Reveal the seven most popular videos on YouTube

Reveal the seven most popular videos on YouTube
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  • In 2016, the viewing time of Youtube users increased by 50% compared with the same period last year
    Among them, the number of users who connected online video to the TV screen doubled from the previous year
    Whether in terms of video content or viewing channels, online video has had a huge impact on the TV industry
    Statistics show that the proportion of people between the ages of 18 and 49 using Youtube to watch videos is much higher than that of television networks, and Youtube has become an important way for mainstream consumers to obtain information
    Youtube is of great significance to both content producers and advertisers
    So, what kind of video can get attention on Youtube? 1
    Evaluation video product evaluation video is the most popular type of video on Youtube, because this kind of video is often rich in content, including the blogger's experience and experience of a product or service, and meets the needs of people to obtain information
    With the increasing number of online video users, the influence of Youtuber on ordinary people's purchase decisions has begun to be valued by more and more merchants
    According to official data from Google, a review of Yu Yoga products, 62% of consumers check video descriptions of related products online before buying
    52% of consumers are more likely to buy products with evaluation videos
    Evaluation Youtuber has become one of the Youtuber groups with the easiest commercial realization
    two。 Tutorial videos mainly focus on food, makeup and home improvement DIY and other areas, the video content is mainly to demonstrate the production process, most Youtuber will share their unique experience in the production process, which is the most attractive point of this kind of video
    For example, Italian food blogger Fred, who has filmed a series of bread baking tutorials using the dough kneading technique handed down from generation to generation, has received more than 10 million hits on Youtube
    The detailed process and unique skills of kneading tutorial videos are the key to stand out from the crowd
    Searches for tutorial videos are growing at an average annual rate of 70 per cent, according to official Google figures
    VLOGsVLOGs (video blog) is like the video version of a text blog
    It records the daily life of Youtuber and their immediate feelings in the form of a video diary
    This is a particularly popular type of video on Youtube in recent years, because VLOGs shows the state of daily life of Youtuber, and there are almost no special effects or editing, this primitive way to close the gap with fans
    Driving a VLOG is like a TV Reality Show
    VLOGs satisfies people's curiosity and snooping
    On Youtube, tens of millions of people watch VLOG videos every day
    GamesVideo game video is actually a very general classification, and any video content related to the game can be classified as game video
    From the game hardware evaluation to the game live video, from the game music to the game costume, the game video is all-inclusive
    The game channel has always been one of the most popular Youtube
    Pewdiepie, Youtube's most profitable game blogger, is similar to product review videos, and game videos are relatively easy to cash in
    According to Social Blade, six of Youtube's top 10 channels are game videos, with a total revenue of more than $70 million
    Funny videos will always have a place on the video list
    Half of Youtube's top 10 online celebrity bloggers focus on funny videos
    Funny group Smosh, such as Smosh, a super-popular California funny group, has more than 22 million followers on Youtube and more than 100 million views on a single video, and the comedy movie "Smosh: Movie" starring them has hit the big screen, earning more than $8
    5 million a year
    There are two kinds of video inventory, one is product inventory
    Generally concentrated in the end of the season, the end of the year and other specific time nodes, most bloggers will introduce in the video, their most recently recommended products, of which the most typical is the makeup blogger's "this year's love products" video
    Youtube well-known make-up bloggers are different from product evaluation videos, which generally comment on a specific topic, such as "Spring clothing inventory", "Summer popular Cold drink inventory" and so on
    The product type is relatively single, but the horizontal comparison content is richer, which is suitable for audiences with specific goals
    There is also an inventory of clips, such as "five scariest psychic events in history", "10 best street piano performances" and so on
    Out-of-the-box video, as its name implies, is a video that opens a mailed package received and shows and introduces the contents to fans
    Unlike the product review video, the focus of the out-of-the-box video is not on the product, but on the response of the blogger
    The traditional evaluation video of Youtube out-of-the-box video may spend a lot of space on the functions and usage of the product, while the open-box video focuses on showing the reaction of bloggers when they see the product for the first time, disappointment or surprise, and the emotional reaction of bloggers is the "highlight" that fans want to watch
    The popularity of out-of-box video is closely related to the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, especially in the field of makeup and fashion, open-box video is very popular
    2016 is the tenth year since Youtube was acquired by google, when Youtube, which billionaire Mark Cuban called "only idiots buy", completely changed people's video consumption habits
    At present,The number of Youtube users has exceeded a billion, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total number of Internet users
    From learning to entertainment, from shopping to DIY, all aspects of people's lives are affected by Youtube
    Youtube not only redefines the way of video production and video viewing, but also continues to influence and shape popular culture
    This article comes from Animaker, compiled by Nan Qidao and Qiu Ya
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