TikTok welcomed death trial, battle looms

TikTok welcomed death trial, battle looms
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  • Must be an extraordinary year, 2020, Chinese Internet companies rookie bytes to beat certainly let American people sit up and take notice, after alibaba, byte to beat is the only let us so seriously an Internet companies.

    Yi-ming zhang said TikTok: TikTok has gradually become an important part of global network culture, it is the window of the world, the user of the Bridges.

    Why do americans looked at TikTok?

    A, TikTok has held the top in the field of short video a lot of americans think, TikTok is the representative work of China's Internet application, and was very successful.

    In fact, the United States like Facebook, YouTube, are not suitable for the rapid development of Internet, young people need more fashionable elements app, in TikTok actually did not enter the United States, the United States have introduced sets a video and vine, but were not accepted by young people, it was upstaged by TikTok, and later the United States launched the lasso, reels, etc. The app also couldn't shake the status of the TikTok, TikTok win the key is to recommendation algorithm based on byte beating for years, due to the local Chinese trill, headlines, such as app many years of practical experience, have sufficient technical reserves in the algorithm, the United States since the app cannot be reached the technical level.

    And TikTok also quick success in the global market, a large number of enabling foreign executives and local technical team, to make the content of local features, TikTok in India, the United States, Japan and other countries are doing very well, the current TikTok downloads worldwide has amounted to 2 billion times.

    Second, TikTok was held on "political" hat in June this year, India has gradually to block China's app, including the TikTo

    K, TikTok already has 600 million users in India.

    Followed by the United States also began to suppress TikTok information security.

    Although TikTok in March this year plans to establish entity transparent center in the United States, opening to the outside world, the data will not be open to China, software algorithm can also be made public.

    Even hired former Microsoft executives as consultant, but still cannot run away from the U.S. government under siege, still put pressure on TikTok constantly, trump's advertising campaign even in July, emphasize "TikTok are to see you", obviously, TikTok has become a political tool of the us election, depend on TikTok votes for themselves.

    Third, Microsoft on acquisition on August 3, the role of the United States government requires TikTok must sell to American companies, or close the TikTok on September 15 business, Microsoft came out at this time, after Microsoft in the United States is not a social business, Microsoft closed below 83 stores this year, to do online market, this time also continue TikTok such a platform to complement their deficiency in the field of social, if can successful acquisition of TikTok Microsoft of young people will have a large social group, but is TikTok content to be acquired or unclear, remains to be seen.

    The face of the U.S. government crackdown, TikTok surely on the road to development the biggest setback again, if the past, byte beating will be very strong.