"Rolling Stone" magazine: Tiktok carries the future of music promotion

"Rolling Stone" magazine: Tiktok carries the future of music promotion
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  • Recently, the top music magazine "Rolling Stone" released an article called "Tiktok's music promotion", saying that short video platform Tiktok is gradually replacing the music blog, becoming an indispensable part of the music ecology.

    The following is a report of the original text: "Rolling Stone" reported last September, the manager of the music rookie Tom Tom Mail man was found that the stream of stream of stream of singers suddenly surged.

    After some online investigation, Levine finally discovered the source of this wave of traffic: from a Tiktok video from MostleyMusic.

    MostleyMusic is a Tiktok account that is similar to the early music blogs in 2010, mainly introducing new artists to the audience, and summarizes some industry events.

    On September 23, Mostleymusic recommended a song called Tom Tom Mail Man and praised his "The melody was very moving.

    " After three consecutive days, the flow of the singer an average of about 10,000 times a day.

    During the isolation, there is a class of Tiktok accounts like the spring.

    MostleyMusic is one of them, others are @loveinamovie and @hahakcoolgottagobye et al.

    It is this type of account that helps users filter out a song worth listening to from a new work.

    "There is not much way to contact new music in the Z generation children," Tiktok Creator Ari Elkins said.

    His passionate Tiktok recommended video incorporates dancing and singing and other content, so that his fans have soared from 500 people from 500 people to 500,000.

    He said that it is happy to fill the blank of "Z Genetic Music Recommendation".

    Levine also said, "Tiktok's net red, VLOG style is the future of music information.

    " Music recommended blog @ loveinamovie, @ HahakCoolgottagobye and @arielkins fast detonation reasoning to draw the above conclusion, part of the reason The media has a drawback: mainstream music information is usually only covered by the super superstar, and it is not willing to put energy on the discovers.

    "When I saw the video of these artists, I was welcome to say that most of them reminded me of the radio host of Kansas, and said," Mostleymusic's founder MAX MOTLEY said.

    "It's not that they can't, but many artists are Z generation, including myself, so I have different opinions, I will ask them some of my people who are interested in this age.

    " Motley worked three in the university broadcast station In the year, he intends to go to the music industry with a graduation, start from the entry level.

    Only the new crown epidemic monetary Motley is the first to start Tiktok's test water.

    Motley believes that "short video is more digestive than traditional broadcasting, text media.

    " The origin of Loveinamovie is similar.

    "I decided to do music blogs, but unfortunately, no one will really read music blogs," Sharan explained.

    He is a big second, maintenance geography and computer science.

    "My people will not log in to music blogs.

    So I decided to use Tiktok, my friend is being used.

    " October this year, Loveinamovie released a video, praised Oscar Welsh's "Sixteen", gaff "Last Night" and "AM Sleep" of DVR.

    The video has got more than 1 million views on Tiktok, especially from the Philippines audience: Soon after LOVEINAMOVIE, Welsh's music jumped to the Philippines Spotify Top 50 songs.

    Sixth place.

    Traditional media articles are usually unable to bring this scale, fast and fast.

    This also highlights a key difference between vintage websites and Tiktok: Tiktok itself is a place to build explosions.

    "If it is just a blog, the number you can contact is limited.

    " Sharan said.

    "But Tiktok can put songs to everyone.

    " Provide a change in the music industry that has already noticed music recommendation accounts on Tiktok, and is ready to cooperate with these young people to promote their own artists.

    Motley said that the Atlantic Record Company recommended a few young artists to him; signed the Justin Lubliner of Billy Aire, sent information on Motley last week.

    After pushing Tiktok Music Blog, the traffic obtained by Oscar Welsh and Tom The Mail Man increased.

    Motley said that he is considering the achievement of work, he wants to find sponsors for the "Rise New Artists" series built, or to "the artist who has been trusted".

    Young people are still adapting to these fast heating heat, as well as the possibility of follow.

    "Yesterday Dominic Fike (well-known musicians) commented on my video," Cherished Sharan said, he still felt incredible, "This is too mad.

    " Report / feedback

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