The United States while conspiring to hunt the TikTok this year

The United States while conspiring to hunt the TikTok this year
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    Directly asking for 'this is a carefully planned attack, was also a step by step into the siege of hunting.

    White House completely ignored the fair competition and free and open market economy rules, completed a combination to rob openly naked is stretched out his hand for table directly.

    Even accustomed to America's economic sanctions against Chinese enterprises, the White House personally hunting TikTok's high standard of behavior is unprecedented and startling.

    The President of the United States this week to trump the ultimatum, Chinese Internet companies beating byte must before September 15, TikTok American business to Microsoft or other companies in the United States, or you will encounter block in the United States.

    He said publicly, "(TikTok) is a very successful company, popular in the United States, people are crazy for this.

    But we can't afford to include huawei's the security risks of the company."

    For the White House to end force bytes to beat selling TikTok, trump felt quite proud.

    He said at the press conference, without the us government, there is no deal, so the government have to extract a large sum of cost, this is known as the Key Money (this is the real estate industry terms, namely renters pay the landlord KanFangFei, real estate businessmen).

    Finally, Microsoft has agreed to pay the cost of an "unprecedented".

    The White House to gloat, but Microsoft in half block half attack by surprise.

    Microsoft released the related statement is very intriguing: on the one hand, confirmed that companies are buying TikTok the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand business, on the other hand continues to emphasize the deal was pressure in advance to the White House.

    Perhaps Microsoft also don't think this thing too, want to clean

    Responsibility: we are not fish in troubled waters, it was persecuted bytes to beat to the White House after selling TikTok, we are involved in negotiations of flange.

    From the point of TikTok American business itself, a takeover by Microsoft may be a continuation of platform power the best choice.

    Microsoft has good relationship with government, can resist the future possible political risk, Microsoft has a strong strength of cloud services and security, can enhance TikTok technical strength.

    Microsoft CEO, also have strong interest in the field of social development.

    But Microsoft company focused on enterprise customers and productivity, and the culture of TikTok has obvious difference, in the field of consumption and the young market may be limited to the Xbox game business success.

    Media exposure in the United States, on the other hand, apple is also interested in buying TikTok, apple quickly to deny the rumors.

    In various ways, apple is not necessary to trip the loot carve-up of muddy water.

    Despite having hundreds of billions of dollars in cash reserves and of billions of dollars in market cap, the history of apple never buy for (the biggest trade was only $3 billion acquisition of Beats), apple has never been through acquisitions to transverse expansion business landscape.

    Moreover, apple also faces antitrust review, one of the accused is alleged to use its own platform advantage tend to your own Internet business.

    Elaborate on one year while the outside world until the past week to know the development of things but in order to persecute byte beating sell TikTok business in the United States, the United States government has been planning for nearly a year.

    After officially banned huawei last year, the United States digital hawkish members of congress to look to the social networks, asked the federal government to review the background of Chinese TikTok brings to the U.S. national security risk, accused China of may be obtained from the software user's personal data in the United States.

    Need to emphasize that the suppression of TikTok not republican unilaterally advance, people

    The main party congress leader, senate minority leader Charles schumer also support an investigation into TikTok.

    Donkey as the two parties on this issue is not divided.

    China threat theory has always been a U.S. election year will play.

    After the republican government decided to crack down on China's enterprises, the Democrats are unlikely to object, to avoid the opponent buckle on a "pass" blame.

    Last November, the federal government formally instructed the committee on foreign investment in the United States (CFIUS) to national security review of TikTok America, survey 2017 bytes to beat China short video acquisition startup himself. Ly.

    In early July, the us secretary of state, loose skin the trade and the White House adviser navarro and other senior government began to spin, a public statement to the media criticism TikTok there are security risks, but, as always, does not provide any evidence.

    On July 31, on Friday, the us media messages are received, the White House is about to issue executive orders, forcing bytes to beat selling TikTok business in the United States, otherwise, would be banned.

    Beating at the same time, the media began to report bytes are in advanced talks with Microsoft will sell TikTok matters.

    Maybe some netizens think bytes to beat is the day to start negotiations with Microsoft, is the so-called "second kneel".

    But the reality?

    In the past month according to the latest media exposure, the White House and federal Ministry of Finance has been to kill as a threat, persecuted bytes to beat agreed to divest TikTok American business.

    After receiving from the White House did not sell blocked "ultimatum after beating bytes after evaluation, finally agreed to sell TikTok a majority stake in the United States.

    Initially interested in buying is a consortium of several American funds, and then the Internet giant Microsoft have also expressed interest.

    No matter from which perspective, and Microsoft are byte to beat at that time, can choose the optimal solution.

    Last week,

    Five media exposure, the two sides are close to a framework agreement, obtained by Microsoft TikTok a majority stake in the United States, beating with byte retain a minority stake.

    This is America's Treasury secretary, Mr Qin had allowed by the solution, secretary of the Treasury is the chairman of the committee on foreign investment.

    Limit pressure push your luck, however, it has been agreed in the negotiators thought it cases, trump Friday night suddenly said publicly that he was opposed to the acquisition of TikTok, the United States.

    He also claimed that the second day will sign an executive order, insisted that kill TikTok in the United States.

    Trump also specially stressed that completely has the right to do so.

    This unexpected situation for all parties, including the Treasury, Microsoft and bytes to beat all surprise, negotiations had to shelve, determine the final position to wait for the White House.

    Trump roig is not surprising: after many negotiations, and his White House there is a clear decision makers a disagreement: dove finance minister Mr Qin hope too close;

    Navarro and hawks officials demand driven.

    Saturday went to the golf course, trump also went to a hospital, hand appear large bruises, intravenous fluids should be.

    The day he did not sign any command.

    From a subsequent, trump's "kill TikTok" should be the pressure again.

    Microsoft CEO, then discuss with strong mandarin TikTok takeover.

    On Monday, August 3, trump announced that he changed his position, allowing byte beating before September 15, selling TikTok us operations to Microsoft or other companies in the United States.

    However, his "attitude change" behind, byte to beat but have to accept more concessions: asked to sell TikTok full ownership in the United States, shall not retain a minority stake, at the same time could also sell Canada, Australia and New Zealand business.

    However, byte

    American investors are allowed to retain a minority stake in the TikTok.

    Literally, this deal is big business in the United States joint ransacked bytes.

    TikTok has so far with eight YiYue live users worldwide, behind Facebook and Google in the global market (mainly in the domestic market of tencent), valuation at least $50 billion, has become the biggest rival Facebook.

    If TikTok maintain current growth rates, the application of the valuation may even break through the billions of dollars.

    But in the United States government limit pressure, it is difficult for TikTok fair prices to sell core assets of the business, this is also the main reason that Microsoft would negotiate contact bytes to beat.

    Is going to buy the star of the most popular social networking assets, there's no better chance.

    While Google and Facebook because the antitrust investigations, it is impossible to hand flange TikTok business.

    Found no illegal evidence bytes to beat selling TikTok trading in the United States is not temporary move over the past few days, but in the White House over the past year of continuous pressure, forced advance step by step.

    As "prey" byte beating is not without effort, over the past years they have been actively save his life.

    When TikTok became the Internet giant eyesore, however, when the U.S. government siege TikTok decision has been made, any enterprise is a weakness in the presence of a superpower.

    Bytes to beat perhaps China's most global view and expanded ambitions in Internet companies.

    As a result, they also made risk aversion to prepare early: TikTok overseas market and domestic market completely isolated trill, TikTok server and contents of the audit team are based overseas;

    In order to circumvent the risks involved in American politics, TikTok announced early thoroughly reject all political advertising, will itself as an entertainment

    Qualitative social platform.

    At the end of last year, after the us government announced the investigation TikTok byte beating are also try their best to: actively cooperate with CFIUS review of the project, display platform to protect user data security work;

    Employ Disney executives as TikTok CEO, as the company's image spokesperson;

    Throw money form American lobby group, woo republican camp of resources;

    Announced to establish a global headquarters, overseas investment to create jobs for America.

    At least one thing is sure, although the us government announced that TikTok Chinese background brings the risk of information security, but the White House to come up with any evidence of TikTok irregularities.

    Even if the U.S. ally, Australia's prime minister also said this week, the Australian government after investigation, found no abuse in TikTok violations of user data.

    Beating pressure byte at the White House is to the committee on foreign investment (CFIUS) propulsion.

    This related to TikTok predecessor.

    At the end of 2016 bytes to beat at home introduced a short video services trill, then to TikTok application to expand overseas.

    2017 bytes to beat spend 1 billion dollars to buy the short video application of headquarters in Shanghai, China himself. Ly.

    After completing the acquisition in 2018, himself. Overseas users immediately into TikTok ly.

    At that time, by buying himself. Ly has been in the United States market with 20 million users, theory means that the deal has reached the threshold of the CFIUS application.

    But theoretically himself. Ly is offshore companies registered in the cayman islands.

    And although CFIUS deals audit threshold is very low, but at that time, but is not necessary for examination and approval, the result of examination and approval may be rejected.

    Ali for acquisitions are ultimately is killed by CFIUS.

    Multiple methods can play

    Pressure although byte beating over the past year positive self-help, but did not change the White House is strong swallowing TikTok ideas;

    Or when the U.S. government launched hunt, the fate of the TikTok actually had already decided.

    That White House exactly have rights directly persecuted bytes to beat abandon TikTok the United States, is it possible to directly kill TikTok business?

    Bytes to beat can be sued the U.S. government to change destiny?

    Have the right to force a byte to beat selling TikTok American business?

    Unfortunately, the U.S. government had every right to do so, and in accordance with the law.

    CFIUS force foreign companies to spit out to buy assets are, after all, is not new.

    CFIUS had every right to exist in the "national security risk", in the case of evidence does not provide actual violations, veto foreign enterprises investment in the United States, even has acquired many years can also be forced to spin off.

    In may last year, the U.S. government also pressed by the committee on foreign investment, forcing China enterprise kunlun ten thousand d sold 2016 acquisition of American gay dating site Grindr (to the kunlun ten thousand d more time to find a buyer, transaction completed earlier this year), the reason is same to endanger the safety of the user data.

    Feldspar base in this year, the U.S. government requires Chinese companies to sell StayNTouch acquisition system of the hotel management company two years ago, the only reason is "Chinese context".

    Earlier this year, the United States has also implemented a more rigorous foreign investment risk review modernization act (FIRRMA), to further expand the scope of review by CFIUS.

    FIRRMA rules is sensitive to foreign investments including the key technology, critical infrastructure, sensitive personal data (dar) field, including the foreign companies access to the American people personal data domain, and TikTok's social platform clearly went into the two rules.

    In addition to CFIU

    S to veto deals, said his trump shall have the right to kill TikTok is also true that the President of the United States has a great administrative power.

    In 1977 the international emergency economic powers act (IEEPA) is a legal basis, the President of the United States has the right to according to the national security threat condition, declared a state of emergency, to act on the international market business.

    In addition, after the 911 events of 2001, the United States congress passed the patriot act, authorized the government during the period of national security risk investigation into action on foreign assets, which means that does not need to provide tangible evidence and reasons.

    As long as there is deemed "threats to national security," the White House can block of emergency measures including (but not limited to) : for apple and Google app store shelves TikTok (India) was blocked by this way;

    Bytes to beat in the Ministry of Commerce list of entities, ban American companies doing business with;

    The advertisers advertise in TikTok is prohibited.

    After the us department of commerce once will be a large number of Chinese companies are listed in the list of entities, does not need to provide specific evidence.

    And once were included in the list of entities, to apply for to cancel the sanctions are difficult.

    Against a meaningless sacrifice so byte beating against likely?

    Unfortunately, when the U.S. government to sanctions against a foreign enterprise, which is almost nothing against the possibility.

    In 2013, the U.S. justice department directly capture the industrial giant alstom France executives, for alstom in the asia-pacific region evidence of bribery, offered a $772 million fine.

    Economic morass of rafer alston was forced to evaluate the following year $17 billion off its energy business to American industrial giant general electric, instead of bidding terms more favorable enterprise of Siemens in Germany.

    The United States in 2018 by the national defense authorization act and the federal communications commission (FCC) resolution, the shipment is prohibited

    Business purchase huawei and zte telecom products, actually kick huawei completely out of the U.S. market.

    In 2019, the Commerce Department will be included in the list of entities, huawei banned U.S. companies, huawei's business with to huawei's direct impact on operators and terminal business.

    In 2020, the United States government through diplomatic means, forcing Allies to huawei out of 5 g market.

    TikTok have no choice, they can't be directly out of the second large market the American market.

    The United States is the world's highest user value Internet market, social advertising spending is also one of the world's largest market.

    TikTok markets in the United States not only has 40 million active users, more users are the most attractive viscosity star blogger.

    Sanctions if the platform, it is their loss to the other platforms, which means that TikTok lost most of the content.

    If the TikTok valuation is $50 billion, so the business is worth at least $25 billion.

    If forced against the United States government, was listed in the United States government banned list, listing the entity fully blocked by us technology industry, and even kicked out of apple and Google's app store, does that mean TikTok global business is likely to be affected, may also affect the byte beating process itself.

    Byte beating is a startup, must consider the interests of investors, from a practical perspective to assess risk, forced choice, against the U.S. government is impossible to accept that means tens of billions of dollars even greater losses.

    Sue the U.S. government is futile.

    A federal judge basic impossible to federal government intervention in the name of the national security of administrative action, is also unlikely to stop the government banned behavior of TikTok.

    Expect to kill time delay to prosecution is unlikely.

    Last year, huawei's lawsuit against the U.S. government has no reason to kill their products and services of ACTS in violation of the constitution of the United States, but directly by a federal judge rejected, the reason is that

    Congress had every right to legislation to do so.

    As many netizens say "temporarily closed TikTok, waiting for the government transition" is of no significance.

    Now American political environment is different from the past, both parties wish to show a tough problem in China, the "weak" for all may become each other's attack.

    Even democratic President came to power after half a year, is also unlikely to cancel the former sanctions against TikTok, give myself a pass of the charges.

    And the Internet industry is very competitive, star blogger need to find a new platform to continue to make a living, Facebook has launched a mimic TikTok competitive products, TikTok close half a year and a disguised form of suicide is no different.

    Breakthrough alternative must be over the years, only a handful of Chinese science and technology companies such as huawei and TikTok by the American government identified as "endangering state security", by direct administrative intervention forced out of the us market.

    Change a point of view, this is also the strength of alternative Chinese technology companies certainly, because they are really into the upper space of telecommunications and the Internet industry, affecting the interests of the American rival, will only be prompted the government to abandon free and open market economy principle, choose direct administrative intervention.

    Forced bytes to beat selling TikTok to American firms also benefit they project an image of China tough trump, cater to his base voters.

    Although Internet giants such as BAT also was born in China, but will only have TikTok to break through the invisible glass ceiling, really break the limitation of the domestic market and Chinese market, as the only by Chinese companies to build and get the global mainstream users welcome Internet products.

    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates also said that his daughter from there know TikTok, he won young think TikTok innovation capability is the main reason for the user.

    It is because

    TikTok entered the mainstream American social market, becoming the Facebook's main rival, the tens of millions of young users of the United States, will be the object of sanctions of the U.S. government.

    In the United States government crackdown on TikTok, Facebook has been in the past year have developed their own similar products, and this week officially launched the sets a platform on the function of Reels, tried to scramble for TikTok lost star blogger and young users.

    Suppression of TikTok can bring to us?

    Is the most direct beneficiaries of the global U.S. Internet giant Facebook, it is also a Facebook founder mark zuckerberg es the current prevalence of the main reasons for the "China threat theory".

    Yi-ming zhang also referred to in the company yesterday email, question focus is not CFIUS rejecting himself to harm national security grounds. Ly acquisition thus forced to sell TikTok business in the United States, the other is the real purpose of hope complete clampdown and much more.

    Last year, huawei has been sued in the United States congress and the federal communications commission, the former lawsuit already was rejected by the court, after the lawsuit is not over.

    But from the previous case, the court will not interfere with basic legislative and administrative agencies based on "national security" banned behavior of foreign enterprises.

    The two lawsuits doesn't change anything in the United States the present situation of the market is completely blocked huawei, huawei sued more like struggle after being beaten showed his attitude.

    Huawei did not prosecute the Commerce Department's entity list, this belongs to the administrative department of law enforcement authority, also does not need tangible evidence.

    Before by the U.S. government directly kill, huawei has been marginalized in the us market and depressing ten years: multiple acquisitions were rejected, telecommunications order was cancelled, phone was called off.

    During this decade, huawei has never give up in the United States

    The market development efforts, lobbied heavily to build a team, constantly release flagship product, make research and development base in silicon valley, opening up the rural market small operators.

    But in the past two years, because of the U.S. government a series of sanctions, completely out of the U.S. market, huawei huawei mobile phone lost Google services, lost a lot of huawei products supply chain support, affecting the future of product research and development, the original advantage position on the 5 g market has also been administrative block.

    , after finally entered the industry value chain of the upper, China science and technology enterprise real competitive threat to American technology giant, that by the U.S. government for "supposed" to block, with "Chinese background a security risk" reason, by administrative intervention is way out of the us market.

    But unfortunately, some Internet users or because do not know the situation, instead of being looted enterprise to cynicism, kill count on them even larger foe to meaningless sacrifice.

    This is not the case.

    No place oneself among them, will not be able to realize global superpower kill threat to bring the great pressure.

    Only save the strength to continue to innovate in the future.

    In fact, the efforts of innovation, expanding the global science and technology enterprises in China are worthy of respect.

    Only more and more Chinese enterprises, the national economic strength of science and technology can truly powerful peer, block stick to fear the United States.


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