The giant American social targeting the TikTok "Indian version"

The giant American social targeting the TikTok "Indian version"
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  • The United States social giants on the India market together.

    American time on February 22, according to people familiar with the matter, Twitter recently has been set up to buy five years of India's social media start-ups ShareChat negotiations.

    It is understood that Twitter was ShareChat investors, Twitter has offered price of $1.1 billion acquisition of ShareChat and pledged an additional $900 million investment.

    At present, supported by the speed of vc, jack kao capital ShareChat has raised about $260 million in total.

    Sources said, Twitter is exploring expanding India's influence in the world's second largest Internet market, and intends to apply ShareChat's short video Moj towards the international market, as a byte to beat its trill overseas edition TikTok global rivals.

    Not just Twitter has a strong interest in ShareChat.

    As early as in August, 2020, had reported that Microsoft may invest $100 million in ShareChat another round of financing.

    In November the same year, coming from Google plans to $1.03 billion acquisition of ShareChat.

    In January of this year, foreign media reported that ShareChat working with investors, including Google, Snap, Twitter, to negotiate, to raise over $200 million of funds, and Twitter's potential acquisitions to extend the time of the negotiations.

    In the past two years, the giant American social high-growth myth period, need to find a new growth channel.

    In addition, the Indian market for the first time on the Internet online total number of users over the Internet, has more than 650 million online users, become the second cross

    Connected to the Internet economy, cisco data to predict, in 2023, India will be more than 900 million Internet users.

    American technology giants to Indian market investment enthusiasm, for example, Google, Facebook, qualcomm, Intel investment Indian telecom operators Jio hundreds of millions of dollars, Microsoft, Google India version "headlines today" DailyHunt investment.

    Now as normalized global epidemic, online entertainment and become a new target, science and technology of the company's investment ShareChat become into India social market "tickets".

    ShareChat application home page display pages, video | crack ShareChatShareChat geek park was founded in 2015, the headquarters is located in the Indian city of bangalore "silicon valley".

    Initially, ShareChat as WhatsApp content sharing tool exists, only produce hundreds of thousands of items every day, after gradually evolved into social media platform for the center with regional language.

    Compared with Facebook, Twitter, ShareChat more like Reddit, bursts, sets, depend on the user production content, allows users to find each other, and share content.

    ShareChat not focused on dating, and tend to Internet information transmission and distribution.

    Open the ShareChat, fifteen Indian regional languages to choose from, choose a can jump to the home page.

    Home page a user to create all kinds of themes, news, photos, video, the tabloids, etc.

    Found the page with all kinds of labels, such as trend, costumes, mood, music, sports, such as forty categories, each of the categories and dozens of topic content.

    Session page can access to the various public chat room, for group topics discussed in this paper.

    ShareChat satisfied the users in India

    The content of the growing consumer demand, especially in the villages and small towns in less developed areas, India, ShareChat have a large number of followers.

    But outside of big cities, it is the Twitter user value.

    New crown lung disease further ShareChat users surged 166%, live users increased from 60 million to 160 million, average daily use increase to 31 minutes from 24 minutes long.

    Especially in WeChat, TikTok China banned after ShareChat 500000 new users per hour, Google app store to download a one hundred million times, ShareChat influence from the second level 3 city, rising to the big city.

    Moj ShareChat comply with short video applications.

    Just half a year time, Moj month to live more than 80 million users.

    Is the same as the ShareChat, Moj support for India's various regional language, different is Moj also support English.

    Another, according to the report, released in 2020 ShareChat on ShareChat video content consumption accounted for graphic content increased from 60% to 70%, has 30000 hours of video uploaded to ShareChat every day.

    Whether ShareChat or Moj need seize the trend of the short video.

    Through Moj application from the APP interface design, props to the video recording, camera filter, stickers, echoes the TikTok, Moj is TikTok perfect products and name.

    So, drive favorable internal and external environment, the giant American social capital, products, technology of radical blessing, ShareChat, Moj can go global market, positive impact TikTo

    K status, be the winner?

    Moj short video application interface | geek park India "clone" TikTok counter attack the original?

    ShareChat launched a series of actions.

    Camera, video, for example, in collaboration with the Snap development technology, interest is added in the ShareChat, Moj short video, you can use the Snap augmented reality, filters, stickers, different camera kit, such as real-time video streams.

    Founded in silicon valley, AI and machine learning research and development workshop, the product owner before hiring Uber Gaurav Mishra.

    ShareChat also launched a series of investment, including video production, talent agency, fashion, Meme companies such as application of the creator.

    ShareChat products, however, due to a lack of English language support reviled, it is difficult to towards the international market.

    Although Moj supports English, an industry that "the still need to see to see, they can survive in the Indian domestic market first, moreover, India's online advertising plate is very small."

    In the past few years, ShareChat deep into the false news.

    ShareChat comes with a built-in option function, allows users to easily share the information to WhatsApp.

    Because there is no machine learning technology support, ShareChat on false information, become the government to focus on the object.

    Moj, by contrast, not only need to face such as YouTube (short video Shorts), Facebook (short video Reels), Triller and other international brand competition, more short video from the home used Roposo, Chingari, Mitron.

    The economic times, people familiar with the negotiations reinforcements, "short video belongs to the capital intensive

    Type of business, music copyright, content, operation and so on need a lot of money, is a competitive market.


    Since last year, ShareChat has been actively seeking outside money, in order to better compete with Indian local short video applications.

    In fact, although TikTok in ban, but its still is the winner of the Indian market, TikTok remains in the top five, history 660 million downloads, live on 120 million users, 33% of the global 2 billion downloads.

    Entrackr, according to a report in the coming months, the hype around India local short video applications will disappear.

    At The same time, To The New company, head of digital marketing carried Khan, said domestic players can only catch TikTok 40% market blank.

    He further stated that the biggest advantage is TikTok AI system, video display technology, and integrated financial payment function, this is the secret weapon that TikTok, one of the biggest challenges and domestic applications.

    Face numerous TikTok "clone", a short video, analysts say, "a short video on the products, technology level has some patent certification, but in the aspects of intellectual property infringement, there are a lot of difficult to clearly define and clear things."

    Obviously, short video applications, including ShareChat, Moj, capture the market opportunity and loopholes, but can really upset the TikTok, can also look at the product really touch to TikTok core strengths.

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