TikTok was fake clones!The media bombard

TikTok was fake clones!The media bombard
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  • "TikTok" shanzhai ", "cloning TikTok" by the American media blasted!

    5, the United States face book company, social software sets more than 50 countries around the world to launch a short video application "Reels.

    This is an attempt to squeeze into a short video products of the market, but just one appearance by the American media, labeled "TikTok shanzhai" TikTok "cloning" label.

    Delta CNN: Tik Tok fortress product Reels at the media in the United States: direct cloning TikTok Reels for TikTok (trill) users, Reels look quite familiar.

    Interface, the operation is fine-tuning version of the TikTok, sliding up video stream waterfall with TikTok identical;

    Content, as well as dance, creative, funny, travel, etc.

    00:20 Reels is not a separate application, but a feature that sets a built-in used to create and share a short video.

    In auxiliary users create a short video, Reels and took their cue from the practice of TikTok, variable speed, special effects, such as set a timer and add audio tools.

    Delta two software video creation interface left: Tik Tok right: Reels are highly similar, it's no wonder that the American media will be in "imitation" category Reels.

    Famous, according to a review site connection Wired Reels cloned TikTok all attract the user's elements, including 15 seconds long, rich video editing tools, a large amount of music library, etc.

    Forbes magazine journalist iser (John Koetsier) tries to seek different Reels and TikTok, concluded that "the two software ICONS, navigation, Reels algorithm recommended don't know what I want


    Ironically, he found some video Reels of the lower right corner even with TikTok watermark, is clearly direct "move" in the past.

    Delta Reels on the platform of the video with Tik Tok watermark in the face of plagiarism question, sets a product director robbie Stein Robby Stein) admitted that TikTok paved the way for the prosperity of short video, but he said "no two products are exactly the same."

    This deja vu, because sets in 2016 video sharing features also talked about when the "story" (Stories) in the same way, when the company was accused of copying another video Snapchat social software.

    In fact, the Reels nor attempt to copy TikTok face book for the first time, and the end of the last time is not good.

    Draw a tiger's dog?

    Delta Lasso launched by the media refers to copying Tik Tok, according to the news commentary website Vox as early as in November 2018, TikTok m&a himself to ly and launched in the us soon, facebook is quietly released an app Lasso, like Reels, vertical version posted 15 seconds video and music.

    At the time, said a spokesman for facebook Lasso can share interesting short video, include funny, beauty makeup, fitness and so on, the sound and TikTok makes no difference, but after nearly two years, face book recommendation Reels and almost unchanged.

    Delta short video application Lasso but the Lasso has been tepid, less than two years, and then walk to the end of life.

    Before the formal launch of Reels, facebook closed this short-lived applications.

    Delta users receive notification: Lasso on July 10, shut down after the lesson, gave up the create a facebook

    The idea of separate applications.

    Sets a product team last year in Brazil test Reels, the product owner Shah (Vishal Shah), said the new push a standalone application is flexible, but needs a new audience, so not on the basis of sets of the existing large users to add new video creation and sharing.

    This echoes the last copy Snapchat routines.

    Launched in 2016, sets a predominantly video sharing "story" (Stories), not in addition to build a Snapchat, but copying them on its core function.

    This copy very thorough, even Snapchat trademark "burn after reading" function is the same copy.

    A few months later, sets a day live users beyond Snapchat, this also is regarded as face book one of the most successful plagiarism.

    Delta Snapchat beauty media face turned up and the book the history of "plagiarism" Reels after launch, the us media are turned out of the face of the book of the history of "plagiarism" -- from Snapchat to video conferencing software Zoom, had been a facebook model to follow.

    Vox commentary said, "don't forget to face book with a history of creating generic products.

    The social media giant continually trying to copy its competitors."

    CNN, for facebook, copying Tik Tok products gain any momentum could is both a blessing and a curse.

    Recently, facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg at a congressional hearing by lawmakers questioned whether plagiarism competitors, zuckerberg replied very skills: "of course, we transformed before we develop the function of the others."

    The science and technology media thinks, in other words, in order to make face book remain competitive, zuckerberg acquiescence of plagiarism.

    Delta zuckerberg through attachment

    To attend the congress on antitrust hearing technology columnist JASON o vines (JASON ATEN) to remove the face of the book "halo" innovation, he said: "in addition to size, what else is different face book?

    If you spend all your time by imitating competitors against competition, it's easy to lose the innovation."

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