TikTok time capsule

TikTok time capsule
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  • "Source: | it is advertisement ID: mingmingshiguanggao" ▼ "clearly is advertising" the 2913th Case Study [BRAND] short video software "TikTok" London AGENCY 】 【 mather independent creative AGENCY (Mother London) "GEO" UK (United kingdom) RECORDS / 】 【 PUBLISH/AIRED 】 01:00 in August 2021 in the Internet age, everyone in their spare time to relax the first thing is what?

    Brush the trill, look at weibo hot, seems to be a contemporary young people a way of leisure.

    We are often warned his brush, ten minutes go to write my homework, but when we look up at the time again, it's been an hour.

    Why on earth have so much magic trill?

    London mather independent creative agency (Mother London) to "TikTok" created an AD, let's find out.

    Trill short video is a short video on the smartphone to browse social networking applications, beating operating company founded by Chinese bytes.

    Users can record 15 seconds to 1 minute 3 minutes or longer video, also can upload video, pictures, etc., can easily complete the mouth to mouth, and the built-in effects, users will be able to film to leave a message for other users.

    Since September 2016, in today's headlines incubation, positioning for short for young Chinese music video community, used for vertical music UGC short video.

    Get a user scale rapid growth since 2017.

    In addition, there are a sister trill short video version "TikTok" issue in overseas.

    "TikTok" in the U.S. market app to download and install the amount as the first, and in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, France and Russia, many times on the app Store or a list of the top GooglePlay total.

    In may, according to 2020 Sensor Tower according to the latest data, "trill short video" and the overseas edition of "TikTok", at that time in the global App Store and Google Play App Store has crossed 2 billion times the total downloads.

    London mather independent creative agency (Mother London) in London in 1996 by a group of people to create rich creativity, freedom of thought.

    They sat at the table, eat lunch.

    It is here, the group decided to want to do things in different ways.

    They want to get rid of the bondage of traditional institutions, 100% of independence.

    Free to do the best job, rather than to any private equity company, holding company or indeed any other responsible for the expansion of the global capital.

    Today, London mather

    Independent creative agency (Mother London) is still very independent.

    "TikTok" Europe, Middle East and Africa market marketing director James Rothwell (James Rothwell) insisted: "the Ant