13 methods of popularizing Youtube Channel

13 methods of popularizing Youtube Channel
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  • It is not difficult for Youtube to promote the creation of a youtube channel, but it is not easy to get more viewers and fans
    It's frustrating if you only know how to create high-quality content and upload videos, but don't see the desired results
    It takes time and patience to attract fans and subscriptions on YouTube, as well as some skills and strategies
    Let's talk about how to use social media and other ways to make your channel stand out and get more exposure
    How to use social media to promote YouTube channels is a way that no marketer can ignore, and the promotion of youtube can not be separated from social media
    There should be no unified answer to which is the most effective at that time
    Because everyone gets different results
    It is impossible for everyone to have the same channels and strategies
    Some YouTuber get a lot of traffic from twitter, while others don't get any results at all
    Some people use Facebook, successfully, but for others, it doesn't make any difference
    The reason has something to do with your niche and your audience
    First of all, know where your audience is
    If your video is about cooking, Pinterest is where you can find most of the audience
    If it's about being relaxed and funny, then maybe tumblr is more suitable
    Before you start using social media to attract youtube fans, it's best to study the crowd characteristics of social media to see if they fit the audience of your channel
    You may want to make full use of every social platform to promote and attract them to your youtube channel as much as possible, but it takes a lot of energy and time to promote every kind of social media, and it's hard to guarantee that your efforts will have the desired results
    Therefore, it is recommended that you have the best 1-2 social platforms based on your niche
    Concentrate all your energy on building a valuable community there
    Once you have mastered them, and then expand to other social platforms, it may be more effective
    Facebook if you plan to promote in facebook, you should first build your facebook audience
    The best way to promote youtube video in Facebook is to find the group of the target audience and share the video with the group
    It's a good promotion to stay away from spam and spam to send emails to user groups on facebook, but you must be careful not to go too far, or you will be banned from sending spam
    If you find many groups related to posts, please do not publish all groups at once
    You can get into the habit of 3-5 groups a day
    In addition, do not be in anyUse the same text in place, because this is another signal that Facebook sends spam
    Another way to realign content to attract users to your channel to bring users on social media to your YouTube channel is to readjust some of your videos and post them on Facebook as local videos
    Native videos posted directly on Facebook are 10 times more likely to be displayed than videos obtained from YouTube
    This means that your video has a chance to get more exposure
    Use the tool to trim the old videos uploaded to YouTube and re-upload and publish them directly on Facebook
    Then post a notice on your Facebook page to encourage visitors and fans to watch your YouTube channel
    One trick here is to cut the original video and let only one clip, hint or fact, trigger curiosity
    Use a title such as "View the full video on YouTube" and add a link to the description
    Twitter to do Twitter promotion, first of all, you also need to get Twitter fans, if your Twitter does not have fans, you post the link is also no one to read
    The common method is to follow a lot of relevant people, although paying attention to others does not guarantee that others will pay attention to you in turn, but this method still helps to increase the number of fans
    One of the features of Twitter is that it is easy to find people who might be interested in your video by studying hash tags
    It's also easy to connect with other content creators
    Share other people's content and don't forget to remind them to pay attention
    In addition, please comment on their posts positively
    When you connect with other YouTubers, they will probably share your video and leave you a message
    This will show your video in front of the audience and help you get more views about your channel
    Instagram in order to promote your YouTube channel on Instagram, please be prepared to take a lot of photos
    Your lifestyle, behind the scenes, from your video thumbnails
    These are some photos that provide entertainment for users on Instagram
    Using videos to promote your YouTube videos you can shoot videos that are easy and funny and display for a few seconds, making sure you add something that arouses curiosity
    Tell people to check your profile to find a link to the entire video
    The downside of Instagram is that the only clickable link you can add is in your profile
    This means that you can add a catchphrase to your post that tells people to view your personal link to your YouTube channel (or a video)
    Of course, sometimes, people don't bother
    Do it
    RedditReddit is a very special website
    As the fourth most popular website in the world, you won't believe your eyes when you open the Reddit website
    Because such simple pages, rough graphics, large pieces of text, etc
    , are not the current popular exquisite web page layout, more like the antique website of more than a decade ago
    From a certain point of view, the form is even similar to that of a forum
    It is often a post, followed by a variety of comments
    Reddit can be an important source of traffic for your YouTube channel, but you need some patience to master it
    Reddit users can be quite demanding in terms of self-promotion, so you should carefully examine the rules of subreddits
    For most subdirectories, only 10% of posts can advertise themselves
    If you post a link to the wrong subreddit, you may be banned or in the worst case, and if you don't like it, you will put it into your video
    The key for participating communities to master YouTube promotion on Reddit is to become a true part of the community
    You will find that YouTubers is helping each other and keep a close eye on spammers and self-promotion materials
    If you want to be accepted in the community and be successful on Reddit, you must start socializing and helping others
    You can post links to videos through subreddit to promote or ask for feedback
    Once you find them, make sure you give them to the community before you ask you for something in return
    YouTube search engine Optimization (SEO) you need to know that youtube is now not only the second most popular website in the world, but also the second largest search engine in the world
    Many YouTube users start by searching for the videos they want to see
    Therefore, by mastering youtube's search optimization skills and optimizing your channels and videos, you are likely to get a lot of traffic
    Similar to SEO on traditional websites, you need to study keywords first
    Find the right keywords and use them: title, description, tag, about the page, etc
    Be sure to add keywords in a natural way and keep the text readable
    Do not fill the content with a large number of keywords, because the keyword stacking method is no longer useful and will have a negative impact and even a warning from youtube, YouTube can detect whether your video contains keywords and will close your account as a result
    Properly optimizing video is a must for any YouTube channel, and it should be your top concern
    Learn how to promote your YouTube channel in other ways before optimizing your videos to get good rankings in search results
    You may have been ranked on Google in your video
    Notice that search keywords on Google will appear in youtube videos, yes, if you optimize the video and appear at the top of google search results, then you can greatly increase the number of times you watch YouTube
    Know the keywords to rank in order to optimize the search for YouTube videos on Google, you first need to determine the keywords to be optimized
    This is usually the first step in SEO
    Usually, videos that rank well in youtube also have a good chance of getting ranked on google
    Youtube itself is a subsidiary of google, and the algorithm has some versatility, the most important thing is the title, description, and the popularity of the video
    Using playlists if your channel contains a large number of videos with different themes, it's a bad experience for viewers, it's hard for them to find similar videos they're interested in, and they're likely to leave after watching one video
    So youtube provides a playlist where you can sort related videos in groups
    This makes it easier for viewers to search your channel
    It also helps to improve audience retention
    When you click a video in the playlist, YouTube keeps you in the playlist
    This means that after someone watches the video, other videos in this category will be displayed on the right side of the video so that users can follow your channel at any time
    The viewer chooses a playlist, and when one video ends, the next video will be played automatically, which greatly improves the viscosity and overall viewing time of the audience
    A very simple way to cross-promote is to introduce viewers to watch other related videos in the video
    You can do this by referring to the old video in the new video and adding a link to it
    Another good way is to use an annotation card at the end of the video
    Guide the audience to continue watching your other videos instead of jumping away
    Make sure you only use the comment card at the end of the video, because you don't want the viewer to click before you finish watching the video
    Use cards at the end of the video to promote examples of other videos
    Competition or giving gifts to host competitions or gifts is a strategy used by many youtuber to promote YouTube channels quickly and easily
    In the YouTube competition, you invest a certain percentage of the prize money, and then let the audience like your video, post comments, and subscribe to your channel to win the award
    Typically, the winner is randomly selected from among the users who follow all the steps
    Make sure the rewards are relevant to your niche to attract users who are right for your channel
    If the items you give are too general, then people who are not interested in your subject will also participate in the competition
    After participating in the competition, take some time to analyze the progress of the competition
    There are a lot of free searchers there, and some people will register
    Add your competition, but will not keep active users bring value to you
    You want to know about the changes in your participation level and subscribers after the competition so that you can decide whether the campaign is successful or not
    Examples of requirements for holding competitions to win prizes 11 Working with other youtube channel owners, "there is so little we can do alone
    " We can do a lot of things together
    "- Helen Keller, then, the same principle applies to YouTube
    Working with other content creators related to your niche is also an effective way to grow your YouTube channel
    You can visit the audience of other creators, and he will get in touch with you
    Find other content creators related to your YouTube channel theme and see if you can come up with ideas for video collaboration
    There are many more aspects to the success of the YouTube collaboration, but the most important thing to remember is to work with content creators related to your niche, but not necessarily to get the expected increase in followers
    Suppose you have a music channel and another YouTuber talks about football
    It is very likely that music lovers will not be interested in football
    Don't just focus on the big channel, it's fine if you can, but if you're a beginner in YouTube, it may be a little difficult, it's likely that people don't like you, but it's easier to work with a channel about the same size as yours
    Before you start working with another youtube channel owner, make sure you take the time to learn about his video and establish a real connection with that person
    Share his content and comment on the video
    It is easier to build a good relationship before talking about cooperation
    twelve。 Find relevant websites and pages No matter what niche you choose, you can find a lot of related websites or blogs and other media
    if your videos are valuable, you can find the managers of these sites or blogs
    Recommend your video to them so that they can embed it in posts or blogs
    It's a win-win solution
    You can view the analysis data of the youtube background and see where the video is embedded
    If someone else embeds your video, you can show it to them and send them some new content, and maybe they will repost other videos
    Keep the YouTube community active
    You can comment on videos related to your topic
    Share your opinions and ask questions
    If you have great comments, people will want to know who you are and they will click on your channel
    Don't ask others to check your channel by sending spam, but really participate in the community and discussion
    Conclusion in a word, if you want to make money on YouTube, you need to learn how to promote Youtube channel and put in time and energy
    Constantly practicing and summing up good methods, constantly learning new promotion strategies,Be sure to make your youtube channel more and more fans, bring you a sense of achievement and benefits
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