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  • Hello, everyone.

    I'm little Martin, focusing on the cross-border Nuggets.

    Youtube ranked 26th among the top 500th brands in the world in 2020.

    According to the latest data from April 2021, YouTube has more than 2 billion login users per month.

    For cross-border sellers, Youtube must be a channel of drainage and promotion that can not be ignored.

    As the saying goes, when selling magic tools, we should also pay attention to methods and make good use of tools.

    Theory must be combined with practice.

    Let's take a look at how to use Youtube to promote it.

    1 self-marketing, as the name implies, is to promote yourself.

    Although it is a long and difficult process to achieve results on your own, it may not be successful.

    However, there is nothing wrong with giving this free promotion a try.

    If you succeed, you will make a lot of money! 1.

    Sign up for an account Youtube is easy to register, you only need to log in using your Google account.

    two。 Video content Youtube as a video website, in the creation of video content, I think we should mainly pay attention to the following points: 1 highlight the characteristics of the product if the product is novel and special, then in fact, as long as the simple display of the product will have a certain attraction.

    If the product is not special enough, then it is necessary to highlight the selling points of the product (low price, powerful function, rich colors, etc.


    (2) displaying application scenarios is an important part of video promotion.

    A high-end scene can directly enhance the style of our products, and the same life-oriented scene will also turn things that originally feel distant into necessities of life.

    The application scenario needs to be carefully designed according to the positioning of the product and the target audience.

    3 to guide the topic, that is, the degree of heat.

    We can add hot topics to the video content to guide people to discuss or imitate.

    Once there is an upsurge, the effect of publicity is inestimable.

    But you need to be careful about the heat, and it's easy to roll over.

    When rubbing heat, we should pay attention to whether the three values of heat are correct.

    It is necessary to stay away from hot issues involving discrimination, crime, national security and moral issues.

    4 rich video content light product content video is definitely not good, that how boring ah.

    First of all, we can start with the brand story and upload some story videos that show the corporate culture.

    It can be the hardship of starting a business, or it can be a rich life for employees.

    Make our products more approachable and intimate.

    Second, we can upload some product-related parody videos or funny videos.

    The premise is to obtain the authorization of the original author, or pseudo-original.

    Original must be the best.

    Finally, if there is a good buyer show or high-quality evaluation, do not hesitate to make a video to thank you for your love! And said that we will continue to work hard to make a good product.

    This not only enriches the video content, but also increases the audience's sense of trust in the product.

    The video is small.

    Tips: 's unified video style is easier to remember; an appropriate BGM can adjust the atmosphere and emphasize the style; subtitles can help viewers understand the video content and improve the viewing experience; the quality of the video must pass (good light and clear picture); if the content is not special enough, it must be practical enough; the time of release of the video is regular, which will attract more fixed viewers.


    Log in to the Youtube home page for the video upload process, click the camera symbol button in the upper right corner, select "upload Video", click to select a file, select the video to be uploaded, and fill in the video title, thumbnail and other related information.

    The title had better contain product keywords or independent site keywords, and have a certain degree of attractiveness.

    Then select the public scope, click "publish", and the video will be released successfully.

    However, it is recommended to select "private" first, add more elements to the video after upload, and then release it publicly.

    Upload the video, in the "content", we can directly click on the video to go to the video editing page.

    In the details of the video, we can add subtitles, closing pictures and cards to the video.

    First add subtitles.

    If you have already created a subtitle file, click upload File.

    If not, click "Manual input" below.

    Then enter the subtitle in the subtitle box.

    The "+ subtitle" at the top of the subtitle box can add the subtitle box; the time setting behind the subtitle box can set the time when the content in the subtitle box appears and disappears; or you can drag the subtitle bar directly at the bottom of the page to change its display time.

    After the subtitle is set, click on the upper right corner to release, and the subtitle will be added.

    Videos with subtitles display the "subtitle" tag below the video profile on the search results page.

    The screen at the end of the film is to set the subscription button and the recommendation of the related video at the end of the video.

    Click "+ element" in the upper left corner to add the element shown at the end of the film.

    After adding, the time and position of the element display can be adjusted.

    The screen at the end of the film is shown as follows: add a card, that is, add the following card recommendation information at the beginning of the film.

    Click the "+" sign and search for keywords to choose to add.

    Here we suggest links to recommend our own most popular videos, or popular science videos of industry leaders to popularize knowledge for our products.

    The display is as follows: finally, after all these settings are set up according to our own needs, we can change the public scope to public and officially release our video.


    Operating Youtube our youtube channel is definitely not just about uploading product videos.

    As a public account showing our products, even stores and brands, we should not let go of any details.

    Channel 1 decoration in the Youtube home page click "your video", you can quickly enter the background.

    Click the "Custom" option on the left, and we can set our master here.

    Push videos and selected sections.

    The first is the channel trailer.

    A trailer is a channel preview video that plays automatically on the channel page and is used to attract unfollowed users.

    Li Ziqi's channel trailer because some viewers will consider whether or not to follow us after browsing our channel, so a good channel trailer is the key to retaining "tourists".

    The sweet thing is that this trailer will only be displayed to non-followers, and users who have already followed will not be able to see the video.

    What has been watched by our users is our selected video, which appears at the top of the channel and is the video pushed by our channel.

    Subscribed videos no longer play automatically and users who have already seen the video will no longer see it at the top of the channel.

    Then the selected section below, the popular understanding is to classify our videos.

    If you want to divide it into several categories, just add a few sections.

    However, it is not recommended to divide videos into many categories, because we sell products, there will not be too many videos.

    Series of videos will be more professional.

    Under "Brand", we can change the avatar (the default avatar is the Google account avatar) and set banners for our channel, as well as add watermarks to the video.

    Here is a detailed hint of the uploaded picture requirements and suggestions, we just need to upload as required.

    Just fill in the basic information according to the name and profile of the store.

    Note: be sure to put a store link in the profile! This is the most important purpose for us to open Youtube.

    2 basic Settings Click "Settings" in the lower left corner to enter the channel settings page.

    Here we can modify the region of the channel, the default settings for uploading, and so on.

    One of the more important changes is "verify the mobile phone number".

    After verification, we can upload long videos for more than 15 minutes and customize the thumbnails of the videos.

    Second, under "Community", we can add administrators and set up shielding users and words for the channel.

    3 increase interaction although the social interaction of Youtube is not as strong as Facebook and Ins, but replying to comments is still something we must do.

    In particular, we sell products, so it is our duty to answer all kinds of questions from the audience on product-related questions in the comments area.

    My advice is that we should try to respond to all comments, no matter whether the comments are good or bad.

    Even if it is only an expression, it also means that you have seriously read everyone's messages.

    Another best way to increase interaction is to answer the questions that the audience is most concerned about through a live video demonstration.

    This not only increases the participation of the audience, but also enriches the content of the video.

    Celebrity promotion is always a way to achieve faster results in social media promotion than our own promotion.

    However, I don't know if you remember the history of blood and tears I bought for $1.

    40 a year ago (as follows), I deeply understand that finding a suitable online celebrity is ten thousand times more important than finding an online celebrity who pays more attention! 1.

    How to find the right online celebrities 1 the easiest and fastest way to find online celebrities is to find online celebrities that competitors cooperate with.

    The person found in this way is basically equivalent to the opponent who has arranged thunder for us twice: the first time is that the online celebrity he cooperated with must have been screened by him initially; the second time, we can look at the promotion effect of this online celebrity to the competitive product.

    to estimate the effect of our products.

    The second way is to find Internet celebrities ourselves.

    Search for our product keywords or product categories directly in Youtube to find the corresponding online celebrities.

    You can also find more similar online celebrities according to the association recommendations of the people you find.

    The third way is with the help of tools.

    Here we recommend two related tools to find online celebrities: EasyBloggers can query online celebrity advertising prices, subscribers, viewers, momentum, evaluation, advertising clicks, audience age distribution, regional distribution and other information.

    Link address: https://www.


    io/GroupHigh 's largest blog database.

    You can type Filter results by content, SimilarWeb traffic, SEO permissions, social followers, language, location and so on.

    Link address: https://www.


    com/ 2 selects suitable online celebrities and suitable online celebrities should meet the following conditions: it is consistent with our products, that is, our products appear in his videos without disobedience; there are a certain number of real and active fans, which can be judged by comparing the number of subscriptions with video views and messages; history publishing content is healthy and positive, without black spots; high reputation, good communication; Have their own characteristics, or willing to cooperate with our promotion plan.

    two。 How to contact online celebrities is very simple, click on each other's channel, in the introduction, you can see the e-mail address of the online celebrity.

    The difficulty is that high-quality online celebrities are sure to receive countless cooperative promotion emails every day.

    How can we get each other to choose us? I think we should start from two aspects: 1 sending an exclusive email is easy to understand, such as the beginning of an email is "Hello, dear".

    Even if the other person is very affectionate, there is no fluctuation in my heart, and I even think it is spam.

    But if the email begins with "Hello, Little Martin", then even if I am still skeptical, I would at least like to read the content.

    If the content of the email clearly states which article I have written and what kind of ideas and help have been provided to him, then let alone talk about cooperation, even if he needs any help from me, I will be happy to reply.

    This is the charm of exclusive email.

    2 customized exclusive products on products mailed to online celebrities, customized to belong to each other's LOgo, is also a great way to impress people.

    If we attach a product photo with each other's account name in our email, it will certainly attract each other's attention in the first place.

    Of course, in order to avoid loss, we do not have to print it in advance, we can first put on the other party's name (it would be best if it is a tearable label, but also save P), and so on when confirming the cooperative mailing product, and then really make this exclusive product.

    3 emphasize what the other party can get.

    Many people will fall into a misunderstanding when they send this kind of development email, that is, they keep praising how good their products are in their emails.

    Trying to impress each other with the product.

    But in fact, for the other party, maybe this is not what he cares about.

    We should consider the problem from each other's point of view.

    It's much harder to make a video than to wind up and promote copywriting on Facebook, so Youtubers is more concerned about reward.

    In the email, we should emphasize what each other can gain from this cooperation.

    Convince each other with the actual reward.


    Follow-up and optimization 1 follow-up cooperation to determine the cooperation, before the release of the video, we must communicate more product issues with online celebrities.

    Make sure that the final video shows the correct usage and scenario of the product.

    Then we need to sincerely get each other's advice on the product.

    Because the online celebrities we finally chose to work with must have some understanding of our product field, and these suggestions are based on the local market.

    This is an important and effective source of advice for us to continuously optimize our products.

    2 optimize cooperation first of all, after the other party's video is online, we'd better know it the first time.

    This will help us to find some missing problems in time.

    We can subscribe to each other and open the update reminder at the bell button behind subscribed.

    In this way, as soon as the other party releases the video, we will know immediately.

    After promoting the video online, we first need to make sure that the other party has posted a product link at the introduction of the video.

    If not, we can reply to the product link at the video message.

    The heat of this first wave is often the highest, so be sure to post the link in time! If it takes two or three days to think of posting links, cauliflower will get cold.

    Secondly, we can choose to continue or stop cooperation according to the effect of the first promotion.

    For online celebrities with good promotion results, we can carry out more and longer cooperation, such as alliance marketing (that is, distribution).

    Finally, we must maintain a long-term and friendly relationship with the online celebrities we cooperate with.

    This must be beneficial but harmless.

    For example, at a later stage, we can recommend each other on other social media; for example, we can ask online celebrities to recommend more high-quality online celebrities to cooperate with us; for example, when we have a good relationship, it's not too much to ask the other person to leave us a good comment.


    Avoid the pit 1 beware of liars there are many online celebrities who do not send videos after receiving the goods.

    There's nothing I can do about it.

    In the early screening, we should try our best to avoid Internet celebrities who have not made advertisements.

    Then pay attention to the messages at the bottom of the online celebrity video to see if any advertisers are denouncing it.

    2 to determine the way of promotion when talking about cooperation, be sure to determine the promotion of materials, methods, general speech and other information.

    Otherwise, if you spend the money for a long video, the other party will only take a word, thanks to that? 3 asking about the estimated number of views is not a task for the other person, but just to see if the other person is honest through this question.

    Ask a general observation in advance, so that you have a bottom in your heart, but also let the other party pay more attention to it.

    The article is quite long! But the best is yet to come, and we'll talk again tomorrow.

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