Overseas trill tiktok month 1 billion active users, known as the world's fifth-largest social platform

Overseas trill tiktok month 1 billion active users, known as the world's fifth-largest social platform
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  • Bytes to beat its short video social applications TikTok month break through 1 billion, with Facebook's three major application (Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger) and Wechat called five global social software.

    Tiktok traffic so big now how many people are concerned about the cash problem, so the hearing pomelo pomelo edge sailing today is for everyone to see through at a time.

    TikTok on overseas growth momentum in recent years, the back is such a huge flow pool, today TikTok has not only is the world's leading platform for the short video, more became a powerful businessman business channel, provides businesses with great flow, promote the user consumption.

    In the past year, TikTok in reshaping shopping experience continuously explore, has been launched in the UK and Indonesia TikTok Shop all link electricity service and experience, guide consumers to access the online store, let consumers more easily through the TikTok find good content, order purchase.

    Businesses can by TikTok Shop such as plans to broadcast live to sell goods, can also be used to link directly to the native short video to promote sales.

    Short video platform TikTok officially launched in the recent global activities integrated with goods, the promotion of a series of functions such as electrical business solutions TikTok Shopping.

    TikTok are global retail industry to bring a new trend.

    It makes shopping becomes a creative, interactive fun experience, also has stimulated the user unprecedented in the heat.

    The connection is established and trust.

    The content of the TikTok ecology can help consumers shopping mining potential interests.

    At the same time, browse, order, payment and customer service, complete can be completed in TikTok one-stop shopping link.

    Copy the bytes to beat is domestic trill to tiktok, at present both in Indonesia and the opening of the yellow car, British or cooperation with shopify, speed up his commercial layout.

    And also in invite domestic cross-border tiktok official electricity.

    Overseas trill outlook just now, just like just trill, is a can make us ordinary people can be inside the chance of gold, as the world's fifth-largest can inside a piece of social software, must be able to get rich.


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