"Ban" TikTok, painted skin off American freedom of speech

"Ban" TikTok, painted skin off American freedom of speech
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  • The original title: overseas network deep once: "banned" TikTok, tear off American freedom painted skin author: zhang Wang Fazhi bring photo source: ap U.S. government "banned" TikTok continues to prompt attention.

    Reuters reported that the President of the United States has agreed to trump bytes to beat 45 days consultative selling TikTok matters to Microsoft.

    Previously, due to the President of the United States against trump acquisition by an American company TikTok and continue to operate in the United States, takeover talks stalled for a time.

    At present, the White House has yet to respond.

    Nearly period of time, TikTok become the United States government "eyesore".

    Russia today website reported on August 1,, announced that the United States intends to disable TikTok trump, the White House doubt its collection of users' personal information and content review mechanism "to serve the Chinese government".

    From "steal personal information" to "service for the Chinese government," the White House for "supposed" accused many times of science and technology enterprises in China.

    The wired magazine website said, the United States has always been touted free speech and a free market, and banned TikTok overturned the two great democracy values.

    Why is America banned TikTok?

    U.S. officials to TikTok hunt "was already a long time".

    As early as October 2019, the United States senate leader Charles schumer and coton has sent a letter to U.S. intelligence agencies, request the security to the TikTok (political) review.

    In early January 2020, the U.S. state department and the department of homeland security official office equipment shall be forbidden to use TikTok.

    Reuters news agency reported on July 6, the American secretary of state, peng admire Mr Slander "steal personal information" in China, suggests that the United States may be banned Chinese social networking applications, including TikTok (App).

    Enter since July, the United States government to crack down on speeding up the rhythm of the.

    7, the us department of justice to the so-called "violation of children's privacy rights" TikTok to investigate.

    8, confirmed peng admire Mr Trump's, to disable the TikTok said the United States are working on.

    12, a White House adviser navarro, claimed that the administration to TikTok and WeChat take "strong action".

    16, the White House chief of staff, meadows, said the U.S. government will in the next few weeks for applications like TikTok, WeChat action.

    22, peng peja barack reminded India banned TikTok, and praised India before China social networking software behavior.

    Why is America banned TikTok?

    Various media reports mention Oklahoma trump campaign rally "brush ticket put pigeons" event: a much-anticipated campaign rally in Ohio was, more than 1 million people to make an appointment to have only 6200 people present.

    It's said to be due to a large number of TikTok young users of false registration.

    The origin of TikTok ban may simply be it "hurt the feelings of the trump


    U.S. cable news network (CNN) quoted unnamed us network security experts pointed out that banned TikTok is more a trump political behavior of the government, as long as it is China's companies become the news, immediately become a trump of the government.

    On the cover of maintenance of "national security" other countries, has become the United States to maintain its hegemony "practice".

    In 2016, a Chinese company to buy German technology enterprise ace is strong, it was in the United States regulators to block, the us claimed that "the proposed transaction is not yet solve the national security concerns".

    In early June 2019, the United States, republican senators said Russia's cooperation with Germany and other European countries "nord stream - 2" gas pipeline project "threat to national security", and submit the review of expanding sanctions to the senate.

    In the same year, the United States and Japan trade friction, Japan Toyota criticised by the United States, the President of the United States said in a statement that trump the increase of imported cars will pose a threat to national security.

    Bring about Japanese director takeuchi bright weibo screenshots strikingly similar history.

    For U.S. officials have repeatedly rhetoric of "threat to national security", the Japanese director takeuchi bright said, see the United States to crack down on TikTok related news when thought of 30 years ago in Japan, Japan is often called the United States.

    At that time, a lot of technology than the United States, and then by the United States people say "Japanese people like stealing American technology".

    The U.S. government USES a variety of ways to control and criticize the Japanese companies and the Japanese government.

    "Ban TikTok is freedom of speech" trump government after the news of a banned TikTok, TikTok on us young people to quit.

    The media said, the United States will ban TikTok news came on the evening of July 31 local time, TikTok users across the country have begun to live online and upload video, to express their concern about TikTok may be banned and discontent.

    The national broadcasting company (NBC), said TikTok closely watched in the United States recently, because it is a Chinese enterprise.

    However, many American users say they are not worried about the app links with China.

    To enter the U.S. market only more than two years, TikTok downloads all the way up, in competition with each big social giant beckoning, circle powder users a large number of teenagers.

    Market research firm eMarketer report, in 2019, TikTok user scale in the us market grew by 97.5%, in 2020, the number of users is expected to reach 45.4 million people in the United States, and in 2021, the figure will exceed 50 million.

    Outbreaks caused by curtilage home mode more let TikTok users have outbreaks, according to the Sensor Tower data, during the period of the outbreak, TikTok becomes

    More and more popular.

    Downloads in April 2 billion, more than a rival Facebook and Snap.

    TikTok, according to the New York times nine big V joint 54 million fans, launched to trump's open letter, they wrote: "TikTok realized on Facebook and sets this type of software interaction.

    Our generation is growing up in the Internet age, but we need more than two Internet window, why can't this as an opportunity to compete fair?

    The Washington post editorial said, banned TikTok is deprived of one of America's favorite channels to freedom of expression.

    See it as a geopolitical stick, not its role in the United States is the comprehensive evaluation, is wrong.

    Bring the net friend comment on screenshots human rights groups in social media "the American civil liberties union" 1 that trump to ban TikTok, are a threat to freedom of speech, practice is not reality.

    An American netizens said the ban TikTok is freedom of speech, the ban event will undermine the constitution, the government will eventually be overturned.

    Netizens replied "because it is a Chinese app," the American netizens post nu Dui again, "this has nothing to do with software is which country, it is just a kind of dissemination of information resources, and is a free voice app, to some extent this is the embodiment of the prohibition of free speech".

    Ironically, the trump says the United States are working on disable TikTok on July 8, the U.S. embassy official microblogging issued a titled "the power of freedom of speech and art" in the short video.

    The copywriter writes, "freedom of speech is an essential factor in a free society.

    Freedom of expression and open communication will help motivate people to advocate justice and reduce inequities.

    In many countries, the authoritarian regime severely deprived of the rights of artists and writers.

    Respect all the people in the United States the right to freedom of expression, safeguard people don't get revenge."

    A reputation in the history of business "disable TikTok hypocrisy and disgusting", the wired magazine website published the topic on August 1, points out that no public evidence that TikTok fundamental and unique threat to U.S. security.

    Today Russia website quoted the Russian people friendship university institute of strategy research and forecast, deputy director of the pavel FeiLiDe mann's point of view, points out that "the United States worry about personal information leakage and fear of the election was intervention, but according to this logic, they need to disable the other collect user data and may spread 'inappropriate' ideas and values of the software."

    The British broadcasting corporation (BBC), also thinks trill most of the conventional data collection would be tantamount to other social networks require large amounts of data (like Facebook)


    Bring us media reported screenshots CNN (CNN) quoted us network security experts as saying that TikTok encounters in the United States is with the aid of a political way plunder successful Chinese Internet start-ups, its essence is a reputation in the history of business, rather than a true security issues.

    Local time on July 29, the United States federal antitrust team held a hearing on the judiciary committee, four major technology companies in the United States - amazon, Google, apple and facebook's chief executive officer (CEO) are attended by way of video.

    Although the theme of the hearing is antitrust, facebook founder mark zuckerberg has been directed toward TikTok, suggest to deal with the threat from the TikTok face book.

    Singapore lianhe zaobao, citing the Hong Kong media view is that since the U.S. secretary of state, peng peja admitted is considering banning TikTok, after seeing this in recent months, the top downloads social media star in the United States may be because of political reasons and was forced to withdraw from the market of China and the United States, the United States are rubbing their hands in the business, hope to be able to buy the high profit potential talent.

    Allegedly TikTok American business is expected to has an income of $6 billion next year, is six times the forecast earnings this year.

    In the aftermath of a ban, CNN article warned that trump's decision may only make antitrust hearings for congress tech giants occupy a more dominant position.

    The article points out that in the absence of competition of the market, for trump, he has criticized the Facebook and twitter are likely to become stronger because of TikTok was knocking.

    American VOX news that the administration's move will change the social media industry rules of the game, destroy the TikTok users to use in the United States.

    Russia's political situation in the center analysis chief expert dmitry abramovich said Mr Rove, the United States work purpose is to keep TikTok more popular at home and abroad.

    He said: "to disable the TikTok will be terminated the Internet freedom of symbolic action.

    America was persecuted bytes to beat, in fact, because the company is in China.

    To cater to strengthen the anti-china strategy, the U.S. government to ignore this way, at least, democracy and freedom, which is claimed to defend the United States."

    For TikTok problem such as a review, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin routine press conference on July 30, said the Chinese government has always asked the Chinese enterprises on the basis of compliance in accordance with the ministry of foreign economic cooperation.

    United States in the case of take out any evidence for Chinese enterprises to make and issue a "presumption of guilt" threat, exposed the United States maintains a fair and free the falsity of the so-called, violated the world trade organization (wto) open, transparent and non-discriminatory principle, is not conducive to the American public and corporate interests.

    Source: overseas network report/feedback

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