After India, the United States, Japan, Australia also limits TikTok?TikTok faces an uncertain future

After India, the United States, Japan, Australia also limits TikTok?TikTok faces an uncertain future
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  • The latest blockbuster news: according to reports, the President of the United States, said Donald trump (DonaldTrump) TikTok must sell on September 15 or close business in the United States.

    He said on Monday: "I don't mind is Microsoft or other companies - a big company, a security company, a very American company - buy it.

    Unless Microsoft or other companies to buy it, and a suitable deal for the U.S. Treasury Department to get a large sum of money, otherwise it will be closed on September 15."

    Early in Beijing time on August 1, night, there are people familiar with the news that the trump made it clear that he has decided to ban after TikTok, byte beating has agreed to fully divested TikTok business in the United States, in order to avoid the White House would TikTok completely banned in the United States.

    Sources said the bytes to beat had earlier tried to in the United States TikTok holds a minority stake in the business, but were refused by the White House.

    According to the new proposed deal, bytes will completely quit.

    And in the evening of August 2nd, byte to beat the official account released, according to the dynamic byte beating face difficulties, such as a disgrace Facebook but still stick to vision of globalization.

    Words, since this year, trill international edition is mixed in the overseas development!

    On the one hand, TikTok global downloads broke through 2 billion, received a large number of overseas users alike.

    In overseas countries, on the other hand, also started to TikTok adopted restrictions.

    The huge influence of TikTok in overseas markets, according to statistics, in the year to may, TikTok global downloads on the App Store and Google Play more than 2 billion times.

    More surprisingly, it in just five months, from 1.5 billion to 2 billion downloads!

    Have to say that the outbreak has a great role for TikTok.

    A data table

    Ming, TikTok latest users surge appeared during the outbreak, in this period of time, people are keen on shopping, work, mobile phone almost all daily interaction and communication is completed with the help of a mobile terminal and the Internet.

    In February 2020, TikTok become downloads of the nation's largest gaming APP, installed capacity of 6.5 million, up 71% from a year earlier.

    From the perspective of the user geographical distribution of downloads, India, the United States accounts for a larger market share.

    As of May 2020, TikTok lifelong was downloaded 611 million times in India, accounting for 30.3% of the global total downloads;

    The installed capacity of 165 million, accounting for 8.2% of the global total.

    In the first half of 2020 time, TikTok roll, only in the first quarter of this year was downloaded over 315 million times, higher than any applications around the world.

    Even the onward march of Facebook can stop it.

    TikTok was "encirclement and suppression" in overseas markets, however, since the second half of this year, TikTok overseas development is often limited, countries are beginning to TikTok laid hands on him!

    For a while, TikTok worldwide in the plight of the embattled!

    1, India in the sino-indian border conflict occurred shortly after the government announced a ban 59 App from China, including TikTok.

    Late July 2, the United States, the United States senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee voted republican senator Josh Hawley proposed the ban on government equipment use TikTok act.

    3, Japan recently, Japan's liberal Democratic Party members in order to prevent the "user information" as the reason, proposed legislation restricting TikTok, APP, even to the banking system, China's development will be limited by law, the main purpose is to avoid the data by the Chinese

    The government used.

    4, Australia trump to consider "in the United States to disable the TikTok" message, Macao anti-china politicians and demanded the same action.

    Local time on August 2, the Australian broadcasting corporation (ABC), Australia's prime minister, Morrison has directed intelligence agencies investigate whether TikTok security threat to the country, and the federal government and the ministry of the interior is related to investigation.

    If really can disable TikTok, Japan and Australia still in internal discussion, has not final conclusion is given.

    In fact, the United States and India's government announced a ban TikTok much political move, was forced to withdraw from the market today TikTok without Facebook founder zack burke's "help", rather than the United States worry TikTok leaked user information in the United States, wants to use political means to crack down on China than APP, in order to support the development of local social platform.

    India is also very good to understand the reason for the TikTok laid hands on him, the conflict between China and India since the incident, the Indian domestic anti-chinese sentiment, many made in China have been smashed burned, TikTok was banned more "angry" consequences.

    And Australia and Japan suddenly decided to limit TikTok, a large part of the reason is that in order to show his "loyalty" to the United States.

    If Japan and Australia began from the TikTok, then for its own TikTok user first of all, it is difficult to accept, after all, TikTok markets in Japan and Australia has a large user group, in addition, their friendly relations with China is bound to be affected by a certain degree.

    As to the United States, TikTok CEO Kevin mayer on July 29, said in a blog post, if lost TikTok, America will reduce a lot of the choice of advertisers, social media competition will be weakened at the same time,

    Originally TikTok is expected to create 10000 new jobs for America.

    TikTok users?

    Under the national "encirclement and suppression", TIkTok how about future, it is difficult now.

    Now, in addition to TikTok and a focus of concern is that the TikTok platform of existing users where.

    TikTok as a mobile short video APP, the main leisure entertainment, user groups from all over North America, east Asia is in itself a level of billions of dollars the Internet platform, is China's most successful "sea enterprise", have great potential for development.

    But also because of this, a lot of social media companies to TikTok large user volume, especially Facebook and sets.

    Analysis of the personage inside course of study, under the situation of TikTok is suppressed, Facebook, Google, amazon, Netflix, such as the native American Internet company or will benefit from it.

    TikTok, after all, before being blocked in India, is as high as 120 million active users, within a few hours after being blocked, TikTok competitors Roposo server has been registered in new users to flooded.

    And one of the main rival Facebook already tempted, TikTok early in mid-july, Facebook is planning in the United States and other more than 50 countries launched a short video application sets Reels (similar to the TikTok popular music in the form of a short video).

    If America really kill the TikTok, then America's trill user will be transferred to them a probability Reels.

    Looked to countries, but also to face the impact of short video platform TikTok overseas road is difficult

    , hope TikTok through this service, can survive!


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