YouTube Marketing Strategy Guide: build your own brand channel!

YouTube Marketing Strategy Guide: build your own brand channel!
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  • Promoting your product in the form of video content output can give the audience a more intuitive understanding of your product brand, thus creating a stronger desire to buy your product.

    Whether you are a B2C company or a B2B company, video has a wide range and can create content that attracts audiences, and social media marketing has become a new trend in industry marketing.

    Video marketing functions and updates will affect your strategy.

    With the rapid development of video marketing, we should pay more attention to the marketing and strategy of video content.

    1 establish your own YouTube brand channel We should pay more attention to publicizing your brand story to the audience when we are building the YouTube channel.

    Everything from channel icons to channel descriptions should be the voice of your brand.

    In the "about" section of your YouTube channel, add a simple description of the brand.

    Your description should ensure that every audience can understand your brand and use your brand story to "recommend" in the audience's mind.

    2 constantly create eye-catching video content and upload it to your channel to create stories and plots to attract audiences to interact, and most importantly, use YouTube to promote your brand story.

    Give them a full introduction to your brand product, analyze the advantages, features, experience, and step-by-step video tutorials on how to use your product, but be sure to find the right time to post video content when the audience is most active.

    Optimizing keywords and thumbnails and keywords in your YouTube video description depends on whether the viewer clicks the video or not.

    Therefore, the optimization of thumbnails and keywords can bring better results to the frequency of watching videos.

    Your video thumbnails must prompt YouTube users to click and watch after seeing them.

    It is important to add a thumbnail that can attract users' attention.

    In the YouTube video marketing strategy, the keywords in the video description are also very important, excellent keywords can improve YouTube SEO, but the premise must be to ensure that the keywords are consistent with the uploaded video content, an attractive short sentence with keyword description to urge users to click to watch the video.

    4 interact with users to improve the activity of your channel after the video starts to have some views, you can interact with the audience in the comments area and respond to users' comments to allow users to participate.

    YouTube tends to be more interactive videos, so longer comments can easily be converted into more views.

    5 know your competitors know that your competitors are an indispensable part of any enterprise and marketing strategy, you can go to understand the mode of operation of its YouTube channel to analyze, check their video views, and the content form and attraction of videos watched by fans, which can bring spirit to your future video creation.


    6 to keep up with industry trends and updates to be in a leading position in any industry, it is important to track industry trends and updates.

    The social media industry itself is a dynamic industry.

    New features and trends in the industry and on the platform can help you with your YouTube marketing plan.

    7YouTube video marketing advantage traffic: YouTube has more than 1 billion users and handles more than 3 billion search site participation per month: authoritative research has found that visitors who navigate to the site from YouTube spend the most time on the site, the most views, and the lowest bounce rate compared with other media platforms.

    Google search results: since YouTube is owned by Google, you will usually see one or two YouTube videos in the top ten results of a Google search.

    People like to share videos: YouTube videos are very easy to share.

    They can be embedded in Facebook posts, blog posts and tweets, and all of these views will still be displayed on your YouTube channel.

    Online celebrity marketing on 8YouTube brings online celebrity marketing into your YouTube marketing strategy.

    Working with online celebrities has several advantages: (1) choosing a suitable blogger can reach a larger audience; (2) creating new marketing forms and content according to the blogger's style; 3 ask the blogger @ your YouTube account to promote your brand channel (in the early days of the creation of the YouTube account, the fan absorption is relatively slow, so it is recommended to find some bloggers who are not of a very large magnitude to cooperate and use their @ your YouTube account to attract fans.

    Overseas situation is complex and changeable, personal contact with bloggers will have certain risks, so it is recommended to find some domestic MSN companies to cooperate to learn experience.

    Conclusion: the importance of YouTube marketing should not be underestimated.

    It is one of the largest and most visited websites in the world.

    Every enterprise should use it to promote its own brands and products.

    Moreover, YouTube is basically free and easy to use, so it is one of the easiest platforms to go to market, ensuring more traffic with low investment.

    Therefore, in addition to maintaining the traditional way of promotion, it is more important to use social media YouTube video marketing.

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