TikTok, will spend $500 million in Ireland have European data center

TikTok, will spend $500 million in Ireland have European data center
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  • The BBC screenshots on August 6 (overseas network according to the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) 6, TikTok aspects, said they plan to build a $500 million worth of Ireland data center, storage European users through a short video applications generated video, messages, and other data.

    The company said, the establishment of the European data center's decision was "for a long time" has been in the consideration.

    TikTok European government relations and public policy team director Theo Betty lamb (Theo Bertram) said, "this project is a huge investment.

    Symbolizing our long-term commitment to Europe, the us is an important information for users and creators."

    According to the report, and many social media applications, TikTok store has a large number of users information.

    So far, TikTok user record store in the United States, in the Singapore store the backup copies.

    TikTok European data protection officer has now in Dublin, Ireland's data protection committee has on behalf of the other eu countries privacy issues related to the company to negotiate processing.

    TikTok said, they operate 18 to 24 months of time, can bring hundreds of new jobs.

    Prior to this, UK media reported in 2, the British government has agreed to TikTok set up headquarters in London.

    3 night, TikTok parent byte beating said in a statement, byte beat committed to become a global company.

    According to the current situation, byte consider major markets in the United States, to set up the TikTok headquarters, in order to better serve the global users.

    (source: overseas network) to report/feedback

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