What's the relationship between trill and Tiktok?

What's the relationship between trill and Tiktok?
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  • Said to trill this short video applications, believe that users should be familiar with smart phones have, not only can watch on it to the creation of other creators, can also be involved, became an APP for young and old, but when it comes to Tiktok, believes that many people don't know him.

    Trill and Tiktok are same byte beats products, trill geared to the needs of the domestic market, while the Tiktok focuses on overseas markets, has no difference, its function is loved by the user's short video application APP, and users are also very large.

    In trill APP users can upload video, pictures, and music editor, to share his life, creativity, and then according to other users to watch, thumb up and the quantity of comments exclusive algorithm promotion, let each person has a chance to become a "web celebrity", but also can open a live and fans to share their life.

    Tiktok in function the same as the trill, but according to the policies of different countries and regions, the features and the repository will have deviation, but the main body function is very consistent.

    Followed by two software account and data exchange, is also looking forward to the follow-up can realize the merger of two software, bring more diversified experience!


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