YouTube announces the 2018 South Korea MV popular list TOP10, YG company group won the top two!

YouTube announces the 2018 South Korea MV popular list TOP10, YG company group won the top two!
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  • At the end of the year, in addition to the major awards, each institution has also begun to release various counts, like sound sources, albums, ratings, etc.

    Previous Korea's Twitter has released the list, the rebirth teenage group became the biggest winner! YouTube also announced the most popular "MV list TOP10" this year.

    The statistics were the domestic users in Korea.

    Let's take a look at the hearts of Koreans, which song, which song, take What is the champion? 2018 Youtube official statistics "most popular TOP10 MV" (PS: Data is only available in Korea) Top10.

    Mamamoo "Starry Night" TOP9.

    Bulletproof Teenage Group "Idol" TOP8.

    Hhong's Spring "Travel" TOP7.

    TWICE " Dance The Night Away "Top6.

    Red Velvet" Bad Boy "seizes the top ten of the 2018 popularity list, the Qing Dynasty is the work of the Korean group, and the 10th is the of the Polyvalent Women Mamamoo.

    Section 9, 8 of the Benching of the Birds Teenage Group of "TRAVEL ()> 7 Travel ()> 7 Travel ()> The 7th Summer Song of the Popular Women TWICE in July, the 7th.

    And the 6th rule is the most sexy MV since the Women's Red Velvet as the exhibition! TOP5.

    Bronching Teenage Group "Fake Love" Bulletproof Teenage Group is not , raising the "Fake Love> of the World" Of course, the list is famous, and I won the 5th place in Korea, TWICE has changed the tie The protagonist, the god copying the 4 What is Love> of the Casual Di Dian Movie! TOP4.

    TWICE "What is love" top3.

    Momoland "bboom bboom" Momoland's brainstick This year, this year does not reverse all the big soundparts, poisoning dance steps let idols follow Cover, 3 MV is now home! Top2.

    Blackpink "DDU-du DDU-DU" Blackpink's Singing force is amazing, unique dance, strong shape, let this MV leap to list 2! Top1.

    Ikon "Love Scenario" champion is popular men's group ikon! This year, this year's not only washing the plate, one of the music programs, and even become the national songs that all Korean primary school students will sing this year, and they also won the "2018mma" annual song awards.

    2018 KPOP representative tracks! Finally, there is a list of officially released lists, congratulations on all the artists on the list!

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