TikTok change America

TikTok change America
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  • Explain the latest scientific and technological progress, big and small valley there has never been a product from China, so comprehensive, far-reaching impact on the United States - article | Juny edit | Vicky Xiao for the TikTok, just the past 2020 years is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

    In the first half of the sudden outbreak to momentum strong TikToK added a fire, downloads ranks the first in the world, even to refresh the App download record quarterly.

    In the second half, "disable crisis" from the United States, TikTok struggle under the weight, and the fight between the us department of commerce has not yet ended.

    Regardless of the future TikTok in fate of beauty, but what is undeniable is that entering the United States in a short span of three years, this was born in China, young application, has quietly permeate every aspect of American society, and promote the unexpected changes in the various fields.

    | capture Z from generation to generation, make "nature's liberation" binge in the past, if you see the people around suddenly face ferocious, murmured, or start full dance in the crowd, you may feel that the brain has a problem.

    But now, the American people have become accustomed to, because he may just be playing TikTok.

    Now, for many American teenagers, they already disdain to compare their attention Twitter, Facebook, because in their eyes, that is already on a generation of the "outdated" like product, but TikTok is the current trend.

    Generation with "Z" (about 1995-2005 before and after birth)) as a representative of a new generation of young people, find a stage on the TikTok, they don't like to be defined, the pursuit of personalized expression and creation of content is multifarious, all-encompassing.

    They dance is unusual: they can with perfect interactive television they lift them off they would at home house pets in situ scripted play a drama and in addition to various creative video, TikTok's influence also spread all the way from online to offline.

    West orange high school in the United States, students set up the TikTok club, a week to discuss what kind of content more attractive, research how to let oneself TikTok video traffic is higher.

    Every large shops also out a the with TikTok logo clothing, water cup, backpacks and so on.

    And a lot of young people's party, birthday party was also into TikTok theme, everyone in the theme of the black, pink color began to pick up the phone, can't wait to shoot video upload to meet netizens thumb up.

    Figure TikTok peripheral products in the United States and offline why TikTok theme party appeals to young americans have so much?

    With Facebook, the Ins

    "" for the center with the trends of social software, TikTok running rules is completely" to you as the center ", users don't have to see people and things you don't like, not only in one after another 15 seconds in the video continuously explore to the surprise of the unknown, and the optimum generation "Z" short attention span and the characteristics of strong sense of self.

    "TikTok as a safe haven, I think it will be random linked with the rest of the world, I thought I would find strange thoughts and crazy experience, others have, and even more funny than me."

    22 David to silicon star said.

    And this kind of simple and free way of creation and continues to attract more young people in the United States, according to the investigation and research of TikTok, users open the application at least eight times a day on average, browse for more than 15 hours per month.

    Passing by the TikTok "everything can shake, everyone can red" possibility, young people immersed in the United States.

    | "web celebrity welcome the transformation upgrade" and in the business world, the emergence of TikTok broke the original social platform "four foot tripartite confrontation" pattern, and continuously explore new profit model.

    On the one hand, TikTok "wild web celebrity" rapid rise, a strong "share" in the advertising market.

    According to statistics, in 2020 the United States TikToK ranking in the top 20 reds, after more than half are 00.

    Just 17 years old American girl Loren Gray with 35 million fans, thumb up 2 billion times ranked number one, every advertisement income up to 175000 dollars.

    Tiktok influential list in 2020, images from the Online Casinos earlier, the main social media platform in the United States have Facebook, sets, Youtube, Twitter, four old label, and new plant such as Pinterest, Snapchat but these platforms is given priority to with words, pictures, Tiktok is the first flagship short video on the market of social applications, and many social media, on live user fastest breakthrough 1 billion platform.

    In May 2019-11 months less than half a year's time, TikTok platform total advertising has increased by 75 times, in early 2019, TikTok advertising revenue is less than 1% of Facebook and Google combined income, had climbed to a 3-5% in November.

    And accompanied by the user's explosive growth in 2020, the data will only be more remarkable.

    Flow "cash", on the other hand, is more diverse.

    Because of the before social platform in the United States has developed quite mature, single and not enough realizable way way, make the platform

    Genre complex, web celebrity offer a rising tide lifts all boats, to new incoming opportunities.

    But TikTok as a platform for young, more dare, also have the conditions to try different kinds of play.

    Personally end support flow platform.

    TikTok from August 2020 to start the "creator fund", and promise the coming year in the us market at least issued a total of $200 million to conform to the conditions of the creator, the next three years is expected to issue $1 billion.

    Commercial value-added tentacles extending to more fields.

    In addition to conventional ads, web celebrity to take goods, TikTok Shopify online online shopping function with Canadian electrical contractor in the United States opened the video electric business landscape, at the same time the characteristics of short video also let its cooperation with av company make the couple also has a natural advantage, the promotion of singles.

    TikTok also officially launched this year called "TikTok for Business" of the official marketing web site, to help individuals and businesses want to advertise in the TikTok more comprehensive understanding of TikTok advertising forms and processes, and attract more potential buyers and customers.

    Figure Tiktok "one-stop" commercial platform | activities from stage to screen Tiktok not only provides a lot of ordinary people towards a more broad market platform, it is also big stage such as music, drama, film story through short video is presented to the more young people.

    Broadway musical hell archmage (Beetlejuice) "flopped at once, then this drama actor by chance on the TikTok released the song, the unexpected harvest a lot of attention.

    Many young people began to mouth to sing on TikTok Broadway musicals, or to role-play, currently about Beetlejuice browsing, imitate on TikTok has more than 2.5 billion times.

    The influence of the high heat, and with the dramas of Broadway and offline ticket sales followed a boost.

    According to Broadway, and increased more than 54% of people in the audience never online to buy tickets for the theatre, more than 70% of people aged between 19 and 54.

    Two months ago, the famous Broadway producers Seaview announced the Productions produced a musical cooperation with TikTok "ratatouille (Rataouille)", attracts many Broadway actor, composer, writers participate in.

    On January 1 this year, they play on the TikTok completed the premiere, and raised more than $100 for the actor foundation, the next will continue a series of online performance.

    Figure Tiktok produced in cooperation and Broadway musical "ratatouille (Rataouille) in addition to the theater, a lot of musicians also benefit from the Tiktok.

    For example, released in 1983

    Pop songs "Break My Stride in TikTok heat up suddenly, hundreds of thousands of young americans began to sing this song as the background Music, dance, creative, TikTok on more than 600 million times the amount of play this song also to promote the company and Apple Music list.

    After 37 years, let have 67 - year - old original Matthew Wilder accident.

    Now he also register an account on the TikTok, to communicate with his new fans interaction, also in the above often update their latest single.

    Figure Tiktok young people to create the Break My Stride glommed on the old singer, Tiktok don't forget to take the couple.

    Lil Nas X born in the year 1999 in the two years ago is still obscure music small transparent, but by his own original song "Old Town Road, clip into background music on the TikTok, in a wave of change" cowboy "boom sparked the spread of nuclear grade, single play Billboard charts with one action in the United States more than the amount of Maroon5 and Ariana Grande, a well-known singer.

    Like Lil TikTok musicians in the platform has in recent years.

    "TikTok to fill the gaps in Z generation music recommendation, bearing the weight of the future of music promotion", America's top music magazine rolling stone in recent headlines article such comments.

    | be individuals and organizations "microphone" because of TikToK content involves fields widely, easy video production, with the platform of rapid growth of traffic in the past two years, and TikToK influence in the field of social public in the United States.

    During the outbreak of the new champions league, there are a lot of nurses, doctors through the use of TikTok introduces the infection risk of the new champions league, and explain the importance of wearing a mask, and update the latest information on the vaccine.

    Dr Jefferson hospital in Philadelphia Austin Chiang is often on the TikTok release about the new crown virus, parasite related to public health knowledge such as screening, prevention of colon cancer, has more than 350000 fans.

    Figure Austin on tiktok spread medical knowledge, Dr Chiang picture cut from the blog homepage tiktok Lord also for those who live and work took the outbreak hit people opened up a new source of income and exchange platform.

    Launched in April last year, TikTok "donation sticker" function, to allow creators to the United States centers for disease control and prevention foundation, such as the national pta industry charity charity fundraising, fans can through the video and live streaming of the tag links donations to these institutions.

    In social activities

    More kind, transmission, TikTok influence.

    In June 2020, a young users on the TikTok initiative, called on people not to participate in Oklahoma city, a campaign rally trump, immediately received more than 2 million thumb up, eventually lead to less than 40% attendance this meeting.

    Figure in Tiktok called upon by the user, the trump campaign rally low attendance during the general election in the United States, millions of American youngsters gathered in Tiktok watching and discussing the election.

    Some of them are first-time voters, and some are not to the voting age, but on the TikTok, they all speak and initiate action.

    16 Aidan Kohn - Murphy is TikTok "Biden group", the founder of the her with more than 480 creator jointly plan the election night and live on their accounts.

    "My parents sat next to watch TV, but I can real-time interaction with the millions of young people, I feel we are really concerned about the future of America."

    | lifted the us technology company "Copy TikTok" boom finally, back to science and technology.

    If a decade ago, China's Internet is still plagued by imitation and copying, TikTok should be science and technology of China in recent years, products with the most beautiful "turnaround".

    In fact, zuckerberg in a few years ago began to realize that Facebook less attractive problems of teenagers in the United States, he has said publicly that the future social video products will become the mainstream of the market.

    In TikTok2018 began to fully open up the international market power, of the early Facebook acted quickly, in the second half of the year it launched a Lasso almost a copy TikTok applications.

    But compared with TikTok has appeared the viral effect at the time, Lasso right from the start to lose on the starting line.

    Also a video on the TikTok can harvest hundreds of praise and video, and only a few or dozens of on the Lasso, so for users to vote with their feet, Lasso is not attractive.

    Lasso released after a year, 425000, only be installed around the world and TikTok outside China market at the same time be installed 640 million times.

    On July 10, 2020, Facebook formally announced the closure of the Lasso.

    But Facebook on copying TikTok don't lose heart, facing the TikTok ultra-high speed user growth, Facebpok aware of the need to rely on base diversion, influence on promotion, can it be the fast.

    So Facebook in August 2020, at the same time in the United States and other more than 50 countries

    Introduced the embedded in the application on the sets of Reels.

    In addition to Facebook, Google also sit not to live.

    Because of its YouTube and TikTok main products are video, natural and inevitable.

    In September 2020, Youtube launched a short video services Shorts, the functions are added directly under the "creation" of Youtube mobile phone application, its main function is copied TikTok - allows users to make a short period of no more than 15 seconds of music video.

    Reels and YouTube shorts the launch point, can say successively for regulating was in turmoil TikTok "inserted a knife".

    And in regulation and technology giant, under the concerted attack of TikTok the fate of the future are unknown in the us.

    Expression to criticism, however, silicon valley technology giant shanzhai, copying, it also makes China stand in the Internet.

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