Han Xing YouTube Channel Subscribe Top10! Jennie Channel opened a day to break the record, the first place with nearly 8 million subscriptions!

Han Xing YouTube Channel Subscribe Top10! Jennie Channel opened a day to break the record, the first place with nearly 8 million subscriptions!
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  • Many Korean stars have worked hard to operate on the stage.

    In order to maintain close relationships with fans, they have begun to set up a personal Youtube channel to showcase private different charms.

    Today, Xiaobian will hit the number of subscriptions of the Han Xing YouTube channel.

    Jennie Channel breaks the subscription record, and the first place has nearly 8 million subscribers! Han Xing YouTube Channel Subscriber Top10: Jessica Jung, 765,000 recent Jessica, which appears in a variety show, in fact, through YouTube, the usual daily daily, the boss's Jessica has homemade fashion brand, there is a certain aesthetic Professional ability, often share privately like private favorite clothes, beauty maintenance, boutique sharing, etc.

    Complete comedians! The film released by this 2017 "Challenge to the Mother Movie to hold back", although finally in failure (the whole cries is very worse XDDD), but it also sets a super high topic for his channel, he has a silent cheek pair The picture of the lens is not only a hot discussion, but it is made into a fascinating, and even more than a wide range of goods, it is popular in Korea! Han Xing YouTube Channel subscription number TOP8: Henry YouTube, 1950,000 note to HENRY to do a good job, private enthusiasm for music is more fanatical, YouTube content is based on music, recently Henry's music vehicle unit topic is quite high, Henry invited him that a very talented music man sang with him, and a fragment of "Dance Monkey" with Jessi, Henry soft symptoms and JESSI sexy magnetic sounds were perfectly combined, and also caused Korean hot hot Comment! Han Xing YouTube Channel subscription number TOP7: Jin Zhongguo, 2070,000 recent topic reports high Jin Zhongguo Song Zhixiao, who is in a light clothes, and even the whole look, can be said to be seen by Jin Zhong Guo as a family, (laugh ~ back to the show, Jin Zhongguo, and Song Zhixiao, also suffered from Running Man members, members said How can I only invite the show, but I have been attacking: I invited you to come to the court! The two are still suspected to be in the interaction, completely irritating the tiger, but also adding a program Big fun to look at ~ Han Xing YouTube Channel Subscribe TOP6: HYUNA, 2.

    52 million Sexy Xiaoyan Hyuna After leaving CUBE, HYUNA is more high-profile, Hyuna is more time to share with your boyfriend, show private The ordinary people are daily, can be said to be a flash of fans ~ Han Xing YouTube Channel subscription number TOP5: 颂 乐, 328 million videos are very interesting, see very kind in operation channel ~ like Korea popular broadcast The film, the music as an idol is also very happy.

    And when I was taken on the stage, she had a clear vermouth line, but in the Korean circle, it was a very stringent IDOL, and the music also Master Share her fitness process in YouTube, letting fans have said that the music is really very harsh! Han Xing YouTube channel subscription number TOP4: Bo Xian, 36.

    62 million Boxian started to operate the channel YouTube "Baekhyun", In addition to the popularity of your own popularity, relying on the diversified film theme, let him support 3.

    62 million fans, rank the highest in the male idol! And very love to play the game's Bo Xian, also shooting his homes when he played games in the YouTube channel.

    Everyday, if you also like to play games, one day may be fortunate to become Bo Xian teammate ~ Han Xing YouTube channel subscription number TOP3: IU, 6.

    65 million IU's film is mostly her music, programs and daily life, occasionally Mixed and staff hilarious and playing.

    This film believes that everyone must be unfamiliar.

    During the April Fool's Day, IU released this movie stunning many netizens, fans have learned: I don't actually drive a trip? It is iU father to drive, IU is just sitting at the deputy driving, holding a fake steering wheel, driving the DVT XD, this film also causing a super high topic, the playback volume is up to 12.

    07 million! IU invites the brother's show, this film is also quite hot Although the younger brother starred in the way, the brother's question was said to be a smile of netizens XD Han Xing YouTube channel subscription number TOP2: Jennie, 6.

    72 million BlackPink members Jennie also has their own Youtube Channel, Jen Nie's film is dominated by Vlog, which can be seen in her stage, and the first day of Jennie opens the first day of the channel, set a 24-hour 175 million subscriptions, and opened the channel from January this year.

    The number of subscribers rapidly reached 6.

    72 million, and the charm of Jennie can not be underestimated! Han Xing YouTube Channel Subscribers TOP1: LISA, 7.

    98 million Han Xing YouTuber with the most subscribers is BlackPink Lisa! As the first LISA in BlackPink, the channel "LiliFilm Official" is opened at the end of 2018.

    It has accumulated as 79,800 fans, and the channel content is mainly based on the self-creation and dance movies, and even dances often.

    The enthusiasts are fighting to imitate, causing a LISA trend in the dance youtube! Text finishing / Huang Peiji report / feedback

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