Why don't TikTok just out of the United States?

Why don't TikTok just out of the United States?
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  • Wen financial club Wu Aohan edit | | AI suk TikTok carried exactly why die?

    Moreover, uncertain and used to describe the fate of the TikTok fitting.

    According to the web, citing sources in the Wall Street journal, in late August 1 byte after beating agreed to divest TikTok American business, due to clear on trump, Microsoft has suspended and byte jumpy about buying TikTok American business negotiations.

    According to the Wall Street journal reported earlier, the President of the United States on the "air force one" trump said to the media, "in terms of TikTok, we are going to it shall be prohibited from entering the United States."

    "Don't, TikTok."

    When the sad news of bewildering rate at the same time, TikTok on many up master say goodbye to his fans.

    Figure/visual China there is no doubt that whether be "blocked" or acquisition, for as one of China's most successful sea application TikTok, is a sad ending.

    In addition, there is no better choice?

    On the Internet, from time to time someone asked, TikTok why not take the initiative to quit the American market?

    Critics say, TikTok innocence, choi sin, because it's strong rise in the us market impact the position of "America first", and to move some giant cheese in silicon valley, will be aimed at, if active exit the will of others.

    For any a mature enterprise, however, each a decisions, on commercial considerations will be an important factor.

    In 2017, in order to enter the American market, TikTok parent bytes to beat the beginning has spent 1 billion dollars money acquiring rival, subsequent few years on the marketing campaign is a astronomical figures.

    In the business world, there is investment will pay off, TikTok if active exit the market, its early "is undoubtedly draw water with a sieve."

    Had earlier media reports, the United States investment institutions want to TikTok bid, and gives $50 billion offer, and this is the expected revenue of $1 billion in 2020 to 50 times.

    TikTok, of course, in the overseas market development prospect is huge, no matter how the present methods to evaluate the market value will be underestimated.

    But when it is sitting on a doomed to have no voice to the negotiating table, how to raise their social status, I'm afraid is the priority consideration.

    Besides, byte to beat the shareholder list, such as sequoia capital and trans-atlantic capital group (General Atlantic) are from the United States, they don't give up the development prospect of the huge domestic market.

    In 2019, according to market research firm eMarketer report, TikTok market users rose by 97.5% in the United States, the United States in 2020 users

    Number is expected to reach 45.4 million people, and in 2021, the number will exceed 50 million.

    Other data point, in January 2020, trill and TikTok income totaled $28.6 million, including the United States market proportion is 10.1%, second only to China.

    In fact, in addition to consider on the business level and moral level is TikTok option "hard to carry on" in the United States.

    Previously, TikTok, general manager of the American Vanessa Pappas (Vanessa Pappas) on twitter in response to said trump, TikTok to long-term operation in the United States, "where has no plans to", and plans to create more jobs in the United States.

    Vanessa, said during the outbreak of the new champions league, TikTok provided entertainment for millions of americans, enhance the contact.

    TikTok has been in the United States has 1500 employees, and plans in the next three years to recruit 10000 employees, at the same time will provide a $1 billion fund to support on the platform to share the video creators.

    TikTok if out of the United States, the employees and millions of creator will lose their source of income, which could bring the unemployment rate is gradually rising American society more pressure.

    In addition, lost income will not only is a person, there are numerous and TikTok U.S. companies have signed the contract.

    In May 2019, TikTok and Google signed a three-year deal, promised during the period from the Google cloud services company purchased more than $800 million.

    At that time, a media analysis, said the deal for Google cloud, will be a substantial profits.

    In July 2020, TikTok also with the national music publishers association (NMPA) signed a multi-year agreement, the latter said in a statement, NMPA members through cooperation can choose licensing framework, so that they can benefit from works on into the TikTok.

    TikTok byte has been beating on the land, and profoundly affects American life.

    Since 2017, has over hundred media registered TikTok accounts, in 2019, NBC will propaganda positions from Snapchat TikTok, and a week in the TikTok upload four new content.

    Use TikTok browse and share content, is becoming a young American way of life.

    Data shows that 49% of young americans is TikTok users, each equipped with the average American TikTok opens the software eight times a day, on average every time about 5 minutes, much more than Facebook, sets and Snapchat traditional social software.

    Figure/visual China as the New York times, described in an article "TikTok have true creative culture

    , and was deeply loved by millions of young americans."

    Exit the market, for tens of millions of users will lose a really interesting, sharing platform of life, that is irresponsible behavior.

    So to overtake from product design, as a popular in the world of software, beating byte is how to rely on TikTok pry open the overseas market?

    In the depth of the institute of science and technology Zhang Xiaorong, TikTok are able to achieve today's achievement, the reason is that its products are the underlying drivers and pave the way for "burn money" of the algorithm.

    Have to admit, trill and TikTok is indeed a highly successful product applications.

    According to the Sensor Tower, according to data by the end of April 2020, trill and its overseas edition of the global total downloads have already broke through 2 billion times.

    Another byte according to official figures, beating at the end of 2019 bytes to beat its products on the global active users has exceeded 1.5 billion, covering 150 countries and regions, 75 languages.

    The video on the TikTok generally not more than 15 seconds, and this just physically held the attention of the user before thinking.

    At the same time, TikTok according to user preferences for content recommendation algorithm, and hold fast to the user's interest, which can make the person immersed for a long time.

    "Trill one day, the world has one thousand", Chinese netizens poking fun at just speaks the language of the logic behind this.

    Already "test" in the Chinese market successful recommendation algorithm and preset inline function, and by its "making a fool of" experience, also makes the TikTok in overseas expansion has played a "get twice the result with half the effort" the effect.

    Such as TikTok to provide users with easy operation effects, filter and preset tools such as stickers.

    Third party applications, according to the BBC after analysis company App Annie executive director Paul Barnes, remarked TikTok said, "it formed a set of successful model, the user production content can be made into simple, easy to contact, and has a professional video."

    Look in Barnes, after some hot short video applications, but the user without smartphones outside of the equipment, without a high level of professional skills and excellent acting talent, it is difficult to produce high quality and attractive video.

    "In contrast, TikTok editing function is relatively simple, let original video easier."

    Had earlier media reports said the TikTok users often use TikTok preset functions taken short video, then upload it to Facebook and other social media, this led to the video and photo is popular with "TikTok" watermark tech-oriented, thus forming the user spontaneous marketing effect.

    Harvard business review also had said, TikTok (short term) and the growth of sustainable competitive advantage comes from

    The merger and reorganization of the different categories of products and services.

    In the consumer side, TikTok algorithm by capturing the user's thumb up, review and the time spent on each video to quickly learn personal preferences.

    In the end, the AI can simplify the video editing, and provides the theme music, labels, filters and other popular trend popular beautification function.

    In essence, TikTok has the rearrange the elements of these different technologies and applications, for ordinary people to create a new small and beautiful recreational activities, and records of Facebook to provide real life laundry list.

    Checking TikTok operations of gain and loss, like most of Chinese enterprises, TikTok will also be the first in the southeast Asia market.

    Behind this choice, also has the profound reasons.

    First of all, the local culture barriers are relatively low, outsiders to set aside the opportunity.

    Second, with mobile phone as the representative of Chinese products has taken root in southeast Asia, the local consumer acceptance of Chinese brands is higher than other regions.

    Finally, the expression of the local people have a natural desire, the more provided rich soil for the growth of TikTok.

    Statistics show, in 2019, India to 277.6 million downloads to become TikTok business development of the fastest.

    When into the more emphasis on younger Japanese and Korean markets, TikTok from invited local star house, with star power successfully attracted a large number of young users, thereby rapidly spread in the campus, eventually developing a phenomenal product.

    At the same time, in order to better integration of local culture, TikTok often employ a large number of local employees.

    According to the previously reported of sina science and technology, byte beating a big principle to recruit overseas office employees: namely must have the locals, even Chinese employees need to have local experience in life or study abroad.

    For different markets, TikTok also built their own to different cultural orientation, as its main dance in southeast Asia and other markets and funny, and in Japan and South Korea has a second yuan and editorial content of life, can make it anywhere.

    Figure/visual China such a "grassroots culture" in the United States is still the prevailing social, when people who dressed in civilian clothes, can be seen everywhere on the streets of high school students can taste the taste of night hit on TikTok, more young people saw his shadow on them and opportunities.

    Platform for different from traditional centralized, tend to be large V flow distribution rules, but in front of the algorithm and individual exclusive flow pool TikTok, seemed to be truly "born equal".

    In addition, the New York times published series analysis to explore the reasons for the success of TikTok.

    The article points out that compared with Facebook and twitter traditional social media platforms, TikTok no ads, no news, no network spray and bully

    Ling, "might is the only one who really pleasant existing social networks".

    Version "zhihu" site, in the United States, will have a net friend TikTok's success is attributed to its created a "collective madness" the safety of the atmosphere, the embarrassed "stupid" one side that shows in the social networking site, can release here, because all the wacky make a fool of yourself, no one will feel embarrassed.

    However, in the process of business promotion, low retention rate has also been plagued by TikTok, that it is destined to its sustained investment in funds.

    In November 2017, byte paid 1 billion dollars to complete the short for overseas music video platform himself. Ly.

    The latter was established in 2014, completed by China team research and development, the United States and other overseas market, then have amassed 200 million users.

    After the completion of the acquisition, byte beating himself. User transferred to the TikTok on ly, which won the first mover advantage in traffic.

    A few months later, TikTok installed capacity more than Facebook at a stroke, leaps to the U.S. market first.

    According to The Information previously said, citing people familiar with The news, 2018 bytes to beat expand overseas investing for TikTok, losses of $1.2 billion.

    Among them, beating in 2018 bytes in advertising on Google alone spent more than $300 million.

    TikTok except live on fox's "American Spring Festival gala" twice on the super bowl advertising, also in fox's other pure streaming media advertising space on the promotion, there have been reports that fox convection media advertising long for 30 seconds for 300000-400000 dollars.

    In July 2020, the mail on Sunday according to the British media said, citing people familiar with the TikTok had plans to invest 3 billion pounds, set up the global headquarters in London, although the plan finally stumble, but its on funds investment of large also.

    At the same time, in order to maximize the retain content creators, TikTok flashed out money, too.

    On July 27, according to bloomberg, TikTok has set up a $200 million fund in the United States, will be distributed to some users in the United States, with large Numbers of fans to encourage them to continue to create new content.

    The other, on July 31, the BBC reported TiTok in Europe also took out 70 million set up a special fund, make video creators get higher income at the same time, more actively for content creation.

    But, in general, the success of TikTok more the main reason is captured the market and culture under the background of different users.

    For any enterprise, outstanding product is undoubtedly the most wide moat.

    Depth of the institute of science and technology Zhang Xiaorong tell AI business club,"

    TikTok (original) even start alone, (if) would be able to finance, (results) will also be good ".


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