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  • This article source: guo ye ye in recent two days, the Internet to discuss the most events, is TikTok by sanctions in the United States.

    This is after huawei, China's Internet products to sea facing another "encounter" on the way.

    Many readers back order, I want to talk about the opinions on this matter.

    Frankly, I haven't much interest in this kind of matter is, first of all, I am not TikTok users.

    I believe everyone here and few used TikTok, even some even TikTok is what all don't know.

    Second, most of the discussion are just follow suit, ceng hot spots.

    Of course, I this is not exceptional also, hey hey.

    This kind of thing and ordinary actually didn't have anything to do, trill long legs and well quickly brother is enough let's row, this is true not let's care about got things can change.

    But as a qualified from the media to the author, based on providing information, express views principle, don't push force, is also a little professional.

    A simple comb first about TikTok main timeline of events, I find all kinds of information is steak.

    2016 bytes to beat to launch a national level of short video application - trill, this is known to all.

    And TikTok is the international version of the trill.

    Later, bytes to beat to win overseas markets, valuations in the price of $1 billion, acquired the north American famous short video social products himself. Ly.

    After himself. Ly incorporated into TikTok, conveying a large number of active users for its.

    Along the barrel TikTok one, three, four quarter in 2019, are among the world's most downloaded APP list first."

    In June 2020, 59 APP is India banned in China, including the TikTok.

    In July 2020, the President of the United States to the media pressure, trump said the United States is considering banned TikTok business in the United States, hope TikTok owners to be an American company.

    And after that, also banned federal employees download TikTok on government equipment.

    In August 2020, Microsoft began talks about TikTok acquisition, byte beating also agreed to sell TikTok business in the United States.

    But on August 2, and come up with a moth trump, opposed by an American company to buy TikTok us business, Microsoft had to suspend purchase TikTok us business negotiations.

    Events are still in the fermentation, as to what the end result is that, no one can know.

    But it can be clear that whether it is sold in the U.S. business, or direct stripping, beating the bytes to develop overseas markets, is a great loss.

    2 there is no doubt that the Internet in China of all the sea products, TikT

    Ok all sorts can play a most.

    No matter from a business, or development space, TikTok actually put a lot of us Internet products according to the friction on the ground.

    Ever is WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, sets such a giant in the standings, or many of China's Internet products, either to learn from, or is imitation.

    But now is not the same, and now the number one cause of global downloads is an original product from China.

    In overseas markets, TikTok was tall and straight up on behalf of the Chinese Internet products.

    But unfortunately, TikTok failed to achieve "he good I all right" "good vision".

    Is complicated and changeable international situation, to some extent, TikTok like a card, this card no matter finally is being bought, or be totally removed, mapping out the west's attitude toward China.

    As to why the U.S. sanctions TikTok, now's opinion, basically just two points.

    First, the us officials are worried about TikTok on user rights play machine carefully, they think TikTok collected a large number of users' privacy, such as location, camera, contacts, audio, etc.

    And these privacy may be the Chinese government to, in this way, it is possible to disclose state secrets.

    For this, my view is that this thing on user privacy, it is a cliche topic, many of the domestic Internet products in violation of user privacy this is really how shameless how to.

    Search a key word here, and turn round and then can see related products recommended elsewhere.

    Euphemistically called is to provide users with better services, actually secretly also is not to maximize cash to do service in the future.

    In the end, both user data sharing, and algorithm is recommended, even frequently read the user's keyboard, your own SAO means is to get people, also no wonder you catch small plait.

    Although this may only be a rhetoric in the United States.

    Before India also with the same reason for TikTok banned, although did not arouse the so big waves, but this is a can't be neglected.

    Second, TikTok is the number one cause of the current global downloads APP that downloads in the United States also has reached the level of hundreds of millions.

    So successful in the United States as a short video APP, has affected a lot of young people's life and entertainment.

    And the United States believes that such DaTiLiang APP, the contents are bound to a certain impact on national security and public opinion towards.

    They think TikTok algorithm recommended are opaque, the user can see video, are based on the results of algorithm is recommended.

    If TikTok in algorithm to increase against trump pushed to use video

    Home, is likely to affect the presidential election.

    They know the king or not the kui is a king, this logic is thunder stain, the green less spicy...

    There's a funny thing is, however, America's young people generally don't like trump.

    When trump announced plans to ban after TikTok, many users for his opposition to the move, TikTok APP ran to trump's campaign on low, lead to trump's campaign APP has just over a minute.

    Even many teenagers in America are still in the TikTok organized a "dove" activities, the trump's re-election campaign, they didn't go to after booking the ticket.

    Finally appeared, the embarrassing situation is the trump a person on the stage, while the audience under the few.

    Can see that most of the young americans still support TikTok, cause needless to say, TikTok is a deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of the product.

    Especially during the outbreak, everyone rarely travel, at that time TikTok provides us a lot of young people with entertainment, social needs, such as if suddenly announced that closed, they will naturally appear opposition.

    Like trill, anyone can make money on the trill to obtain huge profits, was recommended for algorithm to indulge, use it as a daily recreational fun.

    Aside from among other things, these are to provide users with the value of positive feedback.

    Although there are advantages and disadvantages.

    3 you should have seen a figure, said a few days ago in the United States four Internet giant together opened a monopoly hearing, a Congressman asked: "you believe that China has to steal technology from the United States?"

    There were three ceos have expressed denied, but Facebook zack burke said: "yes!

    I think China definitely steal technology from the United States!"

    When this picture in the circle of friends is very widespread, everyone said zac burke too chicken thieves, is a male.

    Want to come China open market various blowing how he likes China, later a chance after started under this kind of conclusion.

    Did the man's mouth are lying ghosts, zack burke you big pig hoof.

    TikTok another problem is, it shake the status of the Internet companies in the United States.

    Zack burke, so to speak at that time, how to develop the Chinese market, how to make die TikTok right now.

    Counterparts in light, without borders.

    Although Facebook has also made some similar products to challenge the TikTok, but the thing is like many domestic companies challenge WeChat do social product, no dice.

    Before seen a statement, said it is the United States and sang a silicon valley looks, purpose is to plunder of the Internet in China high quality overseas assets.

    But now trump's attitude seems to be, this is a about American politics and the Internet giant's on the line.

    Like Facebook to make die TikTok trump.

    The former is based on the internal contradictions of American society

    Bring, while the latter is based on the concerns of the existing scientific and technological supremacy.

    But I think the former is greater than that of the latter, but the present stage, TikTok is relatively weak, so the first picked TikTok trump the soft persimmon to knead.

    After this final verdict, the silicon valley companies may be know the king's next target.

    But anyway, TikTok can lift this big waves in the Internet, have enough strength that byte to beat.

    Whether it's technology, ideas, or business, which embody the internationalization of China's Internet capabilities.

    But in the end, it's actually and it doesn't make much difference whether we are ordinary people, the trill long legs and well quickly brother is enough let's row, this is true not let's care about got things can change.

    TikTok not for the Chinese market, China has no TikTok users, there is no relationship, everyone just eat the melon to see lively.

    Finished the brush brush trill trill, the see live broadcast, can at best and his colleagues or friends for a few more words to talk about.

    That's all.

    Hear a word in a few days ago in the "happy summer", said the work to spread, probably not popular.

    As for TikTok it outside of the "work" can [around], we'll just have to wait and see!

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