Trump is next malicious hand, said to sever TikTok operating in the United States!Microsoft and Facebook is in action...

Trump is next malicious hand, said to sever TikTok operating in the United States!Microsoft and Facebook is in action...
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  • Recently, the frequent application of bytes to beat its short video TikTok "encirclement and suppression", the trump and release "tricks".

    According to media reports, the trump plans to sign an order, to let the bytes to beat in the U.S. operations of TikTok stripping ownership.

    Previously, it was reported that byte to beat some of the shareholders have to TikTok gives a valuation of $50 billion.

    According to the latest news, technology giant Microsoft expressed interest in buying TikTok.

    Trump: ban TikTok operating in the United States Capitol hill newspaper and Russian satellite news agency has just reported that local time on July 31, trump on the plane "air force one", told reporters he would ban TikTok operating in the United States, referring to his company purchase TikTok will not support the United States.

    "We were about to ban them in the United States said TikTok (operating)."

    Trump said, "I have this power.

    I shall have the right to use the command...

    In other words, we want to cut off (TikTok operating in the United States), to cut off."

    The hill newspaper, said trump was in allusion to his company purchase TikTok will not support the United States.

    Russian satellite news agency said, adding that trump also said that he would "as early as Saturday (August 1)" prohibited TikTok operating in the United States.

    And it was not long ago, just said it plans to trump will hurt sales Beijing ordered byte beating technology co., LTD. (TikTok parent) of TikTok business ownership in the United States.

    31, when preparing to travel to Florida trump had told reporters present. "we are examining TikTok, maybe we will be banned it, may also be other action."

    According to the U.S. fox news, Microsoft (Microsoft) is working with TikTok will carry out negotiations, the value of the deal could amount to tens of billions of dollars.

    But, TikTok and Microsoft did not comment.

    According to agence france-presse reported previously, TikTok has promised high transparency of public this week, including allowing the algorithm to review, to ensure the safety of users and regulators.

    TikTok chief executive Kevin Mayer (Kevin Mayer) this week has said in a statement: "we don't politics, political advertising, we do not do this agenda.

    Our only goal is to create a dynamic platform, let everyone can gain happiness."

    In recent days, the government repeatedly trump to Chinese enterprises, also put pressure on other countries for this purpose.

    At a press conference, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman HuaChunYing previously, the United States to China now groundless accusations, almost crazy to suppress blocking, for China's bullying.

    The United States did not conducive to mutual trust and cooperation between China and the United States.

    China must firmly to the bullying and injustice said "no", will be determined to take action to defend its sovereignty, security and development interests.

    Network spread Microsoft's acquisition of dow Jones news TikTok American business Microsoft acquisition TikTok us business deal is likely to be completed on Monday.

    Sensor Tower, according to data from the first quarter of this year, about 315 million users to download the TikTok, this is the highest quarterly application downloads a, in the world's total downloaded over 2.2 billion times.

    Considering the size of the TikTok, the acquisition is at least the billions of dollars in level.

    Due to regulatory pressure, is facing the antitrust investigation Facebook may not buy the TikTok.

    Previously, it was reported that byte to beat part of the U.S. investors redwood, Atlantic capital group, etc., are joint contact yi-ming zhang bid TikTok the possibility of a majority stake.

    According to Reuters news, byte to beat some investors to T

    IkTok offer valued at $50 billion (350 billion yuan), the bid for TikTok expected income in 2020 of 50 times.

    $50 billion valuation probably at what level?

    Reported that, according to people familiar with the matter if the acquisition, byte beating only will retain TikTok minority stakes, and without the right to vote.

    But the byte beating technology are reluctant to share their algorithm.

    According to the news, beating byte has responded that company doesn't comment on rumor or speculation, we have confidence in the long term success of the TikTok.

    TikTok potential value back in the history, the end of 2016, beating byte introduced a short video mobile application trill, then in 2017 for TikTok's name in the international market.

    Beat at the end of 2017 bytes for $1 billion to buy the short Music video social business headquarters in Shanghai, ly, for the latter's overseas users.

    Music. Ly TikTok in 2018 formally incorporated into the business.

    TikTok are by far the most successful international development of China mobile Internet application, also became one of the world's most popular applications.

    DataReportal, according to data from TioTok currently in 155 markets around the world have eight YiYue live users.

    To live user computing, Tiktok ranked seventh, second only to Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and sets, even more than QQ, Twitter and Snapchat.

    Research firm Sensor Tower, according to data in May 2020, byte to beat its TikTok and trill downloads exceed 2 billion times around the world.

    In 2019, TikTok was in the United States

    A load of 46 million times.

    Under the home made of outbreak this year is on a roll, research institutions App Annie, according to a report during outbreaks, TikTok year-on-year growth of 375% in the United States.

    Currently TikTok month live users at around $30 million in the United States, accounting for 5% of the global audience.

    42% of users aged between 18 to 24, 27% of the users between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

    Generation that is to say, the "Z" of users, which together account for 69% of the total user base, close to seventy percent.

    According to the report, in the case of not banned by the United States, in 2020 the number of American users TikTok will reach 45.4 million people, up 21.9% from a year earlier.

    In 2021, the scale will reach 52.2 million users.

    App Annie data shows, TikTok live overseas global month users at around 200 million.

    Moreover, TikTok is still in a state of rapid growth, because increase advertising revenue, byte management expected revenue will reach $6 billion in 2021, and 2020 bytes to beat its own revenue target is about $28 billion.

    At present, according to Reuters bytes to beat the latest valuation is as high as $140 billion.

    The rapid rise of the Facebook heavily rob TikTok creators TikTok also let Facebook felt the threat.

    According to media reports recently, Facebook's sets recently provided to TikTok reds heavily reward, to persuade them to use the Reels.

    Offer them to some of the creator of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Facebook is trying to sets Reels services, and in direct competition with the bytes to beat its TikTok.

    This is the two social media giants

    The showdown between the latest upgrade.

    Sets in some on-line Reels beta in the countries and regions, with all kinds of the creator.

    A spokesman for the company SaRuiSha, bisoprolol claimed that "we will continue to increase investment experience of creators and."

    In addition, she says, it is the focus of the demand response and provide options and committed to innovation, "we think this is a wonderful thing for people".

    Facebook was launched in 2018 Lasso, it like TikTok allows users to post short video and use algorithm is recommended.

    This app earlier this month.

    "Due to Lasso not popular, Facebook will attempt to launch a and sets a binding imitation, this strategy is no surprise."

    TikTok, a spokeswoman said "no matter what other platforms to decorate, hundreds of millions of people really love only TikTok."

    In fact, Facebook is not the only one to provide TikTok similar products of the company.

    YouTube also said last week, is testing a similar TikTok new features.

    In the past month, discuss some TikTok creators involved in them.

    The latter hope Reels online the first week can have a bright eye, many well-known sole content creators are posted here.

    One is considering to accept the proposed TikTok creators, according to them to those commitments exclusive creators offers the most money.

    People familiar with the matter said that for those who don't want to post the exclusive video creators on Reels, sets a requirement is after starting on Reels, then video synchronization to other platforms, industry jargon "First l

    Ooks ".

    Sets will also pay for video production.

    One person said, sets have been using confidentiality agreement, to prevent the creator is Shared between the reward amount.

    A millions of fans of teenagers TikTok users said, sets earlier this month to contact him.

    He said he would join them Reels, but declined to discuss details, call said the company hopes his caution.

    In addition to TikTok for creators battle, Facebook also continue to deal with the review of past competition behavior.

    The Snap and other competitors have complained to federal regulators, says Facebook is trying to defeat and weaken its competitors.

    Who has said that its acquisition to promote innovation, increase its new service provides more choices for consumers.

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