Tiktok, more than 1 billion months, is not willing to walk online music

Tiktok, more than 1 billion months, is not willing to walk online music
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  • The beating has chosen a similar play, and it has played a combination of "Music Declaration + Music Distribution".


    It can be seen that the upcoming Soundon, the upcoming Soundon will create a convenient way to create a convenient way to make a one-stop publicity service platform, and the integration of UNITEDMASTERS is similar to the domestic this year.

    The "Galaxy Ark" launched is committed to helping the musicians distribute the work to major mainstream music stream media platforms.

    Cao Wei, the head of the pre-shake music, said: "The main job under the shake music is to strengthen the core competitiveness of the musician track .



    thus becoming the influential music creator platform in the whole network.

    " To put it bluntly, whether Soundon or Unitedmasters, it is to attract the musicians to contribute more content through Tiktok, and build a new music content ecology that is really growing at Tiktok with the musicians.

    For a long time, Tiktok has always played "drainagers" in the music industry, not only involved in the online music platform, but the musicians on the platform will eventually enter the record company.

    So, in order to establish its own content ecology, Tiktok began starting from the musicians, trying to grasp the core link of the content production, which is the most important part of the ban in the full chain of the byte beating.

    Establishing a content ecology with musicians, Tiktok has a unique advantage, but its "stars" road seems to have an inevitable paradox.

    Currently, music is more familiar with musicians, and it is a more extensive trend, and the industry is generally believed that short video music platform has accelerated this trend.

    Today, Tiktok has more than 1 billion months, and the large number of users means that their works will inevitably go down.

    Although the musicians sign the ecosystem is in the construction of the drums, it is not yet perfect.

    Whether Soundon or UnitedMasters, in the current environment, after the user and platform screening, it will be a song with "explosion" potential, which is likely to bring a large-scale homogenization, and the musicians are also difficult to get rid of "Song Red People is not red, it is difficult to get out of the gold song".

    Now lift LIL NAS X, many people will remember the brainworthy of "Old Town Road", and Lil Nas X Other excellent works, but it is difficult to be remembered; relying on "Fast" a gun red Sueco the child, It is also difficult to have more excellent works.

    Make good content, and promote it, precipitate copyright value, realize the full chain closed loop of the music industry, Tiktok's ideas have basically clear.

    However, copyright is a long-term investment, and the good content needs a good creator environment.

    If you want to build your own content ecology under the score company and music flow media platform, Tiktok may also need a better "explosion" Music people and works.

    After the era of the lottery in the music industry, with the exclusive copyright being stopped, the byte beating of the accelerated layout is agitating the new round of industry change with a huge user base and unique advantage.

    Just, the music people who have come from Tiktok will go forward in the future, and the platform can establish a new content ecology of more good creators, and go out of their own new road, but also need the industry to verify.

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