Google announces YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google announces YouTube Music and YouTube Premium
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  • Google is dividing its premium YouTube Red service into two new products: a YouTube music streaming service that is available for free but with ads or no ads for $9.

    99 a month, and YouTube Premium, a premium service for YouTube original video content, costs $11.

    99 a month.

    YouTube Music is Spotify's most direct competitor, and Google believes that YouTube's advantage is that it will combine all official versions of songs with access to "thousands of" related playlists, remixes, covers, live versions and, of course, music videos.

    Google's artificial intelligence technology has also been integrated into YouTube music, promising that applications can discover songs by lyrics or just general descriptions.

    Music Discovery is actually the forefront and center of new YouTube music, and the main screen of the app will dynamically recommend new listeners based on your history, location, and activities.

    For example, air travelers may get Brian Ino's airport music, while gym users will get something more energetic to keep them exercising.

    Google also emphasizes the diversity of playlists, which will also be used to recommend and present new music to users.

    In terms of pricing, YouTube Music will directly match all existing mainstream music streaming platforms, with a premium version priced at $9.

    99, adding background listening, downloading and ad-free experience.

    Anyone who already has a Google Play music subscription can make YouTube music a part of that member.

    Play music hasn't gone away, but it's hard to see how much Google will maintain the overlap between the two services and applications in the future.

    The $11.

    99 YouTube Premium Edition gives you access to all the content in YouTube music and access to the YouTube original video content library.

    Google promises to expand its selection of original works through "more and larger original series and movies", including comedies, dramas, reality series and action adventure shows from Britain, Germany, France, Mexico and other countries.

    With YouTube Premium, you will have an ad-free experience.

    You can play videos in the background or download videos for offline playback.

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