The United States has "anxiety", what touches the TikTok?

The United States has "anxiety", what touches the TikTok?
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  • American politicians a about Chinese enterprises' "encirclement and suppression", is still in progress.

    U.S. secretary of state, peng palin recently went to the Czech republic, in a speech, he said a thing, the U.S. government is considering expanding the range of administrative commands to use, not only the TiKTok, may also involve other applications in China.

    Earlier, said the executive order is 45 days, it is forbidden for any U.S. person or entity any deal with TikTok and its parent company of China.

    Before the first U.S. secretary of state said peng admire Mr Consider TikTok "block", then the President of the United States ordered bytes to beat selling TikTok business in the United States.

    Under the eyes of "encirclement and suppression" always need some reason, but from beginning to end America's rhetoric is only one: the threat to national security.

    The United States blocked huawei 5 g all the way, is also one of the banner.

    This formula, the United States with a lot of times.

    Listen to the United States say just on the other hand, the key is to look behind the United States nears, the in the mind really in anxiety?

    "National security" words (the United States is the world's "national security" laws of most countries.

    From 1947 to now, the us has been continuously expanded covering the scope of the national security law, foreign investment, information network and so on have been included in the category of national security.

    Scope expands unceasingly, no accurate definition.

    To put it bluntly, feel free to explain.

    America when will generally take out the guise of "national security"?

    International strategic research director at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Xue Li has a pithy summary: the U.S. government has been under the premise that has technical advantages advocated free economy, but under no technical advantage will be emphasis on national security.

    After the second world war, the United States strongly support of Hitachi, Toshiba, kobe, Tokyo telecommunications research institute (that is, the later SONY) are imported technology from the United States, the United States to make a big bonus.

    Japan's economy as a result, two years earlier than the United States have very large scale

    The key technology of integrated circuit, won 50% of the world's semiconductor shares directly.

    Competition and catch up with the subtle timing, affect the hat of "national security".

    After that, the crackdown.

    Japanese semiconductor 100% anti-dumping duty was imposed, pricing will first after the cost accounting.

    Pay attention to the United States jian-qiu li summary 1: when you are weak, is the business partner of the United States.

    You are strong, is the U.S. national security threat.

    "National security" "tiger balm" in the us find things for others.

    TikTok it, too.

    Rhetoric or "national security" in the United States, the reality is TikTok servers in the United States, the data center in the United States and Singapore, all operations team also realized localization.

    Finance minister, said last week to immediately release on TikTok endangering national security investigation report, until now did not even see a shadow.

    Have to go to the central intelligence agency, forced to the Chinese government through mobile applications into the smart phone user information in evidence.

    The other answer is: this is no.

    Even if this does not prevent politicians going her own way.

    Behind this deeper anxiety is the us government.

    The United States in afraid of?

    TikTok business in the United States sell to who?

    The news out of the first is a Microsoft, but trump has different opinions in the government.

    White House trade consultant navarro once in a television interview publicly opposed by Microsoft to take over TikTok, visible "encirclement and suppression" TikTok decision urgently, internal White House had time to reach an agreement for details.

    Presentative only actually, the requirements to sell, sell to who is not important, important is blocked off TikTok development path.

    In reply to the author, the parent of TikTok bytes to beat the path to the United States is clear: the analysis of the American nuclear

    Heart beating the company goal is to kill the whole bytes, stop bytes to beat has become a global company.

    Let us fear, is TikTok overwhelming downloads and market share in the United States.

    Longtime Internet companies out of venture capital practitioners hu YuFan found that short video TikTok social patterns, and also on the formation of a native American's traditional social media dimension reduction.

    Facebook and twitter, is based on the image and text is given priority to, YouTube is also a main long video, video software, TikTok abroad to develop a short video of the new circuit.

    According to the way of America's most proud of free competition, Internet companies and high-tech companies in the United States has failed to defeat the TikTok.

    The gas should be to face book, out of the three consecutive imitation plagiarism TikTok for standard products, all failure;

    A Lasso, announced in 2018 efforts for a year, fewer than 500000 downloads.

    The contrast, the United States is not used.

    When used to overlord, can not bear others progress.

    Find free competition, no pride of overhand intervene directly.

    First has technical advantages in the field of 5 g huawei, in June 2012, congress house of representatives intelligence committee in China as the center to investigate, for the first time the United States for a crackdown on China for 8 years, such as fire stew.

    Slander is not enough, the United States this year also lobbying Allies, even coerced, directly to the UK some countries stood to choose between China and the United States, at the end of July, the United States announced "results", 24 carriers loaded "clean" 5 g network plan, named don't use Chinese 5 g equipment such as huawei.

    After 5 g, followed by suppressed with advanced technology of Internet businesses such as TikTok algorithm.

    Within a month, all kinds of means such as flurry.

    "Sanctions" later, the same or fanning, curtain.

    Go to the Czech republic, said foreign issues, but took the opportunity to Ti

    KTok dark chuo chuo to boot.

    There is a detail, peng admire Mr This before I go to the Czech republic, specifically praised the Czech republic has chosen only allow "clean" operators to participate in the 5 g network construction.

    Woo is too obvious.

    Why is it so holding the United States?

    Now, the world's 20 major Internet companies, 13 in the United States, China seven;

    The world's top 10 unicorn enterprises, China's six, four in the United States.

    See in the eye, nasty in the heart.

    Once the United States is ahead in the field of Internet, the emergence of the TikTok is on a large monopoly pry open an incision was made.

    The cut, unveiled the American liberalism the emperor's new clothes.

    The so-called freedom, is a cover, the back is hegemony thought that the robber.

    Suppression of TikTok, oneself guilty in the United States, is also true the United States in the United States opposed to imagine.

    Mission impossible for TikTok, but beyond the TikTok.

    Hiding behind the farce, attempt to more extreme.

    Secretary peng admire Mr In 5, declared "clean network plan", claims to "purify" the United States of operators, app store, applications, cloud storage and cable, will China out of the enterprise, to build a think "clean" network in the United States.

    In the future, in other words, without China's APP on your mobile phone in the United States, the United States is trying to block in all China's Internet companies to the U.S. market, the global Internet market segmentation.

    "Is almost a mission impossible".

    This is the reaction of the international media is consistent.

    From the perspective of function department, Xue Li directly to debunk the "trick" : it is a kind of American propaganda strategy, five assumptions, the U.S. state department no one has the authority to do so.

    In fact, the function of the state department is mainly responsible for foreign affairs, is responsible for the foreign strategy of the United States.

    Obviously, limit the submarine cables, cloud storage industries such as policy level, the state department.

    Peng's Mr In the process of speech

    Also constantly mentioned, to realize his vision, only by convincing the federal communications commission and other departments.

    To put it bluntly, this idea into a real policy is far way to go.

    Peng's President also said in congressional testimony last week, to construct the anti-china "the situation is not ideal" of the united front.

    May be all talk, but this does not hinder us continue to crazy.

    Since early smear, the abuse of "national security", trying to "decoupling" science and technology, to crack down on Chinese enterprises, disrupt the global industrial chain, some American politicians have walked into a circuit.

    The only way to wake up in the United States is rational.

    On Aug. 7, TikTok made clear in the latest response, ignoring the fact that the U.S. government, don't make decisions follow the due process of law terms of the agreement, if the us government cannot give fair treatment, they will resort to the court.

    In the TikTok articles a day earlier, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the central office of foreign affairs committee director Yang in a signed article made it clear: the United States should stop bullying on Chinese enterprises, business investment in China to provide a fair, open and non-discriminatory environment.

    Crazy behind suppress TikTok, impression in the minds of living in the United States, is quietly.

    The United States based on free market principles of fair trade and maintain the image of the international market stability was broken, see in the eye of global capital.

    "China will be calm and rational in the face of the impulse and anxiety".

    This is China's manifesto, he let him cross, the bright moon river.

    America's "anxious" may have ten million kinds of reason, but may also be trapped by the United States.

    We are going to do, or cool.

    The United States, and see him dance.

    (source: the communist youth league central)

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