Such a high-quality NetEase cloud music is what you want?

Such a high-quality NetEase cloud music is what you want?
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  • With the continuous strengthening of copyright awareness in recent years, the domestic music flow platforms gradually move towards the road to subscribe, spending a lot of copyright to buy music, and grab the number of users.

    A long time ago, we can find almost all music resources in Cool Dog Music, but now domestic music resources are almost monopolized by QQ music and Netease cloud music, and only one music software may no longer meet many users' listening needs.

    Shrimp Music is the launch of the brutal competition of the music platform.

    I usually use the most foreign Spotify.

    The advantage is that it is only focused on listening, the tariff is cheap (Philippine, 20 yuan / quarter) and the song is fast.

    But its disadvantage is that the sound quality is poor and there will be no resources in China.

    Want to listen to some domestic online songs, or need to use QQ music or Netease cloud music to assist in use.

    So this, I am looking for a software that combines QQ music and Netease cloud music, and there is no social function in so many flowers, only focusing on the music itself.

    Looking for a long time, I finally discovered a high-quality third-party network, Yiyun client that was perfect in compliance with me: YesplayMusic function opened the door, I really like this software look.

    Since I usually use YouTube's music software YouTube Music desktop, when I look at YesplayMusic's UI is completely unfamiliar.

    ▲: YESPLAYMUSIC under: YouTube Music and Apple Music The layout of the module is the layout of the system, the system is outstanding; the recommendation of the different songs (the default will recommend the Apple Music song list, you can turn it off in the settings in the settings); completely Redundancy features, support system-level Dark Mode / Light Mode synchronization and view song quori control words.

    As a third-party network Easy Cloud client, this software supports the NetEase cloud music account, read the ive list information saved by the user, but also supports direct playing MV, etc.

    In terms of sound quality, users can select song default sound quality in the settings: A common (128kbps), high (192kbps), high (320kbps), and lossless (FLAC) four gear selection.

    Since the lossless sound quality is the exclusive of Netease Cloud Close, I also use a non-VIP account for testing, and the account is also optionally non-destructive sound quality, but it is not clear whether it can listen to the FLAC sound quality song without VIP.

    YESPlayMusic can also be used in conjunction with the Touch Bar of MacBook Pro to perform operations such as switched playback.

    There are also a variety of custom settings in the settings, which can be adjusted according to the requirements.

    The authors of the Song library said that yesplaymusic integrates the UNBLOCKNETEASEMUSIC plugin, which automatically uses QQ / Cool / Cool, I amportable to the sound source, which is equivalent to combining China's large platforms all non-exclusive sound sources, as for specific What songs have to be known.

    However, it is essentially a NetEase Cloud client, so it is like some other music platform exclusive resources, and it is still not listening on this software.

    Take the album Divide of the English singer Ed Sheeran as an example.

    This album needs to subscribe to VIP to listen on QQ music and Netease cloud music, so it will be gray on YESPlayMusic.

    (Unless to subscribe to Netease Cloud Music VIP) Jay Chou's album, because Netease Cloud Music has no resources for Jay Chou songs.

    Summary This software is open source on Github, supports three platforms for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

    Personally, the biggest advantage of this software is to remove many people's "Netsuble" social function to software, giving users a more refreshing user experience.

    The interface of NetEase cloud music is very complex, it is a function of temporarily not recommending songs based on listening habits.

    YESPLAYMUSIC | Recommended Index: ★★★ Advantages: - Appearance UI fresh and simple, and system allocation - no social function - software fluency is better than official APP - there is still a habitual recommendation song function - UI adaptation still needs to be improved (Windows) More Mac software, please pay attention to 'Future Software Park'

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