YouTube takes action to combat pirated tutorials, streaming media ripping and cheating video

YouTube takes action to combat pirated tutorials, streaming media ripping and cheating video
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  • Recently, Google has submitted a domain name dispute case to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), involving assisting people from Youtube to download audio and video stream quotations.



    In the recently sent to the British government, streaming media platform YouTube classs Google's behavior into anti-piracy.

    In the same letter, YouTube also pointed out that it is taking action against pirated tutorials and cheating video.

    The music industry can get millions of dollars in Youtube every year, but the platform also brings a threat.

    For example, streaming media rip tools are considered the largest pirated threat, and the music industry organization has repeatedly requested YouTube to take action on these services.

    At the same time, YouTube is full of pirated tutorials and operational guides.

    If people want to learn how to illegally download or through streaming, there is a large number of teaching video to watch, and we will watch millions of times a week.

    Google and YouTube did not discuss these issues, but in fact, various measures were actually taken, for example, to intercept the stream of media recorders, which led to the "cat and mouse" game continued to stage.

    YouTube informs the British Parliament in a document submitted to the British Division Subscription, YouTube has made detailed descriptions of the above and other anti-piracy programs, and the parliament requires stakeholders "music flow The economic intention of the media provides advice.

    YouTube introduced its role as a value provider in the file, and also talked about piracy issues.

    Youtube pointed out when talking about its anti-piracy operation: "We are constantly improving our policies, tools, functions and performance.

    " The company said, the company said that while continuing to develop other anti-piracy tools, "Some technical infrastructure have been improved".

    In addition, it supports copyright holders' lawsuit against streaming media.

    YouTube further shows that it uses "legal means" to combat media recorders, including "sending stop notification letters and submission domain name disputes".

    These stop notifications are not fresh things and have been reported for many years.

    However, from the other hand, domain name disputes provide an unprecedented perspective, so it is worthy of in-depth research.

    Domain Name Dispute Solving the WIPO Domain Dispute Resolution Website, it is indeed possible to see the complaints submitted by Google LLC.

    Although the complaint is not open, the record shows that youtubeconverter.

    IO is complained in late December.

    Google may think that YouTubeconverter.

    io maliciously uses the YouTube name because its service uses the YouTube brand to violate the brand's terms of service.

    If Google wins, the domain name will be handed over to Google.

    At present, the stream of stream of stream does not resist.

    In recent visit to this website, the YouTube ripping function has been offline, and it is rehorted to the visitors.

    Professor How to Pirate Operation Guide In addition to the record of streaming media, YouTube also informs the British Parliament that it will also take measures against the video on the platform.

    For example, the company has updated its community guidelines to prohibit how to show people how to visit pay -ry media services without paying.

    YOUBE explanation said: "In this year, we have taken action based on the content of the content industry stakeholders, update our community guidelines, clearly prohibiting the music content of those who do not authorize free access to usually need to pay.

    Operation Guide 'Video.

    "Show to the audience how to use applications, websites, or other information technology in unauthorized free access, audio content, audiovisual content, full video games, software or streaming services.

    " Although YouTube is still full Professor How to pirate the tutorial, but this update allows the company to take action on video that may not directly infringe.

    In the past, there was a predictive position of this pirated tutorial will be more stringent, but it will cause video to be widely cleared.

    When the cheating video compares the old community guide with the new community guide, another compelling supplement can be found.

    This platform is now clearly prohibited from videos related to "cheating".

    The new content is: "Stealing or cheating tutorial: showing the audience how to steal tangible goods or advocate unhealthy behavior.

    " This is not directly related to piracy.

    However, in the past, several game companies, including English, Fortnite, etc.

    , have filed a copyright infringement in the exploitation of prostitutes in YouTube.

    All in all, YouTube said it will work hard to help the copyright owner combat network piracy, whether through its content identification system or these additional measures.

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