5 silly tools for downloading youtube videos, essential for playing Douyin and cross-border e-commerce video materials.

5 silly tools for downloading youtube videos, essential for playing Douyin and cross-border e-commerce video materials.
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  • I have been working for this cross-border e-commerce company for more than a year.

    Although I am responsible for the development of an independent cross-border e-commerce mall, a good foreign trade mall mainly depends on the number of visits from FB advertisements.

    The promoters say that the effect of video ads is much better than that of pictures.

    Ask me what tools I have how to download youtube videos for him as promotional materials, which are also needed by many cross-border e-commerce companies.

    Here I summarize a few download youtube video fool tools to share with friends in need.

    Several youtube video download tools recommended: most film and television platforms can not download their videos directly, so is youtube, the world's largest video platform.

    Now many cross-border e-commerce and short videos need a lot of video material.

    Here I introduce several very stupid youtube video download tools, which can be downloaded without knowing the technology, including online YouTubNow downloader and Peggo,Youtubemy,Conv,.

    VideoFk and others download and convert youtube video into a variety of common video formats such as Mp3, Mp4, 3gp, etc.

    , which is very practical.

    YouTubNow online YouTube downloader, video to Mp3, Mp4, 3gp format video: "YouTubNow" is known as the best online YouTube video downloader in 2018, YouTube video can be downloaded and saved to a computer, supporting a variety of formats, such as: Mp3, Mp4 or 3GP, as well as audio-only Webm or M4a, etc.

    , users do not need to register or log in the account, and do not need to install additional features, cross-browser platforms even mobile devices can be used! As shown in figure 1, YouTubNow is characterized by directly copying the video URL link and pasting it or removing the e after the youtube video and adding now to download it with the YouTubNow tool.

    The important thing is to support the Chinese version, support the Chinese language! Can be exported to mp4, 3gp, mp3, webm and M4a and other formats and registration-free, advertising-free, cross-platform, there is no restriction on the use of Peggo online YouTube video and audio, download to MP3 or MP4 format: it is almost impossible to download YouTube without software or third-party tools.

    Downloading youtube videos with Peggo is a free online download tool without special installation software.

    As long as you copy and paste the youtube video link, you can download the video and audio to mp3 or mp4Peggo is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder, digital video recording tool), Peggo can download videos, andSave it in 3GP, FLV, and MP4 formats.

    It is divided into many kinds of picture quality, such as HD (720p), High (360p), Low (240p), Low (144p), of which 240p is FLV format, 144p is 3GP format, and the rest is MP4 format.

    Peggo can not only download youtube video or recording tool and can export mp3 format music, very powerful Youtubemy free YouTube video online downloader, export Mp4 format no network can be played offline: Youtubemy in the name with YouTube only two words, so you can also add "my" after the YouTube URL to quickly open the movie download page, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of downloading YouTube video, as shown in the figure.

    Open the Youtubemy website, copy and paste the link to the YouTube video you want to download, and click the blue button "Start" below to get a screenshot and download button.

    As mentioned earlier, another method is to add "my" to the YouTube URL to quickly open the download page.

    After changing the URL, you can directly jump to the video download function, which is very convenient.


    Convert YouTube videos to MP3, GIF or MP4 downloads: introduce the latest YouTube video conversion and download tool "CONV.


    Unlike other services, it has no complex interface, as long as you add the four letters conv in front of the original YouTube video link, you can immediately select the movie format you want to download through this service.


    Support MP3, GIF and MP4 three main formats, respectively, music, dynamic graphics and movies, you can download the video you need to choose the quality of the picture, and no additional installation of software, there are no platform restrictions (cross-platform).

    As shown in the figure, there are three shift tools to choose from, including YouTube to Mp3, YouTube to GIF and finally YouTube to Mp4, which are music, animation and movie file types.


    The characteristic is that as long as you add four letters to the youtube video link, you can download youtube video VideoFk's most powerful domestic free online video download tool: I did not expect that the Chinese can develop such a powerful free online video download tool VideoFk, but many people do not know it yet.

    The method of downloading youtube video is no different from the method described above, it is all copy and paste video links, and the most important feature is that it supports so many platforms and VideoFk branches.

    It is a very comprehensive audio and video download tool with websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Instagram, Vk, TED, Dailymotion, vlive, Imgur, liveleak, bilibili, Weibo, Pear Video, Meipai, V1 and Aipai.

    If the picture puts this at the end of the blog post, it is definitely not that this product is mine, in fact, I am just a cross-border e-commerce company doing pseudo-code farmers in the foreign trade mall, but to support domestic products, not to mention that they are so strong that there is no reason not to support so many platforms.

    Summary of youtube video download tools: several youtube video download tools are introduced above, including online YouTube downloader, Peggo,Youtubemy,Conv,VideoFk and so on.

    We can see that the methods are more or less the same, just copy and paste youtube video links.

    Different export formats may be different as well as picture quality.

    Basically, silly tools can download youtube videos without knowing any technology, for cross-border e-commerce like us.

    Provide a large number of video materials, especially now foreigners are also popular Douyin this kind of short video, to carry out youtube video promotion, short video promotion is imperative! Report / feedback