trump's comments, and the basic sentence TikTok "death" in the United States.

    He said in an interview: "we are thinking about."

    Then, he gives the exact reason: in order to revenge on the outbreak of the new champions league did in China.

    The United States is not the only country have concerns on the application.

    On July 5, a high-grade Australian lawmakers to congress suggested that kill TikTok, reason is also a national security - it may be conveying information to the Chinese government.

    Before that, on June 29, India also on national security grounds, block of 59 also includes TikTok App in China.

    TikTok as one of the world's most notable short video App products, known as one of the most successful Internet companies in China to sea.

    At sea for three years, TikTok of surrender, said TikTok is a global application is well-deserved.

    TikTok landmark year was 2019, reached about 738 million downloads (Whatsapp in 894 million at the top).

    Data analysis platform Sensor Tower, said so far, TikTok downloads has close to 2 billion, the installation quantity 1.9 billion.

    Especially in the first quarter of 2020 on the App Store and Google Play accumulative total installed capacity of more than 315 million times.

    Thanks to this, the parent company beat byte valuations reached $78 billion, to become the world's most valuable start-ups.

    India and the United States, is the trill sea two great heights.

    Because the infrastructure is gradually perfect, population

    Number continues to grow, India is in the Internet bonuses, ali, tencent, China overseas amazon, softbank, etc., are accelerating the layout.

    Last year, byte beating also announced a $1 billion investment plan in India, and recruited a number of senior managers, to develop the Indian market.

    Content areas, TikTok dominant in India.

    , according to data from mobile data analysis company AppAnnie TikTok in India this year was the top downloads of any App.

    Otherwise, according to one third of all India all smartphone users have downloaded TikTok, boasts more than 120 million monthly active users on the TikTok, accounting for 44% of the global total downloads, is one of the largest users outside China market.

    The famous Business magazine Business Insider statistical TikTok the biggest fans of 26 of web celebrity, as many as 11 from India.

    A India's ban on the TikTok blow.

    At present, India has not only requires Google and apple store shelves TikTok App, will also joint local telecom operators, traffic restrictions on its App to use.

    This means that the TikTok in India's new passenger and active time users will type slide precipice.

    You know, the retention period of India in 2019 users on the TikTok rose 240% year-on-year, accounting for 48% of the trill overseas users always.

    Thanks to U.S. users good habits of payment at the same time, also makes the TikTok in North America, although the number of users are not outstanding, but the overall income is very bright eye.

    According to the Sensor Tower last year's report, TikTok profit revenue reached $176 million in 2019, 71% of its cumulative total income 247 million dollars.

    The United States is China's largest market, in 2019

    Into the $36 million, Britain for the third largest market, income is $4.2 million.

    According to foreign media reports, TikTok revenue in the us market this year is expected to reach $500 million.

    Reported that the current TikTok in the United States and other regions the pace of development "" like a rocket, created a new mobile video experience, make YouTube and Facebook.

    And recently the news are not TikTok trouble for the first time in the United States.

    As early as a few months ago, the United States have banned U.S. military use;

    In not long ago, the United States more conservative group, has been asked the government to investigate use of minors data on the TikTok as;

    Many official and non-governmental organizations, and the United States for excessive TikTok collect user information.

    One is TikTok users the most overseas markets, one is TikTok income up overseas markets, once the two markets for TikTok completely closed the door, byte to beat the road of globalization seems to also can stop there.

    In fact, from the data on the point of view, even if lost all the United States, India and Australia market, TikTok global users won't form a fatal blow.

    In the United States and India in 300 million and 165 million of Australia's 16 million, close to 500 million downloads in is not in the majority of the world's 2 billion downloads.

    But the problem is not that accounted for less than 500 million, but in India, Australia and the United States after action may cause a domino effect.

    Bytes to beat the founder yi-ming zhang said at the end of 2018 bytes to beat to realize globalization within three years, more than half of them from overseas.

    Now, this program can only be lost?

    Rehabilitation after the outbreak, the whole world seems to be gradually sliding into the other direction: the integration of the world economy slowing gear, geopolitical strategy competition seems to be

    To return to the international stage.

    And at this time of the road of globalization TikTok, seems to be some fate.


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