Nintendo issued a hundred warnings to a tubing channel to delete game music

Nintendo issued a hundred warnings to a tubing channel to delete game music
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  • Game music has been in a form of "moral gray zone" - on the one hand, uploading the snualing of the game original sound is illegal, even if you have not profitable; on the other hand, the game company seems to be happy This kind of behavior is also waiting for each other, and the net is open.

    According to foreign media VG247, the game company has not strictly pursued the behavior of the original sound fragment for many years, which has created a few hundred thousand popular oil pipe channels, which brought them a million-level views.

    However, even if the operator of these channels has not been profitable, this is also a pirated behavior.

    However, Nintendo has decided to take a more severe attitude in such incidents, and they submit hundreds of copyright warnings to a 340,000-subscribed tubing UP master Gilvasunner, and another tubing channel called BrawlbrStms3 is directly Youtube Delete a clean.

    Gilvasunner issued a "Game Over" sigh today, and he also posted a screenshot, the picture is a series of copyright research and fair declarations he received by Nintendo.

    The two tubing channels mentioned above have been previously received by the paradise to send copyright warnings, but today they have encountered by the most severe.

    At first, netizens started this round of paradise's "copyright statement" at Nintendo, I was trying to let the new "flame texture: Snow Moon" original sound music is not uploaded to YouTube, but immediately uploaded to Nintendo of the tubing platform.

    Music has been removed from a large area.

    Currently, this round of video is still continuous, and the operator of Gilvasunner in the channel indicates that there is still a video to be removed after 12 hours of incident.

    "They started to watch the number of times on the manual processing channel, then draft a list of playings one by one.

    From the time of the declaration, it seems to be from the Japanese headquarters.

    " Deleted tubing channel Brawlbrbrstms3 Specialize in the exendant version of the game music, for the fans to enjoy, for example, they will play a three-minute "Selda" music loop for 30 minutes.

    This channel also uploads other publishers (such as Gap, Sega, SE) works, so the subscription users of the channel are not just the fans of Nintendo.

    VG247 said that although fans may be very angry for Nintendo, Nintendo is completely right - especially in the case of many new game organisms or CDs in the form of a CD.

    More old game music may not be so easy to start, for example, if the fans want to listen to the "triangle power" game music, may not authorize the crack version or start the original game is your unique option.


    However, the good news is that since Nintendo has started to act in the field of music upload, then maybe they will launch legal and genuine music content on the Spotify platform like SE, Kapo and CDPR.

    The music previously "Super Mario: Odyssey" has been upstrap iTunes, and may also launch more genuine content in the future.

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