TikTok field: how to add English dubbing your video

TikTok field: how to add English dubbing your video
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  • Play tiktok to ask for a high level of English and the answer is not required, as long as you use translation software, even the 26 English letters are not all has nothing to do.

    Friend is in the process of build their original account also want to give their own video with English voice acting, but do your English level is just so so and is spoken language, are so full of Chinese pronunciation, said that foreigners will not pay.

    That how to our video with pure English voice acting? Believe that everyone in the process of brush tiktok brush to a lot of video is a English voice acting?

    That we also want to such a voice, the specific how to do.

    That today small course is to teach you how to give their own video and English dubbing.

    Steps # 1, open the tiktok click 】 released video of your import into tiktok video material.

    2, select subtitle function will be translated copy paste up ahead of time, click the finish button 3, click again after the subtitles appear three options, select the first (Text - to - researched), we can also choose different types of voice oh so that you can succeed to English subtitles are translated into English dubbing friends to operate well that if you have not understand place or have other questions, also welcome to comment in the comment area, small air will give you answer.


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