Racketeer TikTok downloads and exaggerated 5 times, the United States short video company to be listed

Racketeer TikTok downloads and exaggerated 5 times, the United States short video company to be listed
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  • This article from: future business map, pictured above from: a visual China suffered the us authorities on the trump, TikTok's fate is uncertain, its rival is chomping at the bit to IPO.

    On October 12, according to Reuters, according to people familiar with the American music Triller short video application are listed.

    , according to people familiar with the Triller is Farvahar and investment Banks, negotiation, planning through a "special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC)" backdoor listings.

    Say simply, SPAC as a shell company, through the IPO in the secondary market financing, and complete to the acquisition of listed companies, and indirectly, achieve the goal of the latter on.

    Compared with the traditional IPO, SPAC listed face fewer regulatory review, deterministic higher valuation and financing scale.

    Since this year, this way of listing favored by more and more companies, U.S. stocks listed SPAC accumulative total financing scale has amounted to $53.8 billion, more than seven years combined.

    Triller, meanwhile, is also seeking to estimates of $1.25 billion, for a new round of $250 million of private equity financing.

    This round of funding will bring cast by ubs, of which about $100 million has been finalised.

    Allegedly Triller aspects are carefully considered is to continue financing, or the way SPAC.

    Farvahar Partners and ubs has yet to comment.

    Last October, Triller completed $28 million B round, when valuations is only $130 million.

    In just a year later, ten times its self has been soaring valuations.

    Triller confidence in the capital market, a large part from the biggest rival TikTok is in the autumn of life-threatening, got an unexpected growth opportunities.

    Triller was established in 2015, the main music class UGC video.

    Compared with TikTok, pioneer Triller positioning is more and more mature.

    Triller one of two boss Ryan cavanaugh (Ryan Kavanaugh noted) had previously said in an interview, TikTok like a 13 year old children, and Triller more like 17 years old.

    Triller emphasize the differentiation.

    According to the Wall Street journal reported that Triller in Los Angeles office put up a sign, reading: "TikTok is for young people.

    (TikTok is for youths.) "however, in almost all Internet companies after the 95, 00 as a mohican environment, after the maverick Triller appears, in the past few years has been tepid.

    Last October, total Triller of announcements

    Loads only 60 million times.

    Launched in 2017, by contrast, TikTok cumulative downloads has amounted to 2 billion, about 1 YiYue active users in the us market.

    But got up very early to catch a late set, Triller crushed by TikTok all-round, in addition to operating and capital level gap, more important is that its content is relatively single, limited to songs music video;

    TikTok has covered the music, funny, fitness, gardening, food, pet, art, and many other categories, the audience is more extensive.

    But since the second half of this year, the authorities released trump aiming at a series of executive orders, TikTok intentions to apply the Chinese pop out of the market;

    Triller then downloads as one of substitutes, so-called new downloaded more than 35 million times, in the United States, France, Australia, Germany and other 50 countries all of the top of the category of the app store.

    In addition, the Triller also tried to live online business extending tentacles, complement content.

    At the end of November this year, the legendary boxer mike tyson could usher in a comeback, and small Roy Jones from PK, Triller won the exclusive broadcast rights, is said to have cost more than $50 million.

    Five years later, the dormant Triller appears to be celebrating the day with bright sunshine.

    But behind glamorous, repeatedly overstated business data and racketeer competitors' bad record, for the future of Triller cast a thick shadow.

    2 currently, Triller jointly owned by two boss.

    A Hollywood veteran Ryan cavanaugh, he founded the studio Relativity Media participated in production of issuance of the fast and the furious 6 "the social network," "the fighter" and so on a number of word of mouth and box office records.

    Triller boss Ryan cavanaugh nearly a castle in the water on the first, cavanaugh advantage of extensive contacts in the entertainment circle, invited the United States many artists to Triller a line, at the same time, with universal music, SONY music, warner music's top record companies close cooperation.

    Rich resources of celebrities and music copyright, become the core competitiveness of Triller.

    Another boss and pizza west (Bobby Sarnevesht), who used to work at IBM, started several technology companies, after selling to Proxima Triller Media partner, the identity of the m&a, now as executive chairman Triller.

    It is important to note that this person's credit history has obvious flaws.

    According to Reuters, sahni west was the San Francisco bay area a surgery center operators partner, the company in 2016 with medical insurance fraud was fined $37.4 million.

    To make matters worse, the lack of commercial integrity, are likely to be T

    Riller company "inheritance", and trigger a and a written ruling.

    The focus of the problem is the real users Triller.

    In August of this year, Triller, according to official data released its cumulative downloads has reached 250 million, 65 million active users.

    This data is only equivalent to one over ten of the TikTok;

    But even so, the outside is not completely convinced.

    Is released in Triller user data for the month, mobile application data analysis company Apptopia to famous science and technology, according to media reports coming from the TechCrunch Triller since the release of installed capacity is 52 million, only digital exaggerated five times.

    Subsequently, Triller vowed to prosecute Apptopia.

    Shortly after the two sides reached a settlement: Triller the user data of more than 200 million to Apptopia audit, while the latter withdrew from previous reports.

    Another data analysis agencies SimilarWeb, said the agency from Triller began in August 2017 monitoring data, found that the Android mobile phone users only downloaded 4.3 million times, only less than 180000 monthly active users.

    Triller aspects would denounce these Numbers are "ridiculous", says most Android users do not download Triller application from Google Play store, but mobile phone pre-installed by Triller partners using this app.

    By September, Triller announced reaches 1 YiYue active users.

    And six former employees tell us commercial website Business Insider information, according to their experience in the company, the figure is very suspicious.

    Triller later claimed that the former employee "spread the inaccurate information".

    Three big play spat with research institutions and the media at the same time, the Triller also aimed directly at TikTok, at "racketeer" pattern, exaggerated eat remarkable.

    In early August this year, signed an executive order trump, beating on national security grounds required bytes within 90 days to sell or divest it TikTok business in the United States, otherwise will be banned.

    This paper the ban on unreasonable cause severe storm in across oceans.

    Then, Microsoft, oracle, wal-mart and other potential buyers has stepped in, but TikTok eventually there who has not yet been determined;

    And the U.S. department of commerce on September 18, command, tried to ban the American people from the app store download TikTok, such as Google, apple by local court shortly after launch an appeal.

    A Triller very keenly at commercial opportunity.

    It even said publicly, in the hope that competitors is uncertain outlook, to drive more influential creators and users

    Transferred to Triller platform.

    This "while you're sick, want you to life" point of view, reflected in the business level, the first is not hesitate heavy gold poaching talent.

    In recent months, signed a number of top Triller video creators.

    Among them, the most striking is referred to as "TikTok queen" Charli D Amelio, she has a staggering 87 million in TikTok fans.

    On the TikTok has 20 million U.S. web celebrity fans also has joined Triller, josh Richards as Triller and chief strategy officer.

    According to the New York times reported previously, Triller in order to attract and retain web celebrity is poured out high creator grants, unlimited gift CARDS, etc., even provide Rolls-Royce, helicopters and other services.

    If is competing for the top flow UP the main still normal business practices, then Triller a series of "racketeer" against TikTok, has sparked controversy.

    In July, TikTok Triller prosecution, claim the latter violated its has more than one will music video merge to a single track of patent.

    In August the Triller announced Centricus cooperation with a British asset management company, will bid $20 billion offer for TikTok business in the United States, Australia, New Zealand.

    , TikTok spokesman said the company had not received offer, never come into contact with a potential takeover bid.

    They answered and said: "what is Triller?"

    Said the deal "ridiculous".

    Triller later said, he is directly to the TikTok parent bytes to beat proposed offer, "now we will only deal directly with the bytes to beat chairman".

    Last weekend, the racketeer Triller act ushered in a new upsurge.

    Chairman of the board of directors of the company sahni west 350 employees to the company issued a memo from rhetoric, said TikTok over the past few weeks, a social media campaign to spread negative reports, intentions "hinder Triller growth".

    In the letter, memo, sahni west in general accused TikTok "not by the rules", will also be referred to as "bullying" TikTok behavior.

    At the same time, the memo said the company "has been successfully from TikTok hired a large number of TOP100 creators, they have hundreds of millions of fans, many people have migrated to Triller platform, and exclusive agreement.

    We have a good with a bite out of their business.

    In response, they use power and influence in the media to fight back, trying to destroy our reputation."

    Fox news, however, in the report pointed out that in the trump of TikTok authorities after the crackdown, Tr

    Iller he has started a targeted advertising on social media, to negative news.

    Fox news commentary of the drama is: "who would have thought that short video business can become so dirty?"

    But for all the year round with running Triller, this kind of cheap STH over and over again, at least, can let oneself and TikTok binding in the same context, and even formed a "to the" visual sense, both for the valuation of benefits, especially in the critical moment for listed.

    However, exaggeration and racketeer, most can be "doping" of enterprise growth, limited effectiveness is the devil.

    If you really become a public company, all the details of Triller need in front of all tested, and is it real gold or brass, then.


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