TikTok captured the United States

TikTok captured the United States
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  • "There is no any potential buyers or investors want to alienate - TikTok 165 million users in the United States."

    "Good-bye, Tiktok."

    Today, from the end of July to disable, stripping, stripping suspended...

    The news of the "overseas edition trill" TikTok sorry tale, in the platform, there have been many UP embed a farewell video.

    TikTok stuck in American business.

    On July 31, according to foreign media reports, TikTok will disable the news in the United States;

    August 1, according to people familiar with the matter, it is TikTok to buy American business negotiations with byte to beat;

    Today (August 2), the Wall Street journal reported that Microsoft temporarily gave up.

    Red star news reporter noticed that launched three years, TikTok has been in the United States has 165 million young users.

    Globally, there are 800 million active users, the number has been used as Facebook, Twitter, sets, etc.

    After losing and now, the Indian market, bytes are facing greater crisis.

    From the world to come to an abrupt end TikTok is disabled, the Microsoft "take over" tall trees catch much wind.

    Trill in the domestic market in full swing, and TikTok in the extent of the global boom, has been far beyond our imagination.

    According to research firm Sensor Tower of the world's 2020 in the first half of the APP list, TikTok to 626 million downloads ranked first in the world;

    Look at income, trill and TikTok worldwide in the App Store and Google Play taking in more than $90.7 million, 8.3 times that of last June, once again topped the global mobile applications (the game) the income list.

    Downloads are still behind in the fast-growing, TikTok global MAU's 800 million active users (month), the number has been on a par Facebook, Twitter, sets and other applications.

    Match the world by storm TikTok, known as "overseas edition trill" TikTok also beginning in 2019, "overseas online shopping" in the global scope, from the big Internet companies looking for talents to form a team, ready to real rock - in May this year, Disney's chief executive, streaming media Kevin Mayer (Kevin Mayer) to resign from the post of Disney, join TikTok, former chief executive officer;

    In June last year, Facebook vice President of global Blake Chandlee also announced in their own social platform, has joined the byte beating, new position is TikTok global vice President of commercial business;

    YouTube subscription business project director Stefan Heinrich, YouTube

    The global creative director Vanessa Pappas, warner music group, a former senior executive Ole Obermann, former Microsoft chief intellectual property counsel Erich Andersen...

    From the business sector to the functional departments, between one-year TikTok executives in a lot more "foreign faces".

    But behind all this, yi-ming zhang want to beat bytes become a truly international Internet giant, the "ambition" of globalization is obvious.

    However, all this at the end of the July is press the pause button.

    Local time on July 30, the President of the United States Donald Trump (Donald Trump) announced that it would ban TikTok business in the United States;

    Beijing time on August 1, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has been involved in the negotiations to acquire TikTok American business, evening, more reports that Microsoft will "take over" TikTok business in the United States, or renamed as "Microsoft Teens.

    Beijing time on August 2, the plot has "inverted" : this morning, the Wall Street journal reported that Microsoft temporarily abandoned consultation;

    Subsequently, TikTok, general manager of the American Vanessa pappas earlier then on twitter responded that TikTok to long-term operation in the United States, "where has no plans to", and plans to create more jobs in the United States.

    TikTok, general manager of the American Vanessa pappas tweeting video figure according to CCTV news, although everything is uncertain, but there is no doubt that TikTok was on my way "sailed" experiencing a difficult moment of waves.

    Rather than talking about "disable" let us first take a look at why trill the overseas edition of the popular night, on August 1, "the central commission for discipline inspection site" by state prison officer micro released video "TikTok are disabled? Look at why trill the overseas edition of the popular".

    TikTok video is generally not more than 15 seconds, some excellent creators can create video with 59 seconds long.

    This video belong to different subjects, such as music, cooking, dance, and fashion, etc.

    "Let people can fully express themselves, embrace their own, accept their own, and communication with others."

    "It completely triggered all the resonance of the Indian young man."

    In a video interview, TikTok easy operation interface, personalized recommendation has been overseas users thought is its popular reason.

    Red star news reporter noted that the "world first" video APP now, actually online but also for 3 years.

    In the summer of 2017, TikTok international version online.

    The official announced it will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to help the trill to sea.

    Japan is the first stop, in November of that year's rise to Japan for free downloads a list of the first, users reached 20 million.

    In November 2017, byte beating with 1.1 billion yuan to buy the same track video APP himself. Ly, too

    The 200 million young overseas users.

    As additional conditions, in order to be able to purchase it, beating byte CEO yi-ming zhang also move spend 86.6 million dollars to buy the cheetah's News Republic, and Live to another enterprise. The me 50 million dollars.

    Also bid quickly because of conditions attached to hesitate, but missed the company.

    Himself. Ly after the completion of the acquisition, the rapid docking beating the byte at the core of distributed machine learning platform, originally simple video platform to get the addition algorithm, the function of "personalization" found their way into the upgrade.

    Subsequently, mergers and acquisitions upgraded TikTok on a global scale.

    Japan, the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Germany, France and Russia...

    Since 2017, TikTok repeatedly boarded the local App Store or Google Play list first.

    After three years now, TikTok has reached the world's 800 million MAU levels.

    And achieve this number, YouTube has spent six years, Instragram spent seven years, Facebook has spent 12 years.

    Launched the "house of CARDS" black mirror "and other popular video of the play site Netflix (Netflix) also results in the second quarter of this year's first mentioned TikTok shareholder letter, as a rival of serious concern.

    Open letter wrote: "the growth of TikTok shocking, this reflects the liquidity of Internet entertainment."

    Leave byte beating TikTok these companies eyeing than is completely banned, Reuters reported that a compromise solution is, byte beat agreed stripping TikTok American business.

    That is to say, the TikTok as a byte to beat this part of the assets, capital acquisitions by the United States.

    According to Reuters news agency reported previously, the most likely "flange" company is Microsoft.

    According to reports, sources said, bytes will completely quit, Microsoft will take over in a $50 billion valuation TikTok business in the United States, and some of the headquarters in the United States of bytes beat investors may have the opportunity to obtain a minority stake in the business.

    But according to the latest news, the Wall Street journal quoted sources as saying that Microsoft and bytes to beat to sell its U.S. business for the "high-level talks", but Donald trump has said against the deal.

    Reported that trump told reporters Friday that he would prefer to prohibit TikTok and does not support the business for sale, this let Microsoft acquisition negotiations impasse with byte to beat.

    Microsoft's takeover talks suspended figure according to CCTV news "the two companies are trying to find out the position of the White House."

    According to the report.

    In addition to want to buy TikTok Microsoft, the two big Internet giant facebook and Google has been felt

    The threat of the TikTok.

    In June this year, Google's YouTube began testing a similar to TikTok 15 seconds video function;

    In July, facebook's sets officially released the Reels, the same is similar to TikTok function of video sharing platform.

    The web, Facebook founder zack burke is starting in September of last year, in a speech at Georgetown university, speech several times roll against TikTok;

    A few days ago, when Facebook, apple, Google, amazon four technology giants in the congress of the United States antitrust hearings, Facebook founder mark zuckerberg also repeatedly stressed TikTok "risk".

    "There is no any potential buyers or investors want to alienate - TikTok 165 million users in the United States."

    "Bloomberg" the commentary said.

    The fate of the disabled or acquisition, TikTok is still to the unknown.

    A tiger in a number of technology companies in the United States, beating out bytes can hold the dominance of the short video sharing platform, also don't know.

    Anyway, this is all bytes to beat after losing the Indian market, "internationalization" and a big obstacle.

    Domestic business transfer listed valuation has amounted to $100 billion ban storm is not flat, but on the other side, trill, TikTok beating listed parent company bytes news came again.

    This is from the spin off listing plan: domestic business spin-off listing in Hong Kong or Shanghai, is more likely to be in Hong Kong, the expected business value is as high as $100 billion.

    Beating the bytes in July 31 afternoon said publicly that "to market rumors, declined to comment.

    According to the wind enterprise library, byte to beat since 2012, has gone through nine rounds of financing, suitable for capital, sequoia capital, softbank China venture capital at home and abroad such as curry.

    But the last time in March this year financing, byte beat valuations at $100 billion.

    "Given the company citic securities research report said, in a short video and unique position and competitiveness in the field of AI content delivery, along with the company's continued growth, beating byte is expected to be on a par value of ali, tencent billions of dollars."

    Sealand securities research report that, from the PS (pin, total market capitalization/sales revenue) or PE (p/e ratio, price/earnings per share) perspective, byte to beat the valuation will be higher.

    To tencent of PS 2019 for nine times to calculate, byte beating if can achieve up to $200 billion in 2020, corresponding to the market value of up to 1.8 trillion yuan.

    And if the $100 billion valuation calculation, I find, according to data on July 31, according to the closing price, byte can beat the market value of among Hong Kong companies in the 11th.

    Second only to alibaba, tencent, industrial and commercial bank, China's ping an, China construction bank, Meituan

    , China mobile, agricultural bank, China merchants bank and aia.

    On 31 July afternoon, "bytes to beat China business listing" message again let byte stocks boiling.

    Caesar culture, legg mason, universal printing, etc. 11 bytes stocks only harden.

    Among them, the province wide group, gravitation media, broad co, Chinese online 4 bytes stocks such as straight line in the afternoon to harden.

    Red star journalist Xu Yuan YuYao editor Bai Zhaopeng (download red star news, source prize!)


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