Six methods of downloading YouTube videos

Six methods of downloading YouTube videos
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  • The self-media industry continues to heat up in 2019, how to make more people pay attention to and gain more fans, this is what self-media people care about most, so it is very important to select the material
    As the largest video website in the world, YouTube covers a wide range of areas, such as news, education, life, music, etc
    , which can meet the material needs of different people
    For the sake of sharing points, sharing funny videos will make you look interesting, sharing knowledge videos will make you look educated, and sharing popular topic videos will make you look IN
    YouTube has been running for more than a decade, with billions of video content, including product reviews, Vlog, makeup tutorials, entertainment programs, language courses and funny videos, etc
    , completely dominating the online media video market
    No matter what you need, there is always something on YouTube that can meet your needs
    Nearly 10 million videos are watched on YouTube every day, attracting more and more content producers to join the video creation industry
    And YouTube can grasp the hot trend, let the brand video keywords as close to popular keywords as possible, and improve the probability of sharing
    YouTube's popular series of videos are all popular because one of the videos has attracted a large number of users and made the whole series popular
    There are so many excellent videos on YouTube, there are always some videos that you are interested in, and you want to use them as your own material or watch them offline on your computer, so we need to download these videos, but YouTube itself does not support video downloads, so how can we download the videos we need? Today we will briefly talk about several tools for downloading YouTube videos
    Method 1
    Think4V UtubeDownThink4V UtubeDown is a YouTube video download software that can download videos from YouTube and other major websites
    It seems simple, but it has all kinds of functions needed to download videos
    The most important thing is to support downloading standard definition, high definition and ultra-definition videos from YouTube, such as 720p, 1080p, 4K and 8K resolution
    In addition, its advantages are simple page, simple operation, easy to use, support for downloading multiple different videos at the same time, support for downloading YouTube own, automatic generation and automatic translation of subtitles, support for YouTube video conversion into MP3 audio, and Think4V UtubeDown is just a video download software, without any advertising, without any bundled software
    Just search for Think4V UtubeDown, by Baidu and click in, and then download and install the YouTube video
    Open youtube to find what you want to downloadCopy the video address 3
    Open the software and click the paste link button in the software to download the YouTube video 4
    When the software parses the video, the parsing may be a little slower, and after the parsing is completed, you can choose the definition of the video, download speed, save format, download path and so on
    Finally, click download to download YouTube video download 5
    Next, the software will download the video and watch it when the download is completed
    The software provides YouTube list download, de-watermarking and other tools to facilitate post-processing YouTube video download method 2
    Website download 1
    Open youtube to find the video you want to download and copy the video address 2
    Open the website in the picture, paste the video address into the location in the picture, then click start, and you can download it after a while, as shown in figure YouTube video download method 3, plug-in download 1
    Using Google browser, open the chrome App Store, search for: Tampermonkey, and click to add to ChromeYouTube video download 2
    After the installation is complete, there will be an extra plug-in icon on the right side of the chrome address bar
    Install script YouTube video download left-click the plug-in icon, and select: get new script 4 from the pop-up menu
    Click openUserJS, and then open the link YouTube video download 5
    Search: download youtube as mp4 and find Download YouTube Videos as MP4, in the results and click YouTube video to download 6
    Click the install installation script YouTube video to download 7
    Click install to complete the installation of YouTube video download 8
    Open a video in YouTube, the download button will appear in the player, left-click the download button, select the resolution, you can download YouTube video download 9
    After the download is completed, you can find the downloaded video in the chrome download Center (Ctrl+J)
    Fourth, WinX YouTube DownloadeWinX YouTube Downloade is a YouTube video download software suitable for Windows platform
    WinX has a dynamic analyzer, and WinX allows users to download videos from more than 300 online video sites
    The software has a simple interface and easy operation, as it advertises: just manually copy and paste the YouTube video link, select the download resolution, and the application will be able to view theDownload it offline frequently
    Its advantage is that it is compatible with many popular video websites, it is easy to operate, and it supports downloading YouTube HD and UHD videos into MP4 files
    The disadvantage of WinX is that it does not support multi-thread download and can not download subtitle files
    YouTube video download tool method 5, ClipGrab I would like to recommend another YouTube video download software is ClipGrab
    ClipGrab is a free software, although this is a free downloader, but be careful when installing this application, because it has some bundled software, such as Opera browsers, so try to avoid installing software you don't need
    In addition to bundling advertising software, ClipGrab is a very good video download tool in general because it provides a full range of YouTube download capabilities
    You can download YouTube videos directly using links copied from YouTube, or you can search for videos with keywords because it has a built-in browser
    It also has a proxy setting function, just enter the IP address and port number, and the proxy is configured successfully
    ClipGrab can not only easily download video, but also extract audio from YouTube video and save it as a MP3 file
    It can download multiple videos at the same time, and can restore interrupted videos, allowing users to search for YouTube videos from its built-in search bar, which is much more convenient
    YouTube video download tool method 6
    Clip ConverterClip Converter is an online website downloader, which can be downloaded without installing desktop software
    It supports downloading multiple resolution videos, from 480p, 720p, 1080p to 2K, 4K, 8K, and can be used without registration
    Compatible with all commonly used browsers, you cannot download videos containing music, especially those with Vevo tags
    You can download videos above 1080p, but do not support downloading high frame rates such as 60fps
    YouTube video download tool No matter which download tool we use, we will have corresponding advantages and disadvantages
    , WinX YouTube Downloade operation is very simple, and it also supports high-definition video download, but does not support multi-threading and subtitle download
    ClipGrab is a free software, although free, but it has bundled software, so you must be careful when installing
    Clip Converter can be used without registration and supports downloading videos with multiple resolutions, but if you download videos with a resolution of 1080p or above, there will be only images but no sound
    Personally, I still prefer Do
    OseenTubeDown this download software, although you need to download and install special desktop software to use, but its advantages are also obvious, such as easy to operate, easy to use, support for downloading multiple videos at the same time, the most important thing is to support 1080p and above HD, ultra-clear video download
    There are six ways to download YouTube video: downloading the website is a bit troublesome, and you have to jump to other websites to download it, and these websites are all foreign, and the download speed is very slow
    If you have a requirement for download speed, this method is not very appropriate
    Plug-in downloading is very convenient and can be downloaded directly in the YouTube player, but many videos cannot be downloaded, probably due to network reasons, and website downloads and plug-in downloads do not support downloading software for videos above 1080p in high definition
    The advantage is obvious
    It supports downloading videos above 1080p, and the download speed is OK, but it is a fee-based software, but it can be used free of charge during the trial period
    Of course, I think it is acceptable for the software to provide us with quality service and we pay for the software
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