Variables to meet again!TikTok discussions do not sell us business, may not be sold?

Variables to meet again!TikTok discussions do not sell us business, may not be sold?
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  • As the President of the United States set trump sell TikTok deadline approaching, the discussion is more and more fierce.

    Local time on September 10, according to reports, TikTok parent bytes to beat is working with the United States government to discuss possible solutions, avoid TikTok this popular short video application to sell all of its business in the United States.

    Bytes to beat on the daily economic news reporter said, the market rumors declined to comment.

    Image: visual bytes to beat China previously announced sued the government, trump in Disney work more than 20 years of Kevin mayer bytes to beat the COO and TikTok global CEO in less than three months, announced his resignation, Microsoft, wal-mart relies on acquisitions shares rose...

    After more than a month of fermentation, TikTok selling plot changes constantly.

    Sell or banned, big end may is still a mystery.

    Don't sell algorithm sell?

    Now, than TikTok who sold to this matter, perhaps even more concern is that TikTok algorithm can not sell to sell, and it also involves the latest relevant export regulations.

    At the end of August, China's Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology publishing the catalog of China banned export restrictions on technology export (hereinafter referred to as the "directory"), the analysis thinks, the purchase of such TikTok regeneration, or related to this directory.

    Such as international trade foreign economic and trade university professor Cui Fan said in an interview with xinhua, byte to beat in the field of artificial intelligence and so on have a number of cutting-edge technology, some technology may involve adjusted "directory".

    Bytes to beat the official response also said the company focus on the announcement of the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science and Technology, the company will strictly abide by the law of the People's Republic of China regulations on the administration of technology import and export and the catalog of China banned export restrictions on technology export, processing of the technology export related business.

    This directory is not aimed at TikTok.

    Commerce ministry spokesman in rush hours

    A regular press briefing responded that the adjustment of the directory, is based on the development of science and technology situation and the need of promoting international exchanges and cooperation of science and technology, according to international practice for 2008 "directory" routine adjustment, not for specific enterprises.

    Image: CCTV reported screenshots but it seems to the outside world, the adjustment of the "directory", can say that prompted the bytes to beat to suspend action and evaluate the impact of new rules for sale may be, let the negotiations situation becomes more complicated.

    In fact, the focus is on the outside, the new rules will prevent TikTok all important algorithms included in the deal.

    According to the Wall Street journal, according to people close to the bidder, if the algorithm is beyond the scope of the sale, TikTok appeal will be greatly reduced.

    In the eyes of people in the Internet, algorithm is the most important assets of TikTok.

    If sell TikTok doesn't sell algorithm at the same time, on the one hand, the price may be lower, on the other hand, for of is negotiating to companies such as Microsoft, oracle, it is also a huge challenge, because there is no byte pulsing algorithm, they need to be in a very short period of time, take out an alternative.

    According to the report, beating byte has been exploring the possibilities, including wal-mart sell TikTok American business to Microsoft, or oracle.

    Now, bytes and potential acquirer and faced with new variables.

    Reporter noticed that even TikTok are crossing the bullet, but it is not huge impact global heat and footnote.

    On September 7, the Sensor Tower stores information, according to data in August 2020, trill and its overseas edition TikTok in the apple store and Google store revenue exceeds $88.1 million, once again topped the global mobile applications (the game) the income list.

    Among them, about 85% of its revenue from the Chinese version trill.

    In overseas markets, the us market

    Ranked first, contributed 7.8% of revenue.

    Beating bytes are still looking for solution on August 6, the President of the United States signed an executive order, trump said TikTok pose a threat to national security, would ban any U.S. person or entity within 45 days after any deal with TikTok and its parent company bytes to beat.

    TikTok then submit the complaint to one federal district court in the United States, formal complaint released by the U.S. government's administration associated with the company and its parent company bytes to beat to break the law, in order to maintain their legal rights and interests.

    Party, from the enterprise, a lot of tech giants have TikTok full of interest.

    TikTok parent bytes to beat one of the investment institutions softbank was banned in the United States as early as July TikTok, TikTok joint is going to bid.

    But because of the U.S. government dominated by the us technology company investment, consortium is not smooth.

    Image: per the reporter xu mine are now known to bidders, taken apart from Microsoft and wal-mart.

    On August 27, made a public statement on its website, the recognition and Microsoft bid for TikTok.

    In addition, sequoia capital and oracle in trans-atlantic capital support.

    News that oracle has offer bytes to beat, the proposed deal would include $10 billion in cash and $10 billion oracle shares, TikTok and 50% of the annual profits will be back in two years bytes.

    Whatever acquisition results, these companies have because TikTok news shares rose, such as wal-mart announced working with Microsoft to jointly bid for TikTok, Microsoft and wal-mart's share price has exploded, the two companies combined market value of up nearly $58 billion.

    Even without bid Facebook because launched "shanzhai TikTok" shares rose, its founder

    Lattice value rose to join the club of billions of dollars.

    , according to people familiar with the situation is not stable, there are a lot of possibilities, for sale also has not been completely ruled out.

    Another person familiar with the matter said, even if there is no comprehensive sales, TikTok may also need some sort of restructuring.

    Reporters noted that climate change is not only the external negotiations, TikTok itself also has experienced the oscillation of the executives.

    On August 27, Kevin mayer's resignation, before he joined the bytes to beat more than 3 months, TikTok Vanessa pappas was appointed general manager of North America TikTok temporary, head of the world.

    At that time, the founder of the bytes to beat yi-ming zhang release internal letter again, within the letter, he said, beating byte is to act quickly, for global problems faced by companies (especially in the United States and India) to find a solution.


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