iPhone will be able to transmit audio to both Bluetooth devices; YouTube Gaming Independent Appliance is about to close | 8pm

iPhone will be able to transmit audio to both Bluetooth devices; YouTube Gaming Independent Appliance is about to close | 8pm
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  • Easy to use the car: hacker attack recovery still needs time, will be suspended to make it easy to use the car last night, saying that due to the huge damage caused by hackers, it takes time to completely return to normal.

    "Because hackers have caused easy to operate normally, it will be suspended and launched to service and data recovery.

    " Said company.

    On May 25th to the early morning of the 26th, it was easy to use the car server to be attacked.

    The core server was invaded.

    Attack caused the easy core data to be encrypted, the server was down, and the vast majority service function was affected.

    The attacker is deleted, and the exposure division is the huge bit of Bitcoin.

    Apple or new iPhone has the ability to deliver audio simultaneously to two Bluetooth devices.

    Apple may bring the functions of the two Bluetooth devices to the new iPhone, so that you use a iPhone to play audio to both devices.

    For example, you can connect your phone to your car's audio system, while listening to GPS voice navigation, you can listen to music using your headphones.

    Alternatively, you can use two wireless headphones with two wireless headphones on the iPhone on the journey.

    Apple or will bring this function to support Bluetooth 5.

    0 (iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone XS series).

    Apple bought a new company Tueo Health Apple, which provides a child asthma solution, acquired a startup called Tueo Health, and the latter is building a digital health solution to improve asthma management, so that patients and their families can control disease.

    According to the report, Tueo Health is "developing a system that helps parents monitor children's asthma symptoms in sleep.

    Byte beats may launch mobile phone byte beating for children to have no rumors about it will launch smartphones.

    However, according to the Beijing News Network, the newspaper said that byte beating will launch a child mobile phone, which is an attempt for the field of education, not to enter the mobile phone hardware area.

    Byte beating is not asserted.

    YouTube will close the standalone game video application YouTube Gamingyoutube Independent Tour Youtube Gaming will be closed on May 30.

    YouTube said, split the game application with the main application, bringing the game users to reform "confusion", which will continue to be available in the main application.

    YouTube boots the user under the new service and merges the subscription information of YouTube Gaming and YouTube.

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