Australian songs have been fired by Tiktok, and the singer does not know, and the record industry began to pay attention to this software.

Australian songs have been fired by Tiktok, and the singer does not know, and the record industry began to pay attention to this software.
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  • The female singer Dabini from Auckland met an incredible thing.

    She sang a single "Glitter" quickly spread all over the world without knowing.

    Recently, the Australian music media "The Music Network" reported this event.

    "Glitter" is an unexpected incident, thanks to the Hongsala Manusa Sala, Australia, and she has 9 million fans on Tiktok.

    Last day, MANU Sara was a dance for "Glitter", photographed a Tiktok video, which has triggered a big tide of the same wind.

    This song is also quickly popular on the Internet.

    Ben Ni as the singer of this song, at the beginning, it is not Tiktok users, she is a fans who have begun to forward the video to it, and I found that Tiktok is helping.

    Within a few weeks, Tiktok videos using "GLitter" as a background music reached 181,000.

    This song has reached 11.

    5 million in the stream of streams on Spotify, and boarded the Australian music list.

    In the recently held Laneway Music Festival "Glitter" chorus, there are hundreds of fans suddenly accompanied by this song, while jumping with mobile phone.

    Although Ben Nie is not Tiktok users, by browsing the content on Tiktok, she found that these content is very interesting, and gradually understands how people are so fascinated.

    Like many musicians, Nick Roculo from Pascles Cloning was originally not interested in tiktok, but until he really started using Tiktok, it quickly became its fan.

    The most excited Nick Roculone is that Tiktok provides a rapid spread and expands of influence.

    On this platform, a video may be watched by 200,000 people overnight, and you don't need to pay a lot of money for this, this is the other platform that cannot be comparable.

    Rolo also believes that this application of attraction is very high.

    The platform of this platform is very young, and the interaction between each other is very interesting.

    The music they like is also cool.

    He and the fans interacted on Tiktok and started to disclose the artists with the same channels together.

    These artists have successfully made the Australian music industry be more concerned about Tiktok's importance.

    Currently, at least five or six record companies and publishers have confirmed to TMN and they are preparing to launch Tiktok activities later this year.

    Recently, Tiktok has reached an agreement with the Global Independent Music Digital Copyright Agency Merlin.

    This agreement is also the key to the determination of the record company.

    As an artist's development executives said: "Now work is still in the early stage, but this is what we must do.

    " (Source: North China Network) Report / Feedback

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