How to create a YouTube enterprise account and YouTube brand account channel setup instructions

How to create a YouTube enterprise account and YouTube brand account channel setup instructions
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  • YouTube allows you to create a brand account to provide your company or brand with your own YouTube image.

    A brand account is a separate account that uses your company or brand name, but can be accessed through your personal YouTube account.

    The viewer will not see the association between the brand account and the personal account.

    You can manage your account yourself or share administrative responsibilities with others you specify.

    Log in to Google or YouTube and go to YouTube.

    com and log in with your personal YouTube account credentials.

    If you already have an Google account, you can use it because YouTube is owned by Google.

    If you do not have a Google or YouTube account, please sign up for a new Google account.

    Go to the Google account Settings screen.

    Enter your name and email address in the fields provided.

    Create and confirm the password.

    Choose your birthday and (optional) your gender.

    Enter your mobile phone number and select your country.

    Click the next button.

    Read and agree to the terms of service, and then enter verification information.

    Click next to create your personal account.

    Google confirms your new personal account.

    You use the same account information to manage all Google products, including Gmail,Google Drive and YouTube.

    Once you have a personal account, you can create a brand account for your company or brand.

    Set up a YouTube brand account now, you can create a brand account.

    Log in to YouTube with your new personal credentials.

    Click the picture or avatar in the upper right corner of the YouTube screen.

    Select Creator Studio from the drop-down menu.

    Click your picture again or reflected in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select set Gear icon next to the creator studio in the open window.

    In the settings screen that opens, click create New Channel.

    Enter the name of the new YouTube enterprise account, and then click create to use YouTube immediately under the new company name.

    When selecting a brand name: this account will reflect your business.

    Use a name that can do this.

    Do not choose a random name and do not use your email account user name.

    Make the name short and unforgettable, and avoid using numbers or strange words, lest this is a corporate account.

    Adding a manager to a YouTube branded account differs from a personal YouTube account in that you can add owners and administrators to the account.

    Owners can add and delete administrators, delete lists, edit business information, manage all videos and reply to comments.

    Managers can perform all of these operations, with the exception of adding and removing managers and deleting lists.

    Individuals classified as communication managers can only respond to comments and perform other minor management duties.

    To add the manager and owner to your brand account: log in to YouTube using the personal account you used to create the brand account.

    Click the picture or avatar in the upper right corner of the YouTube screen and select a brand account or channel from the list.

    Click your picture or avatar again, and then click the set Gear icon to open the channel's account settings.

    Click add or remove Manager in the Manager area.

    Click the manage permissions button.

    Select the invite New user icon at the top right of the Administration permissions page.

    Enter the email address that belongs to the user you want to add.

    Select the user's role from the drop-down menu below the e-mail address.

    You can choose the owner, manager and communications manager.

    Click invite.

    Your brand account has now been established and you have invited others to help you manage it.

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