TikTok fate for a new change!

TikTok fate for a new change!
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  • The Commerce Department issued a ban, TikTok said it would continue to promote litigation, the fate of the TikTok ushered in the new changes.

    Bytes to beat: cooperate with oracle, wal-mart to TikTok form the principled consensus on 20 September morning, byte beating said in a statement, in order to ensure that 100 million people in the United States can continue to use the TikTok the popularity of video and the content of the application software, meet regulatory requirements, the U.S. government to strengthen TikTok business in the United States, byte to beat, oracle, wal-mart principled consensus on the formation TikTok cooperation.

    Three parties will be in accordance with this agreement, as soon as possible to meet the legal requirements of the United States and China cooperation agreement.

    Trump: approved oracle and TikTok cooperation agreement, according to the web reports the Russian satellite news agency news, the President of the United States told reporters trump, he approved the oracle and TikTok cooperation agreement.

    Russian satellite news agency capture "the deal got my blessing," said trump, "I have approved the deal in principle".

    ABC reported that trump told reporters, "I have great news to release", he noted that in addition to the oracle, trading include wal-mart, "a very great American company", "security will reach 100%.

    Trump also announced that the content of the transaction also includes a donation of $5 billion on an education project.

    "They will set a large amount of fund for the education of young americans who, this is too good, this is all I'm asking for, then look at these things will not happen".

    At a press conference, the trump.

    According to the web, oracle will be TikTok partners in terms of data security compliance.

    The two sides will conduct similar apple in China by "guizhou on cloud" data security compliance and cooperation.

    Because of the TikTok American business has offices in Los Angeles, California, this scheme is also known as "cloud" in California.

    According to the business development needs, TikTok will continue as the headquarters of the United States, TikTok team will continue to expand, 25000 new jobs.

    TikTok will also joint companies, investment to establish a total of $5 billion of global education foundation, by online video technology, enhance the level of global education.

    Bloomberg, trump has unilaterally claimed that the new company with "Chinese", "will be used by oracle and two great American companies control, wal-mart absolute security".

    But according to the agreement, byte beating retained control of most of the assets and the algorithm of TikTok, oracle and wal-mart or only a minority stake.

    The Commerce Department announced a ban on download TikTok ban on September 27, delayed to 18, the U.S. department of commerce announced his decision to Sunday prohibit TikTok app store download, update in the United States, and will ban Ti on November 12

    KTok provide services in the United States.

    TikTok responded to this, we are against this decision and disappointed.

    Hundreds of millions of users, has formed a love TikTok community, because TikTok made them happy, let them to express themselves and connect with others.

    TikTok to protect users' privacy and security, bring people laugh, and to help platform creator meaningful career development.

    TikTok proposal commitment in transparency and accountability efforts, including the third party audit, code safety verification, and allowed the United States government supervision and the safety of the user data.

    In addition, the technology provider will be responsible for TikTok user data storage, maintenance and compliance in the United States.

    Response also said that the U.S. government previously promulgated administrative order without due process, may be deprived of the American people and small businesses to voice and important platform of survival.

    Therefore, TikTok will continue to adhere to litigation, maintains user and creator, partners, and the legitimate rights and interests of the company.

    The latest news, the Commerce Department said on Saturday, local time, will take effect on Sunday (20) banned in the United States to download the short video sharing application TikTok ban at least until September 27.

    According to agence france-presse reported that, according to a press release, the U.S. department of commerce is a decision that "given the recent positive progress".

    Source: comprehensive from the web, bytes to beat the headline, the securities times web editor: michille audit: Julie final: LengWenSheng

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