Being scared silly?Former harvard professor said TikTok is revenge the opiate of the western China

Being scared silly?Former harvard professor said TikTok is revenge the opiate of the western China
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  • Source: global times new media in recent days, a former in western universities such as harvard and Oxford as a professor of history, and worked for the United States of the hoover institution at Stanford senior scholars, for the bloomberg wrote an article to let a person very shocked.

    This article claims that is by the U.S. government to harm "national security" and the punishment of China enterprises "bytes to beat" and its development of "American version trill" TikTok, its brings the harm is more serious than "endangering national security", not only is China's revenge "opium" of the west, but also to the Chinese "imperialist ambitions".

    The author of this article named Neil Ferguson (Niall Ferguson).

    Bloomberg introduction, according to a given he was at Harvard University and the university of Oxford in the United States both in the western world universities professor of history, he is currently in the United States at Stanford university's hoover institution as a senior researcher.

    (screenshot from Sir Alex ferguson has published articles on bloomberg), however, the academic background of "famous" big professor, but in his yesterday published a commentary on bloomberg website TikTok article, showed more crazy than American politicians and bizarre views.

    He does not think TikTok are America's national security threat, but China's revenge "opium" of the west, and reveals the "imperialist ambitions" in China.

    (screenshot from Sir Alex ferguson has published articles on bloomberg), of course, top academics in the west of seasoning of Sir Alex ferguson has for many years, did not like American President or secretary of state, peng admire Mr Trump up a will to attack China ruffian suck, but in his article, step by step the outline of the logic chain of the absurd.

    For example, he said he is a little old Facebook, sets and other social software users, but after the experience about TikTok, hair

    Now the development of China's APP as a kind of opium, especially American young people addicted.

    He then through analyze why TikTok success and attract a large number of young people in the United States, "in the United States like new crown virus spread", raises his second logic -- in addition to people like pictures than text itself, TikTok and easy to operate, "even the idiot will use", but also because TikTok "based on the algorithm of AI" - TikTok will pass to collect user's data, customize the personalized content to the user.

    (screenshot from Sir Alex ferguson has published articles on bloomberg) next, and Sir Alex ferguson to TikTok "AI algorithm" as the foundation, brings up the core view of his articles, namely TikTok mischief "opium", young people in the United States is China's communists intention to rule the world a "imperialist ambitions".

    In terms of "opium" theory, his tone is not fresh, say for "AI algorithm" is to cater to the user, to what the user wants to, so it as "cocaine", and he will also be in the United States the use of TikTok harassed for young people and women, all blame for TikTok, to some extent, and let's domestic some people will network game as the argument of poison young people's opium is the same.

    (screenshot from Sir Alex ferguson has published articles on bloomberg) really ridiculous, is Sir Alex ferguson will TikTok said to be China's "imperialist ambitions" argument.

    His specific way, is to move from a mobile phone APP TikTok conceptual category, enlarge to a kind of AI technology from China, and then from the Angle of "China's AI technology" to illustrate his point.

    At the same time, the political system of China and the system exists serious bias of the western scholars, also throws three

    To support the argument he rhetoric, although the three narrative are ridiculously wrong: 1, he thinks the Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong this year, and a series of events on the move, shows that China is not just one time.

    2, he noted that some Chinese scholars have recently reported that the United States to build the empire world order is changed, and that this shows that China has to replace the ambitions of the United States.

    3, he thinks that China's Internet "values" is quite different from that of the western liberal world, and announced that the AI technology applied in China "Orwell that big brother is watching you" scene, and many of the AI technology companies in China are very listen to the Chinese government.

    (screenshot from Sir Alex ferguson has published articles on bloomberg) as a result, ferguson believes China will like America and the west to build world order today, will be China's "liberal" values and its AI technology, through the "region" output to the world, and also use this technology, China - as the United States to the Soviet union, on the "output" culture.

    He also here "nervous", those who believe that the "not free" of civilization in China to western point of view is wrong, because China has been in the United States by TikTok launched a "revolution" of the "culture", let the young americans start on TikTok scold their parents are racist.

    (screenshot from Sir Alex ferguson has published articles on bloomberg) above, think TikTok is Sir Alex ferguson is the logic origin of the "imperialist ambitions".

    Finally, the reason we said he this ridiculous logic, to bit trump the authorities also terrible, because the authorities for China's attack trump, largely out of the race, trump himself about China, before the election, it mainly concentrated in the relatively single economic level.

    Such as Sir Alex ferguson and his ideology and

    The color of the cold war's point of view, it is the us and the western world has been exist the ideological root of hostile to China.

    To these people, the Chinese civilization and the political system is a kind of "barbarians" and "communism" is a kind of heresy, so China the more the more powerful and influential in the world, especially in the west the stronger influence on the level of folk, they are afraid of is our "barbarians" to "enter", is to destroy their "world civilization", and will be more vigilant, more anxiety, to us under this kind of panic becomes even more mindless.

    (pictured here two days before the United States a politician announced that south Korean pop and Japanese anime invasion of American culture is also the Chinese offensive, get a face of South Korea and Japan netizens meng circle) but we Chinese people do not think so.

    We've been looking forward to the east and west civilizations can eliminate this kind of prejudice, hand in hand to find the prospect of coexistence and consensus - even if some western political power has been push us toward confrontation route.

    Only, when you see a with Harvard University, Oxford University and scholar at Stanford university, the academic background, can write this absurd and prejudice, is had to narrow the prospects of this amazing realization and worried.

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