YouTube will add 3 practical new functions! It is more convenient to remove movie recommendations.

YouTube will add 3 practical new functions! It is more convenient to remove movie recommendations.
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  • Whether using a mobile phone or a computer, when watching YouTube movies, when you are not interested in and do not want to see similar content types of movies, you will be able to take the initiative to remove all the recommended videos that are not interested in you and do not want to see them any more.

    Google announced on its official blog that it will soon introduce three new features for its video and audio streaming platform YouTube, which will allow users to find their favorite movies more quickly in a short period of time.

    At the same time, users can manually set the recommended movies that appear on the home page of YouTube and are about to be shown, giving users more control.

    New feature 1, remove uninterested channels from the relevant suggested videos.

    If you do not want YouTube to recommend movies for a specific channel, just tap the three-point icon menu next to the home page or the upcoming playback area, and then click do not recommend this channel, and YouTube will no longer recommend videos released by this channel to users.

    However, if users subscribe to, search for the channel, or go to the channel page or the feverish movie page, they may still see the relevant content.

    This new feature is now available for Android and iOS versions of YouTube applications around the world, and the computer version will follow soon.

    New features 2.

    Explore different themes and related movies on the home page of YouTube and the upcoming film area.

    From now on, you can more easily explore different themes and related movies, such as baked movies, the latest late-night talk shows or favorite types of music, and watch more content of interest to you through YouTube.

    The system will provide movie selection based on existing personalization recommendations, so that users can find the content they need in a shorter time, such as content related to the movie they are currently watching, movies released by the current viewing channel, or topics that other users may be interested in.

    Users can find this feature at the top of the YouTube home page or in the upcoming playback area when browsing the movie.

    Currently, this feature only supports the English version of YouTube applications on Android devices; users of iOS, computer and other language versions will soon be able to use the service as well.

    New function 3.

    Learn more about the reasons why YouTube recommends specific movies.

    YouTube sometimes recommends movies from channels that users have not seen before, based on films previously watched and liked by other audiences with similar interests.

    From now on, when the system recommends a movie to the user according to this mechanism, it will display more relevant information in the small box at the bottom of the film.

    This is used to explain to users why these films appear on the home page, so as to help users find films launched by new channels that may be of interest.

    This serviceAt present, the iOS version of YouTube applications have been launched around the world, and the Android version and computer version will soon be launched.

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