30 Internet platforms worth collecting, Quora, Facebook, YouTube ...

30 Internet platforms worth collecting, Quora, Facebook, YouTube ...
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  • It is said that almost all Internet products in China, including Zhi, blog, QQ, beautiful shoot, post, know, etc.

    , plagiarism abroad.

    But do you really know if they are plagiarism, or who plagiarizes which product? Then come and take a look at the contrast of many similar function products I have collected: Reddit: Similar to Baidu Post Bar Reddit mainly pays attention to social news, and standing on the front of the Internet, belonging to the forum community.

    The overall quality will be higher than the post.

    Quora: Similar to the known quora, it is not necessary to say, it is simply a nasal ancestor.

    And more pure, pay more attention to knowledge, less known float and marketing ingredients.

    Tumblr: Similar to NetEase Loftertumblr is both focusing on expressing, focusing on social, and paying attention to personalization settings, these two are similar.

    Facebook: Similar to everyone and QZONE famous Facebook don't have to say, the domineering of the social world, and the development is getting more and more comprehensive VINE: similar to the beauty and second shot SnapChattwitter: Similar to Weibo's main functions have not much difference, Mainly a difference in localization.

    YouTube: Similar to Youku Potato Vimeo: Similar to the v movie DAILYMOTION: Similar to the A, B station IMDB: Similar to Time and Douban Movie GoodReads: Similar to Douban Read 9gAG: Similar to the Encyclopedia and Best Wikipedia: Similar to Baidu There are also some websites and products that combine a variety of product features: 1.

    News media 1.

    Buzzfeed-media industry subverstrists, the most wonderful content creators in history 2.

    The Huffington Post- Hefington Post News, the most famous __ blog site 3.

    Business Insider-the largest commercial media in the United States 4.

    The Verge-One of the most popular technology media, the resources tool 1.

    pexels-free high quality picture network 2.

    canva - Online Graphics Design Platform 3.

    Pirate Bay - The World's largest BT seed server 4.

    Kickasstorrents-the world's largest pirated movie, TV series and music sharing website, of course, there are still many excellent websites and products, there is no excavation, have the opportunity, I will Buy more product introductions with similar services.

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